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Corporate Booking Tool

by Joseph louis 6 months ago in product review
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Corporate Travel Management Tool

Why Corporate Booking Tool and How It Helps Travel Agent and Tour Operators?

Corporate booking tools are an essential component of all business travel. When utilized correctly, these tools can greatly reduce the burden of booking for both the travel manager and the corporate traveler.

Corporate travel booking refers to a tool designed to help small and mid-sized businesses plan their business travel cost-effectively. Corporate online booking tools (OBTs) are online products and services that companies and organizations can use to book corporate travel.

This mainly integrates all types of inventory required for travelers at corporate fares. Corporate booking tools provide revenue management, time management, convenience management for organizations.

How Corporate Booking Tool are Changing the Face of Corporate Travel?

Corporate Self Booking Tool is a complete solution for keeping your corporate clients satisfied. It improves the business travel experience by making corporate bookings easier and faster.

A good Amadeus Corporate Booking Tool manages the entire booking process for a TMC, right from the time an employee requests travel to getting it authorized to booking and managing itineraries.

Corporate booking is an all-inclusive system designed specifically for tour and travel companies to help them grow their business. This booking tool supports multi-language and multi-currency features, making it useful even for global travel companies.

Get the best Corporate Booking Tool by the experts of Groupy

Groupy has built an interactive Corporate Online Travel Services to help travel professionals manage, search, and book travel services for their corporate clients, as well as provide them with direct access to book the required travel products.

With our Corporate Self-Booking Tool (CSBT), we make business travel easier. It is an effective Travel Management Platform that streamlines the booking process for business travel, from the initial search to the final booking. The tool enables the request of travel, approval, managing itineraries, and generating invoices.

What Advantages Does Corporate Booking Tool Give to Your Business?

Implementing the Online Corporate Booking Tool on your website can provide you with a competitive advantage. Some of the benefits of the corporate booking tool are listed below:

Centralized processes.- Corporate Booking Tools offer all-in-one business travel management, planning, and support. Booking costs, itinerary information, travel expenses, and emergency information (e.g., weather delays) are all accessible in a single digital platform, making business travel extremely convenient for the traveler.

Saves time – An online booking tool (OBT) reduces manual workload while also providing you with a complete, simple, and secure way to book and pay for your travel.

One simple centralized solution - An online booking tool at your fingertips can facilitate the booking process. It can keep track of your travel preferences, preferred suppliers, and personal travel records for future bookings.

Saves money - By booking corporate travel through online booking tool saves your valuable time and money on airfare and booking fees. You will quickly and easily save money by paying a lower service fee than you would for booking through OBT.

Anywhere anytime – A corporate booking tool allows you to book at any time and any place. It could be one of the solutions that synchronize with the independent travel teams to provide your organization and its travelers with a simple, comprehensive, and quick solution to travel booking.

Analysis - Depending upon the capabilities of your corporate booking tool, you will be able to track all of your travel preferences, personal travel records, and preferred suppliers all in one place. This data will provide you with valuable insight into your business travel activity. By leveraging this data, you can identify opportunities for improvements within your business travel program.

Travel policy compliance- CBTs boost travel policy compliance by making only policy-compliant options available to employees. Increased compliance results in increased savings due to in-policy booking at the company's preferred rates. It also simplifies the process of obtaining travel authorizations.

Data collection - One of the primary advantages of corporate booking tools is easy and cost-effective business travel reporting. Data collection and analysis from trips enable businesses to analyze staff bookings, detect trends, reduce costs, and identify potential vendor partnerships.

Here are some of the key following features of a modern Corporate Booking Tool:

Self-service Booking Tool

A comprehensive self-booking tool simplifies corporate bookings by removing multiple layers of communication for approvals.

Control Preferences

Achieve Airline targets by setting preferences based on the services offered.

Centralized Data and Reporting

Profile of each traveler with detailed travel activity stored at a centralized place for quick real-time access and reporting.

Define Corporate Travel Policy

Manage corporate travel policy for business travel to allow bookings in compliance with the defined budget of the organization.

Implement Multi-level Approval

Allow the band system to set up an approval process based on the company's uniform role-based hierarchy.

Project-based Expense

Complete expense monitoring and tracking for the trip based on the individual projects.

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