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Down with Business? Choose the Right Marketing Channel to Come Back

How to Select Right Marketing Channels for Your Business

By Avantika ShergilPublished 2 years ago 8 min read

There is no any surefire way to settle your business once and forever. The humankind is vulnerable to get hit by pandemics, disasters, and slowdowns as they occur with no prior anticipation. Such stumbling blocks heavily affect everyone’s socio-economic status.

There is no denial that countless businesses, in adversity, get vanished into thin air; however, those who withstood the hardship and are still able to fog a mirror should buckle up and pave their way to come back. But, such a move executes with carefully crafted business strategies through apt digital marketing channels.

However, a million dollar question is – which marketing channel is right for you?

A paradigm shift in marketing channels

While traditional marketing channels involved prints, collateral displays, billboards, and personal selling, there has been a major transformation on how a business message is conveyed to the targeted clients. As old-fashioned marketing methods abated, digital way of promoting business is on rage today, especially after the penetration of minimal contact policies across all industry verticals.

Here we present a well researched report on selecting proper marketing channels to boost your business in 2020 and beyond. But, before that…

There are some primary questions in regard to deciding which online marketing channel is conducive to your need.

• What are my products and services?

• Who are the targeted audiences, clients, or customers?

• What is the budget I can set for marketing channels?

• Can I measure the marketing channels for their performances?

• Can I choose more than one marketing channel?

The above-mentioned questions may not directly affect the choice of marketing channels to boost sales, but they do help businesses decide the priority, customization, and tenure of marketing campaigns.

Depending on budget

Budget has been one of the major concerns for companies for marketing. It is an undeniable fact that bigger the budget, better the results.

Free or low budget

Quality comes with price and if you have low or no budget for marketing, you may end up in putting a lot of efforts in vain. There are free marketing tools available; but, little does such austere way help in boosting your products and services. Deploying teams of novices to post about your businesses on social media would simply consume your resources without producing any results.

Digital marketing platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and LinkedIn come for free but they, indeed, are bittersweet. Plus, spending no bucks on marketing would make your campaign erratic yielding no results.

Good budget

Paid marketing has always done wonders. Contrary to the popular belief, ‘hammering’ through social media advertisements cannot be considered egregious. There have been a lot of instances where ‘hammering’ on social media has worked. Such a ‘hammering’ happens only with big budget where your post takes rounds on the Internet and peep every time when the user is browsing through their profiles.

Here are a few paid marketing channels with a proven track record of boosting sales –

Social media adverts: it ranks the first as a sure shot to market products and services. Various campaigns such as Pay Per Click (PPC) can be customized to your budget and need.

Search engine adverts: depending on the user’s behavior pattern, the search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing display the advert at the right time to the right person.

Push notifications: an eye caching template or text with mesmerizing words can also help you put your businesses in front of millions. To some, emails, newsletters, and SMSes are the other marketing channels to choose from.

Depending on targeted customers

Today, an array of social media platforms offers customer-centric marketing services; nevertheless, you cannot have a round peg in a square hole. According to digital marketing experts, different social media platforms have different demographic-or-better-call-psychographic users.

The campaigning material that works on Instagram marvelously may not do well on LinkedIn! Why? That is because Instagram is supposed to be targeting the millennial; likewise, anything shown on Snapchat will be entrenched in generation Z’s memories; and, LinkedIn may pitch your businesses to executives, MDs, and CEOs.


Psychograph is becoming a crucial factor in considering the ‘pitch’ of marketing. Implementing psychographic segmentation for digital marketing will enhance the effectiveness of sales campaign as the potential buyer persona can be psychologically motivated for purchases.

In 1975, Journal of Marketing Research published a report named Psychographics: A Critical Review. In the research, veteran advertiser William D. Wells reveals what this amazing factor psychographics is:

All psychographic researchers have attempted to move beyond demographics… [and] have embraced a wide range of content, including activities, interests, opinions, needs, values, attitudes, and personality traits.”

Facebook has been diving deeper into this subject to come up with galvanizing advertisement campaigns where the social media giant allows the users to select targeted customers via demography, choice, age, and their browsing habits.

