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Why I Love What I Do

Coming Up

I've been in and out of the psychiatric hospital ever since my teenage years. It really started with my single parent upbringing—not having anything we wanted and being frustrated with nothing to do all the time. It can really be so boring that you end up going mad. I was not malnourished, but I remember days my friend would come over wanted something to eat and I was like there is no food. They would say yes you do come on let's look. I would show them and they'd be like oh you're right there isn't anything. Sometimes they would invite me over to supper, I think out of pity.

As I got older I found ways of providing for myself, I had paper routes and picked strawberries when I was 13-years-old. Somedays I would go to the corner store and buy a burger when there was no food at home. The neighbors' kids would always say you go to the store too much. I'd go when they didn't want to but I just needed something to eat because I hadn't eaten all day and there was nothing at my house.

Until now I didn't really blame anyone for it, but I think the major cause of this was a single mother upbringing. It couldn't have been easy and I understand now why things were the way they were. Now, I love my life I have a little extra towards going to compounding interest-earning investments every month. I love having the idea of living off passive income because it would really just be amazing. Although I do not mind my job, I would just prefer not having to rely on others for my survival. Right now I do everything I can to make my dream a possibility. I work part-time and do a little work from home freelancing on the survey sites. As I get payments I put them into GIC's which I'm not sure if they're available around the world but stands for guaranteed investment certificate. Which means you can never lose the principal amount. The best you can make is five percent per year on a five-year GIC. But it's locked in. With Tangerine Bank, it is a very simple process and you never have to talk to a representative.

So along with the GIC's, I have an RDSP account. Which stands for a registered disability savings plan. It is great because they give me up to $8500 for a $1500 investment once per year, to a maximum up $110,000. I will be maxing out this plan and hope to retire off of the interest earned from my contributions. I will most likely do a GIC within the account so I can not risk the principal amount although currently, it is in coca cola and pot stocks. I also have about two percent of my total investable assets in bitcoin mining. It rakes in almost $2 per day and is 100 percent passive. I plan on taking out my earnings and putting it into a GIC as bitcoin is too volatile for me.

I am really optimistic about my future and hope you can too find a way to become independent. It just starts with putting aside a certain amount every pay period and compounding this until your retirement or goal whichever this may be. It really does let you wake up and take steps to achieve it knowing eventually you will get where you want to be.

Believe me when I say there are always new opportunities popping up and if you're not where you want to start taking steps to get there. It will relieve some stress and every penny counts.

Thank I enjoy bringing you some insights and hope you continue to read my articles. Give a quick search to my name and read my other articles it will really be worth your time.

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