Crystal of the North

A girl struggling with life finally gets a break

Crystal of the North
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"You're on your own."

That was what started all of this, the good and the bad. Those four words started me down this path that I'm on now filled with drama romance and weirdly enough, the paranormal... kinda.

I'll take it back some so whoever is reading this can catch up.

It was the start of senior year, and you know the usual. Our last years together, proms, graduation, college. I didn't care are about any of it.

Why? My best friend had got hit and killed by a drunk driver three months before.

I really miss Sammy, she was so sweet, always saying encouraging things when nobody else did.

Okay, I said I wouldn't cry, but back to the school stuff. I wasn't as excited as I should have been but senior year means money, that I didn't have. I didn't care about the senior trip I didn't like my classmates, but I did want to go to prom, take yearbook pictures, maybe even a car (yea maybe a lot but a girl can dream).

So, I did what every kid does, ask their parents, well mom since dad was a damn junkie and out of the picture.

She said those four words to me.

"You're on your own."

I'm not a spoiled brat, save that for my sister, and I understand my mom is a manager at a shoe store, not making lots of money, okay.

But if someone was to look at my little sister, you would think mom hit the lotto. My sister Rosa is a little beauty queen, you know those little kids that get all dressed up on Toddlers and Tiaras that's her.

So I guess I'll start at this point that mom rejected me.

"But mom, it's only a $100, it will cover graduation and prom setup fees. I won't even ask for a prom dress, I can get something cheap from the mall. Mom please." I begged her, pleaded with her.

"No, I can't. I've already paid for Rosa's hair appointment and coaching classes for the next three months. Since she came in 2nd place at the regionals she advanced to the state competition which is next month, and that was a $250 entrance fee." My mom said smugly at me.

"But you always do for Rosa! I'm not even asking for much, why can't you just do one thing for me?!"

"You WILL NOT raise your voice to me you little ungrateful bitch! If it wasn't for your dad being a crackhead maybe I would help you."

I stopped, breath lodged in my throat and I suppressed a sob. I would not cry in front of her.

"The only reason you care about Rosa is that she looks like you." I sighed and got up from the table, grabbed my house keys, and started walking out the front door. My mom didn't say anything back, because I was right.

Not my fault I look like him.

I walked until I reached Cocoa Smiles, a little coffee shop about three blocks from home. It was a weekend, about 4 in the afternoon so it was quiet. I took a seat in one fo the many booths in the place. It was set up to look like those old time diners which I thought was usually cute but right now I didn't think about anything but Sammy. At times like these, I would call her up and tell her everything.

I took in a deep breath before a tear fell out of my eye. I didn't have Sammy anymore, I truly felt alone.

"Hello, my name is Pat and I'll be your server today. What would you like?" A middle aged ginger woman asked me as I wiped my eyes.

"Just water please." The only thing I can afford because it is free.

A lightbulb. Maybe this place would hire me, its only a few minutes from home.

"Umm.. excuse me Pat?" I said shakily as she laid my glass of water on the table.

"Yea hun?"

"Are you guys hiring? Maybe part time or something?" In that instant I felt like an idiot, why on earth did I think I could get hired at a place I just came through sniffling in and looking depressed, who would want that?

She stood still a moment with her hand placed on her hip, 'Give me a minute," she said as she walked away. She came back a few minutes later with a folder and pen sitting across the booth from me.

"First, how old are you?" She asked me as she opened the folder.

"Nineteen," I said as she turned the folder towards me. Yea I know 19 and still in high school, I was held back a year after my dad's whole drug fiasco a few years ago, grades slipped.

"Mkay, why do you need this job kid?" She asked

I know this was kinda on the spot interview and you're not supped to say stuff like I need money, I need help, but that's what I did. No, I wasn't expecting sympathy but after not being able to tell anyone what was going on for three months, I cracked.

Pat took a sigh, " You got it, hate to see a kid hurting. Fill this stuff out."

I looked at her shocked then a giant smile fell on my face.

"Thank you!" I might have said it a bit too loud but I took the pen and folder and did what I could, I didn't have any experience, references, a bank account or a driver's license. Despite that, Pat worked with me, told me what I would do, my working hours and what to wear.

"So, you come on Tuesday to Thursday after school at 3:30 until 7:00 and Saturday from 9:00 until 2:00. Weekdays, you can wear your school uniform bottoms if you need to, just switch out shirts and I'll get you up a nametag. Sounds alright?"

"Sounds perfect, thank you Pat." I beamed at her. My first real job. After I stuck around another hour or two just to see what pat was doing, but I still had butterflies, wasn't sure if it was from the excitement or nerves.

The next day which was Saturday, and I had to be at work for 9:00. That felt good to say. I threw on a black skirt, pink shirt and styled my hair in a bun.

Fifteen minutes later I walked in Cocoa Smiles and just that smiling.

"Put your stuff on the back girly and write your time down." Pat said to me as she handed me a slip that read "Hi, my name is blank."

"Make sure you don't lose that slip until your real one comes in, they only came in a pack of six," Pat said to me as I tried to write my name neatly as possible after I came out of the little break room.

The front door opened with the bell chime. A man walked in wearing a business looking attire and sat down in the booth I was at yesterday. Pat looked at me and pointed towards a small notepad before smiling.

I grabbed and walked over to the booth while keeping the smile on my face.

"Good Morning sir, welcome to Cocoa Smiles. I'm your server Anastasia, what can I get you?"

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