Depending on types of content, products, and services

The biggest difference between a customer and a client is that the latter one is more loyal and potential. The latter has some ‘emotional factor’ connected with the brand than the former. Prioritizing relationship over selling goods make a lot of difference and, therefore, the content should be crafted according to the business you run and the emotional quotient of your targeted clients.

The language you use in a letter to friend is indeed different from writing it to your boss. If you mix up the language, it will persecute the purpose of conversation. Similarly, the product you sell can also have its own way to selecting right marketing channels. For instance, if you are into promoting language literature, the texts would do better. On the other hand, the real estate businesses would rather prefer visual graphics to pitch their sales. While pictorial messages work better on Instagram and Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook can help you better with texts and templates.

Let experts do their jobs!

Leaving all worries behind, you can simply hire digital marketing experts or service providers. They have a potential network of social media influencers who can do your job in a better way. Any professional marketing channel service providers would consider several factors before starting a digital marketing campaign. They would come up with a questionnaire to be filled by you, and depending on your product, service, targeted audience, and budget, they’d help you select the best marketing strategies and channels to get fruitful results.

“OC&C estimates that $40 billion in the U.S. and $5 billion in the U.K. will be spent through voice commerce by 2022. (OC&C Strategy Consultants, 2017)”

Here are a few factors digital marketing service providers would consider to choose proper marketing channels for you –

Single or multichannel marketing: depending on your budget and products, the digital marketing experts may suggest you whether to go for a single channel or more than one marketing channel

Voice search: the next generation Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning would mark intelligent devices driving all marketing campaigns. Voice searches and gesture enabled services would touch its pinnacle in coming years. Optimizing marketing channels for voice search will soon replace traditional marketing strategies and techniques.

PPC: to get organic traffic is the key to promote your business. But here is a surprise –according to CleverClicks, PPC has potential to convert 50% more traffic as compared to organic ones. If you hire Internet marketing professionals, they can come up with a foolproof search marketing strategies that is a perfect blend of organic and paid campaigns.

Video: videos are a sensational way to promote any brand. YouTube has set itself as the second largest search engine in the world and hence, it has its own traffic. Your business can speak a thousand words in just a single frame.

Websites and organic traffic: though an age-old practice, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and App Store Optimization (ASO) still hold some merits when it comes to choosing proper marketing channels for your businesses. The modern-day digital marketing service providers mix SEO with other contemporary marketing trends and get you good results.

Social media: your presence on social media reflects your ‘activeness’ in the market. Company’s profile on social media help people know about the latest trends, campaigns, products, and newer services in a jiffy. Social media posts can help your company showcase their talents, up-to-date statuses, and expertise on various niches.

Don’t forget to measure

Any marketing channel you go for, you should never refrain yourself from checking the statistics, figures, or effectiveness of your campaigns. If you have professional digital marketing experts at helm, there is nothing to worry as they would timely produce audit and milestone reports so to ensure that you are going in right direction.

A case study on how a proper marketing channel can boost your business –

Leaving behind all other traditional marketing channels, Domino’s showed farsightedness back in 2014. The food chain launched a new voice ordering system called ‘Dom’ powered by Artificial Intelligence. Quite similar to Apple Siri, Dom did wonderful job as it asked questions about the orders and also tracked them.

According to eMarketer, after five years of Dom launching, Domino’s successfully catered more than 110 million people in the US through its voice assistance. Even further, by 2022, the giant food retailer is estimated to have USD 40 billion worth purchases due to voice searches.

Had Domino’s been stuck to traditional promotions through hoardings and pictures, it wouldn’t have had seen such a spike in their sales. Identifying right marketing channel at right time to right audience is the key to super success. Nevertheless, they augmented their marketing campaign by choosing more than one channel later.

Digital marketing mix

Having multidimensional approach opens up all the doors of opportunities for your business. In most of the cases, the budget is ramified across all digital marketing channels though some would have more weightage according to the factors discussed earlier.


All in all, one has to consider the product, service, and budget to select suitable marketing channel. However, it will not be exaggerated to say that if you want to avoid unadorned and aimless marketing campaigns, hiring professional digital marketing service provider will be a wise decision.


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