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MT bars are one of the most important construction materials preferred for its excellent ductility, flexibility and earthquake resistant properties. But you might be confused with the grades of TMT bars available in the market. The common TMT bars are Fe 500, Fe 550, Fe 415 & Fe 500D. Each grade has different properties and applications. It is important to choose the right TMT bar by knowing its application and usage.

TMT bar manufacturers typically grade their steel bars with letters and numbers, e.g. Fe 500 and Fe 500D. Fe denotes Iron (Ferrous) alloyed within while the number indicates the level of stress to be applied to deform it, for instance, Fe 500 requires a force of 500N/mm2 (Newton per square millimetre). In some cases, they may include letters at the end, e.g. Fe 500D. The ‘D’ indicates that it is more ductile than its predecessor Fe 500.

The most common grades of TMT steel bars used in the Indian construction industry are Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550, and Fe-600. Each of their application is indicated below:

  1. Fe – 415: Has high uniform elongation and can be used in RCC constructions, in areas of moderate corrosion as well as earthquake-prone zones.
  2. Fe – 500: Confers high resistance to prominent corrosion, flexible, and also resistant to dynamic loading. It is therefore used in RCC construction of bridges, buildings, and large concrete projects.
  3. Fe – 550: Quite similar to Fe – 500, in properties, however, it has different yield and tensile strength. It is commonly used in construction projects in marine, coastal, or underground environment.
  4. Fe – 600: The high end of TMT steel bars. It’s tough and has the highest yield and tensile strength in the series. It is employed in large RCC construction purposes.

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The Fe 500D

The Fe 500D steel bar has lower compositions of sulphur and phosphorus. High sulphur concentrations lower the melting point of steel, a condition known as ‘Hot shortness,’ which makes the steel bar crack easily under high-temperature conditions. Concurrently, high phosphorus concentrations lead to ‘Cold shortness’ making it brittle under extreme cold. In addition, the Fe 500D has low carbon concentrations making it more ductile and easy to manage during welding.

Fe 500D steel bars are highly flexible, and highly ductile, which is denoted by the suffix ‘D’. The Fe 500D is available in AMMAN-TRY at an affordable price.

Choosing Quality TMT Steel Bars

When researching and choosing the ideal steel bars for your construction project, there is a criterion to keep in mind. To ensure you make the right decision, here are some of the important factors to consider.

Cost and Availability

The steel manufacturing industry is a competitive market, and therefore, the cost should be a factor to consider when undertaking a construction project. Your purchases should fit well within your budget constraints and still get the value for your money.

How easily quality steel bars are available for your projects is also a factor to consider as this cuts down on transportation and shipping costs.


Flexibility is a vital feature, more so if you are constructing in an earthquake-prone area. Moreover, TMT bars with high strength often have lesser degree of flexibility and are not ideal in constructing aesthetic structures. However, it is prudent that you ensure the TMT bars you purchase don’t crack easily under stress and are flexible enough to withstand stress in the long run. You could always ask the TMT bar manufacturers to advise you on the right bars.

Ductile Strength

Another aspect to consider is the ductility of your bars; this is basically the extent to which your bars can elongate. Highly ductile bars have the potential to withstand calamities better, for e.g., earthquakes. High ductile strength bars help you save more on construction and are cheaper to transport, as you can transport more of them at once. Additionally, ductile bars ensure the longevity of your construction project.

Resistance Properties

Resistance properties is a critical feature to consider since TMT bars will come into contact with the elements frequently, i.e. moisture, and weather factors. Without resistance, they cannot be durable, thus, ensure your quality TMT bars have been coated efficiently. Furthermore, look out for the bars with the right durability and weldability relative to your construction project.

Observing this ensures pristine quality bars for a strong foundation for your construction project and optimal longevity.


Lastly, you must perform the naked eye test. Pick up one of the bars and check whether it has the TMT bar manufacturer seal or logo such as on every metre of it. Moreover, the bar shouldn’t be rusty and also confirm whether the ends of every rod are of equal length.


Never settle for cheap and corrugated bars, ensure that your investment is worth it. The quality of your TMT bars will determine the durability of your construction project once finished. We are the best TMT bar company providing high-quality steel bars for your wide selection. Why don’t you pay us a visit and try us out?

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