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Creating the Perfect Workplace Culture at Your Bike Shop

by Robert Cordray 2 years ago in advice

Adding to the working experience

A good bike shop can feel like a true community hub. Experienced cyclists give advice to new riders, people get repairs for their trusty bikes and prospective customers search for the perfect cycle to serve as their primary mode of transportation. A bike shop should be lively and exciting, with something to offer for everyone. That vibe can be damaged, however, if your store doesn't have good workplace culture.

Before customers can enjoy spending time at your bike shop, your employees have to enjoy spending time there as well. The best shops have employees who view their work not just as a job, but as a way of life. Want to create the best bike shop in town? Learn how to keep your employees happy, active and excited.

Offer Opportunity

Nothing is more draining than going to a job day after day and feeling powerless and pointless. In many workplaces, employees simply feel like cogs in a machine, told what to do and incapable of making their own decisions or doing interesting work.

Opportunity in the workplace is a talent magnet that your shop should work on cultivating. These are elements that create a great workplace culture when properly employed, but can be terrible for your employees if ignored. Employees want to feel like their work means something: Offering them the opportunity to help in decision making gives them a greater investment in their job and guarantees more commitment to the work they do. If employees want a chance to work on other projects, hear them out! Their ideas might lead to exciting new business opportunities you may never have thought of.

Give Appreciation

There are countless ways to appreciate your employees for good work. Everything from verbal and written praise to rewards, monetary or otherwise, can reinforce that your employees are valuable to the shop. You can even include customers in your employees' successes: Display the picture of your employee of the month or hold a small get-together with some of your best customers. Appreciating your employees' efforts publicly will help build the community feeling in your bike shop.

Be a Leader

Being an appreciative, open-minded employer doesn't mean becoming a pushover or failing to care about your shop. Employees will feel most comfortable with someone positive in charge. Offering your employees effective guidance and mentorship will help them learn and grow. A good leader inspires their team to do their absolute best. You can be friendly, but effective leadership goes beyond friendship by offering advocacy, support and encouragement. As a leader, you have the ability to empower your employees, and empowering them will lead to a more cohesive, exciting, dynamic shop atmosphere.

Respect Wellbeing

Employees have lives outside of the store. Personal relationships, family matters and health concerns can all affect your employees and directly impact their work. Being respectful of employees' mental and emotional health will make it clear that you care for them. You can offer an employee wellness program or just be receptive to the diverse needs of your staff. Caring for your employees will make it easier for them to care for customers and build a culture of positivity and community in your shop.

You want your bike shop to be a community cornerstone, a place where people come not only to get their needs met, but also to catch up with others and meet new friends. A positive store environment begins with a positive workplace culture. More than ever, employees are making it clear that they work to live, not live to work. Offering them respect, effective leadership, appreciation and a voice will go a long way in ensuring they see your shop as more than just a place to get a paycheck. You want to create a warm, comfortable environment where your employees feel empowered to be creative and get excited about their work. Your employees are the direct line to your customers. Treat them well, and they will return the favor by creating a positive environment where anyone and everyone can feel welcome.


Robert Cordray

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