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Consistency 🗝️ Success

by real Jema 2 months ago in how to
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It's never been easier to find information and it's only getting better

Think about it for a second, back in the 90s how many artists did you know about, record labels, movies, businesses etc. My guess would be, not too many. There weren’t as many artists making music as there are today, neither were there as many businesses as there are today in the world right now and an online business was such a foreign idea, beyond that, marketing was very limited just to things like billboards, Tv ads and the flyers you could occasionally get handed out. There was nothing near to the targeted ads we have today and so it didn’t matter whether a business was at the corner of the street or miles away, you wouldn’t have known about them unless you passed in front of them. In contrast, today you can easily find any business just by searching online, that's how you discover the wonderful restaurant just in your backyard you didn’t know about or that your neighbor is a successful musician.

It's never been easier to find information and it's only getting better, with more people launching businesses and becoming involved in all these activities, the competition is only going to get fierce. Now this had some side effects which could have gone in either of two ways; either towards the quality and of things or towards the quantity end of things. When two companies are in competition over the same market, they usually have to distinguish themselves either through the quality or the quantity (efficiency) of their products. Long story short, now in order to succeed, we need quantity over quality, I really don’t know how we ended up here but that's just where we are right now. If I asked you the most popular song last year, I’m sure it's not the same today, the best movie last year isn’t the same today, so even though that production company may have taken years to craft that movie, in less than a year it's already irrelevant. This tells you that in order to succeed in the current generation, you have to prioritize quantity over quality.

Its actually Controversial

I would have rather expected the opposite, with the overflow of goods and services in the market you’d think people would want higher quality products but instead it's the persons capable of producing the most content who succeed, I guess the covid did have a major role to play in all of this. During that period, many people were really craving for large volumes of content to the point that it didn’t matter how good a movie or music was, you needed more and more of it all. Well, maybe it started before covid, I guess it might have just accelerated the process.

Succeeding these days

You have to find a way to optimally boost your efficiency no matter what you do, especially when it comes to content creation, music, movies etc. You can’t just content yourself of trying to make the best quality version of things but rather you have to focus on making countless amounts of the simple content, something which has been proven by Khaby.lame who rose to fame by making simple videos out of complex ones. 😆 That's a terrible example I know but my point here is that, gone are those days when we wanted the best of the best, today we want the most of the simple. It has gotten to the point where we have to be able to do it on a daily basis, the work ethic is crazy. I can’t even tell what is high quality anymore, a song or a video might be so overproduced and yet won’t generate anywhere as near the positive feedback a simple video could do. So instead of you wasting a lot of time and resources trying to craft the highest quality production, sometimes the creativity just wins over the quality.

Advantages & Disadvantages

The main advantage is that everybody gets the shot at joining in, while before you really needed to produce a lot of high quality products before even being considered as being a major player but these days, even from your basement you can launch a fully recognized business with little paper work.

The disadvantage now is that the market is over flooded with so much content, which incidentally reduces the value of everything else. In the past you could have a single song or movie generating revenue for you for months and even years before running out of fashion but these days, everything is working on a clock to irrelevance so you have to keep finding creative ways of staying relevant and milk it for its worth until it runs out.


I’m talking a lot about content creation, music and entertainment but this could also apply to a lot of businesses out there as well, except that for other businesses there are other factors which determine success too. When you take the example of a restaurant, It's not just about efficiency (making the food real fast) but you have to take into account the presentation, localization, market etc but coming to things like content creation where you can make abstraction on a lot of those things, in recent times, it doesn’t matter if your flyer is the cutest, we’ve already seen so much cute, now we rather require companies putting out content every single day whether its videos, images, audio or any other form. An aggressive campaign of marketing has to be carried out in order to achieve relevance and success these days, no longer based on quality of the content put out there, but the frequency and consistency of that content.

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