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Choosing the Right Leader

A Manual for Voting With Knowledge in the Liberian Election

By Pad MorePublished 2 months ago 3 min read

Emphasizing the significance of selecting the most qualified candidate for the country remains crucial as Liberians gear up to exercise their democratic rights on October 10. It is crucial to give preference to qualities and policies that coincide with Liberia's best interests, despite the fact that influences like personal connections, party loyalty, and social pressure might affect choices. In this post, we'll detail the strong arguments Liberian voters should use to support their vote based on a candidate's unquestionable leadership abilities, clear vision, and track record of unflinching accountability and unimpeachable honesty.

1. Leadership Qualities Matter

Focusing on a candidate's leadership abilities is crucial while evaluating them. Effective leaders have qualities like vision, honesty, empathy, and the capacity to make difficult choices for the greater good. Seek a candidate who can demonstrate a thorough awareness of the difficulties Liberia is currently experiencing and who has a clear strategy for overcoming those difficulties.

2. Track Record of Accountability

A democracy that works must have accountability as its cornerstone. Voters should carefully examine a candidate's track record for indications of openness, accountability, and responsiveness to constituent demands. Being responsible in the past increases the likelihood that a leader will do so while in office.

3. Commitment to Economic Development

Liberia's economic prosperity hinges on sound policies that promote sustainable growth and equitable distribution of resources. Evaluate the candidate's economic agenda, ensuring it includes strategies for job creation, infrastructure development, and fostering an environment conducive to local and foreign investment.

4. Education and Healthcare Priorities

A candidate's views on healthcare and education give insight into how seriously they take the general public's welfare. An effective leader recognizes the fundamental needs and rights of the populace by placing a high priority on affordable, accessible, and high-quality education.

5. Upholding the Rule of Law and Human Rights

Respect for the rule of law and human rights is non-negotiable in any democratic society. Be on the lookout for a candidate dedicated to respecting the Constitution, ensuring the independence of the judiciary, and defending the rights and dignity of every person, regardless of their background.

6. Environmental Sustainability

Environmental conservation is an issue of global importance, and Liberia is no exception. A forward-thinking leader should have a clear plan for sustainable environmental policies that protect natural resources and address climate change concerns.

7. Foreign Policy and International Relations

Foreign policy choices made by Liberia have an impact on where it stands in the world. A candidate's position on foreign relations, including deals on trade, diplomatic alliances, and participation in regional and international organizations, should be evaluated.

8. Inclusive Governance

For social growth and stability, a candidate must be able to promote inclusion and unity across the country. Be on the lookout for a leader who is dedicated to speaking for all facets of society, regardless of race, religion, or socioeconomic level.

9. Independence from Special Interests

For policies to be created in the interests of the country and its population rather than being influenced by constrained, self-serving objectives, a leader must be independent of special interest groups, companies, or other entities.


Voters in Liberia's next election on October 10 should place a high priority on qualities and ideas that would contribute to the country's future prosperity and inclusivity. While peer pressure, political affiliation, and close ties with others may have an impact on a person's choice, they shouldn't be the main factors. Instead, emphasize leadership skills, a history of accountability, a dedication to economic growth, and a commitment to defending democratic ideals. Liberians may help their country have a more promising and bright future by making an educated decision.

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  • Thomas N. Dahn2 months ago

    Thanks for providing tips that will be of help to our voters, most especially the first time voters. It's a unique article with great message.

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