Customer Service

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Getting and Giving the Best Customer Service

Customer Service

When it comes to getting good customer service, it's important to understand that efforts should be made on your part. Just as providing good customer service requires effort and patience, getting good customer service requires effort and patience from the client. I understand some people may think a customer does not have to do anything to get a good service. Theoretically this is true, but in practice, it almost never happens.

If you need to talk to someone, be courteous and as pleasant as possible. Just because you have an urgent return that needs to be resolved immediately, that does not mean the manager will always be around to talk. The store manager may not know as much about the lawn mowers as the head of the legal department, or the front manager may not know which type of ice cream is being sold, and therefore, it may take some time to find an answer.

If you were to go to different departments, this is not always because the employees do not understand. A good manager will always try finding the right answer—and I assume most people prefer to have the right answer, not just a response. It can take a bit of time to get to someone who has the right answer to a question or problem and you will receive a better service if you value their job.

Good service staff appreciate your time—and they realize you may sometimes hurry and you cannot wait. However, if you have your time limits, a good manager will always be ready to call you later, or even reduce the price or offer a gift card as a thank you for your patience in this matter.

Being a regular shopper is always a good way to get good customer service. If you shop in a store frequently enough, you can develop a relationship with the place of business. I know from experience that I have gone the extra mile to find an obscure item or something that we only had one left of because I knew the customer and that they would be appreciative of my efforts.

Periodically, it is most capital to compromise on an issue to get good service. I have been in situations where people have misread price tags or have had other misunderstandings in which a customer thought they were being given a raw deal. Typically, if a customer was easy to deal with then I would tend to give them what they thought they were getting. If a customer gives me a hard time, I will usually be less willing to deal with them or turn them over to my manager to see what they want to do about it, which once more is more time to try to resolve your issue.

I realize that all customers deserve great service, regardless of who they are or how they act. However, customer service employees are people, too, and will react differently in different situations. The reality is that if you are patient with us, we will do more to try and help you out. The situation will be resolved easier for both sides that way.

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