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Create your own Happiness

by Visceral Creations 2 months ago in humanity

The inspiration behind SoapulentAuras


It all started when I was completing my second last year of college. It was almost Christmas break, and I had slotted a few days to create gifts for my family and friends.

Previous years I had baked; while I enjoy baking, I learned from previous years sharing a kitchen with five other students with the same idea and time contraints I found down right stressful. This year I knew I needed to make a change. I wanted to enjoy the creating process and not be exhausted when time came around to exchange gifts.

My father was a massive influence on why I knew this change needed to happen, and how I was able to decide on my next project.


I recalled from my formative years/youth my father saying that a gift should be given from a place of love, never out of obligation. He would also say, every year leading up to any holiday, please don’t get us anything, knowing money is tight when pursuing an education. He always reminded me, it’s the time, the time you share with us that counts more then anything.

He also taught me, it’s the thought, the time, the energy and attention to details that matters more then anything else in a gift.

My father had a rough introduction to independent living, and still always found the time to take care of others. He shared stories of his days as an apprentice with me often. He shared stories of how life was for him, when he first moved out on his own, and how he took care of his mother. He told stories of this or that, he found creative ways to make stretch when money was tight, or inventive ways to fix versus replace items.

My father is a chef and I remember him always inviting folks to holiday dinners, that didn’t have loved ones to be with. Often he would bring plates of food (and still does) when we had a nice meal, or had extra, sometimes on holidays and sometimes not, to folks living in the apartment building he thought could benefit from it.

I strongly believe one of my primary love languages now is gift giving due to all the explicit and subtle ways my father raised me to think around both gift giving and caring for others.

What I created:

After a few weeks consideration, the last few lectures before exams were under way. I was learning about burnout, and how to utilize self care to off set it.

I decided this time of year was stressful not only for students facing exams, but for many folks as we got closer to Christmas break. I decided I would make self care kits for my loved ones, and would cater each to each persons intrests. I spent hours searching Pinterest for a slew of self care ideas. I used scissors to snip print outs of grounding breathing techniques, and a variety of self care related items to fit in these kits. I included coloring sheets themed with each persons interests, candy, tea, a rock and so on. Still I felt my kits were missing something.

I have allergic skin, as does many members of my family. We had never used the elusive “bath bomb”. This is when I decided to include a homemade one. I had never made one and decided I was going to make several bins of them, quickly I discovered maybe one bomb per person was plenty. This felt like I found the missing item.

I felt my kits were missing that handmade feel, and these bombs cured that void.

I found an all natural recipe, some I scented with herbs, some with essential oils.

This was the pivotal moment when my essential oils and creating self care items took off. I found both the process of making the products and using them to be a soothing process. It was exhilarating to be able to curate items that were well thought out gifts and would aid in my loved ones wellness regimes.

I discovered after several years of making bath bombs, I couldn’t get the same results every time but I wasn’t ready to let go of this journey.

I tried making soap, and found my calling. I could customize even more then bath bombs, and the results were far more reliable.

Tropical / Rootbeer ESO Blend/Lavender ESO

I continued making soaps for gifts, and as part of my own self care regime and soon friends were asking if they could purchase some for gifts for their loved ones. This continued for a year or so, while folks would tell me I should open an Etsy store.

Enchanted Forest - Pine/Spruce ESO & Eco-Friendly Glitter
Charcoal & Sandalwood

Last spring, I took the leap, and launched SoapulentAuras.

Lavender/Peppermint/Dragon’s Blood/ Cotton Candy&Sandalwood

Through this journey of self discovery and exploration, I’ve learned I create my own happiness most of all when sparking it in others.

Visceral Creations
Visceral Creations
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