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Choosing a mind-blowing niche is always a mind-twisting game for a writer

by Wajiha Khan 9 months ago in fact or fiction
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It is very difficult to choose the topic that seems attractive to the audience and writers to compel them to invoke their attention

When a writer takes a path of writing, in the beginning, it is difficult for the writer to find a proper niche and get confused about what kind of topic should be chosen. The reason behind this difficulty is the interest of the writer. Every writer has their their perspective and thinking about different topics. The writer is trying to catch that niche in which the writer can deliver the maximum amount of data related to that niche. So, it's become a mind-twisting game for the writer for an eye-caching topic for the audience. Every platform has its demands about topics, sometimes a writer picks out of context niche for a platform that is not suitable for that platform to approve but it is not the mistake of a writer. As s writer, it is a logical point according to the thinking of the writer that every topic he or she chose has its point to express with different thoughts and views. By taking this thinking writer starts to write on the specific niches and unfortunately; when that niche does not gain much attention from the audience this makes the writer a little down and thus in this way the writer's mind gets disturbed. The writer all struggles and efforts also make his or her aggressive and hopeless.

Mind-twisting of writers in selecting niches enables a writer to explore more about every niche. The exploring of niches and applying efforts on different kinds of topics not only make vision broad about the way of thinking and views on varieties of topics but also help the writer to select niches more logically and intelligently. How can I say that say logically? The answer is that audience has their point of view and it is known for us to know the interest-only the main way to find is the logically exploring the niches that mostly gain the audience's views. Views by audience enable a writer to adopt those kinds of niches. So intelligently picking up the niche by exploring more on different niches is possible and depends on the platform he or she chooses.

But every writer has their own experiences and thoughts about every niche. Some niches which gain the most view maybe are not the interest of some writers. So it's become a problem for a specific niche expert to write on. Searching and exploring may help this problem but for those writers who are rigid about their niches. This makes writers unable to write extra from their thinking and experience, at this point writer starts to suffer in writing and slowly he or she begins to lose interest in niches. It may cause and f0rce him or her to quit from the writing path. Mind-Twisting becomes a Mind-Torturing game for a writer.

I will take my example as a writer. I always take the niche about life experiences, but it is still difficult for me to pick the lifehack and experiences topics. So it's become difficult for me to switch to that niche in which I don't have any kind of experience and views to write. Switching to another niche at once seems difficult for a writer because every writer has their own specialty and thoughts about the topic which he or she prefers to write. For instance, a writer excels in writing about romance but when the writer tries to write about a totally different niche like Affiliate marketing or other it's becomes torturing for the writer. The exploration of that topic makes the writer get bored soon. The reason behind this boring is only a matter of interest.

So for a writer audience views and appreciation matters a lot and the main thing especially the earning from that work. So niches play an important role and writers have to struggle a lot for a specific and eye-catching niche and thus its makes their minds burst and get twisted in the games of picking niches.

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