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Complete Guide To Hire Xamarin Developers

Hire Xamarin Developers

By ScalaCodePublished 4 months ago 6 min read
Complete Guide To Hire Xamarin Developers

Are you planning to develop a cross-platform application for Android, iOS, or Windows? Why not choose cross-platform app development to build a mobile app usable on multiple platforms?

Compared to native app development, cross-platform app development appears to be on the rise these days. This situation is due to lower long-term expenses, code sharing and reuse, and overall functionality.

One of the most widely used cross-platform app development platforms is Xamarin. In the app development ecosystem, Xamarin is a widely used technology. This cross-platform app development framework has come a long way since its launch. Thousands of enterprises across the world are currently using this framework to broaden their customer base.

Xamarin was employed by 14% of developers globally for cross-platform app development. The Xamarin has been used to build over 13,000 apps, with over 2 billion downloads.

Xamarin enables developers to share 90% of their applications across multiple platforms. Developers can create all of their business logic in a single language (or reuse existing application code) while achieving native platform performance, appearance, and feel. For developing a Xamarin-based business app, you’d need the assistance of an expert.

You can hire Xamarin developers to speed up the development of your business app. Just make sure you're aware of the aspects to consider the right developer for project development team expansion. This blog will assist you in comprehending those aspects and making the right decision while hiring a Xamarin app developer.

But first, let us take a look at the advancements in Xamarin and the benefits of hiring Xamarin developers for cross-platform app development.

What is New Advancement in Xamarin?

Xamarin is one of the oldest cross-platform frameworks. Since its inception in 2011, the Xamarin community has grown to 1.4 million developers from 120 countries. Microsoft purchased the project in 2016 and included it in their Visual Studio IDE. The technology is mostly employed by businesses and has received several positive reviews over the years.

Xamarin.Forms 5.0 offers hundreds of quality improvements and adds numerous new controls and features to the stable release, including App Themes (Dark Mode), Brushes, RadioButton, CarouselView, Shapes and Paths, and SwipeView. Xamarin. Forms is an open-source mobile UI framework that allows you to create iOS, Android, and Windows apps with.NET and Visual Studio from a single common codebase. To specify UI and connect it with standard architectural, principles such as MVVM and Reactive UI, XAML and C# must be used.

The brand-new Xamarin.Forms service update includes 145 fixes and comprehensive support for iOS 15 and Android 12.

Why Hire Xamarin Developers For Your Project?

You can take full advantage of Xamarin only when you hire the right Xamarin app developer or a development team from a trusted source. Here are more reasons why you should employ Xamarin developers for your next app development project.

Can Build Custom Apps

When you hire mobile app developers with rich knowledge of Xamarin, you have the privilege of developing custom apps by exploiting the full potential of Xamarin. This contributes effectively to building business apps according to your needs with specific features and functionalities. A Xamarin app developer simplifies the entire process of custom app development with their knowledge.

Reduction of Overhead Costs

When you hire Xamarin developers from a renowned company, the entire cost of new development infrastructure setup and bringing other specialists on board is reduced to a great extent. Along with development, they also handle your maintenance which automatically saves you from hiring a new app maintenance team. These developers assist you in getting the task done through your source code, especially when you want to handle particular difficulties or update apps, and every modification is instantly reflected.

Hands On Experience And Tech Knowledge

When you hire Xamarin developers, you put your project in the hands of highly skilled professionals with hands-on experience. They handle everything from app development and designing to testing and deployment.

Reduced Time To Market

One of the most significant challenges for any company looking to take its operations online is developing and adhering to a time-efficient strategy for developing an app. When you hire Xamarin developers, you get access to sharp minds using tried and tested methods for app development and reduce your time to market.

What To Look For When You Hire Xamarin Developers?

A Xamarin developer with extensive software development experience can lead you to your business growth. When you engage specialist Xamarin engineers or a development team, you leverage all Xamarin's capabilities and benefits for your app development project. So, when hiring Xamarin developers, look for the following qualities and skills.

Technical Expertise

When interviewing Xamarin app developers, always check for their technical expertise. They should have good command over Web Services, HTML5, JSON, XML, HTTPClient, C#, ASP.NET, and Android SDK. Ensure a thorough understanding of.NET-specific technologies such as NuGet and methods such as lambda expressions, C# classes, Async/Await, and so on. Prepare a list of the technical questions to ask during the interview. If the developer answers all the questions, they hold solid technical expertise in Xamarin app development. Examine their knowledge of data binding, state management, and UI controls.

App Testing Environment

You must hire Xamarin developers who understand how Xamarin Profiler and Xamarin Insight function. They should know how to utilize them to build high-quality products. They should be capable of enabling and maintaining faster app testing using Xamarin Test Cloud, View Renderer, UI Test Profile, and NUnit.

Knowledge Of Code Reusability

The process of reusing code components to improve current or build new software is known as code reusability. You can speed up development processes by reusing codes. Reusing code implies that processes like verification and documentation are complete and do not need to be revisited. Xamarin developers you hire must be skilled at reusing code. Once they develop code and run it on a particular platform, they should have an extensive understanding of how to use code sets on numerous systems. By reusing codes, a Xamarin developer can maximize productivity.

Adjacent Expertise

When you hire Xamarin developers for your app development project, make sure they have expertise in delivering services like consulting, maintenance and support, OAuth authorization, background processing, social integration, memory management, multi-device sync, encryption-decryption, app publishing to respective app stores, along with app development.

In addition to the mentioned points, you should prioritize employing an individual or team with strong interpersonal skills such as critical thinking, teamwork, management, creative thinking, effective communication, adaptation to failure, and openness to constructive feedback.

How to Hire a Xamarin App Developer?

Xamarin mobile app development is not an easy task. So, it is necessary to hire Xamarin developers with rich tech knowledge and experience to develop your mobile app.

If you wish to take the right road and hire Xamarin developers, you can trust ScalaCode. The company has the best resources with excellent technical abilities to code cutting-edge cross-platform apps. Its Xamarin engineers are pre-vetted, rigorously interviewed, and then taught to become actual software experts capable of adjusting to situations both inside and outside of their broad competence.

Partnering with ScalaCode will help you get access to the most skilled and certified Xamarin app developers who can successfully complete your app development project.

With a decade-long experience and technical expertise, professionals at ScalaCode bring the best application to the table. Hire mobile app developers and unlock unique digital experiences for your customers.


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