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Competitor Analysis: Importance & Benefits In A Successful SEO Campaign

Importance & Benefits In A Successful SEO Campaign

By ipshitashekhawatPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Any marketing strategy, not excluding digital marketing, begins with competitor analysis. Therefore, an SEO strategy cannot be an exception.

Prior to carrying out keyword research or beginning a link building campaign, you must ensure that you are completely confident in the competitive landscape. If that is not the case, you will not be able to offer a better product without knowing the kinds of products provided by your competitors.

Why Do We Need Competitor Analysis?

First things first, it’s easier to move forward with the ideas tried and tested by any other SEO company in India to have success with rather than developing a new one from scratch. Secondly, averting the errors committed by your competitors allows you to stand in a better stance. Last but not least, understanding the way your competitors are performing in search enables you to make better-informed conclusions, and as an outcome, create a successful SEO strategy in the SEO India landscape.

Importance of Competitor Analysis

Getting placed at the top of search engine rankings barely counts as half the battle; the other half is retaining them. Competitor analysis allows you to identify the levers being pushed by your competitors to drive forth their SEO, enabling you to refine and boost your optimization efforts.

Linking Opportunities

Competitor analysis will help you to identify the sites that are linked to your competitors but not you. Now, you will be able to create a link profile of your own. You can add links from websites already linked to a competitor. You must know that sites linking to multiple competitors add greater value to a site. Thus, it is advised to pay greater attention to such sites by reaching out to them as well as writing guest posts.


You can perform a keyword gap analysis for determining the type of keywords that you may be lacking but happen to work really well for the competitors. Keywords are extremely crucial in SEO. Thus, if you end up finding one or more specific keywords in which your competitors are ranking well, but you still don’t use them, it is best to include these in your site as well. There are several tactics for achieving this, such as reorganizing site structure, reworking metadata, link building with keywords etc.

Improve Your Overall Strategy

Digital marketing is a complicated process involving several actions as well as planning. While working on this method, it is not only important to employ SEO but also to start digital marketing campaigns to work for individual projects. The benefit here is that competitor analysis improves your digital marketing because it assists in the creation of complex campaigns based on the data available as well as the market demand. Thus, it is crucial to delve deep into the niche so that you know what exactly your competitors are doing. This, though, is feasible only with the help of comprehensive competitor analysis.

Compare SEO Experts

Several people go on to hire an SEO company in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon etc. to work on their sites. It is because SEO experts possess the required knowledge as well as experience for handling SEO projects. Nevertheless, it is tough to predict how an SEO expert differs from other competitors in the market. Doing a competitor analysis allows you to rate the way SEO expert rates in comparison to others. This will help you to understand whether your SEO expert is moving in the correct direction or not.


If you have information on how your competitors perform, you are in a better position to plan your strategies. Thus, competitor analysis works as a plausible source of information for helping you to enhance your digital marketing techniques. Although it’s difficult to bring yourself out of your comfort zone to apply new techniques to achieve favourable results, competitive analysis is not that complicated to integrate into your strategy.


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