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Catering Trends of 2023

Camille Brochu lists some of the top catering trends of 2023

By Camille BrochuPublished about a year ago 3 min read

Catering, like any other industry, shifts operations to match trends. Clients' expectations change over time, and successful catering businesses must adjust to keep up. In 2023, social events are shifting back towards pre-pandemic norms, with large weddings and significant corporate events. However, lifestyles have changed in ways that continue to affect catering practices. These are some of the most widespread catering trends of 2023.

Cultivated Experiences

Event planners want more than food, they want to provide an experience for their guests. As people become more mindful of their food choices, they have become more interested in how it is made and where it comes from. Many catering companies are setting up event stations where guests can watch the chefs at work and customize their dishes. This requires caterers to hire chefs who are comfortable educating guests and carrying on conversations while providing service.


In addition to being more conscious about food choices, people are more conscious of the environmental impact of their food choices. Sustainable practices can make your catering business more attractive to modern clients and helps guests feel good about their meal. Minimizing food waste, sourcing sustainable ingredients, and finding greener ways to operate is essential to staying relevant.

Healthy Choices

Many people are trying to reduce their consumption of processed foods and want healthier food options at their events. While not every dish needs to fit the bill, providing options for more health-conscious clients is essential. Additionally, consider dietary restrictions such as vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free options. This will ensure everyone at the event can enjoy the food.

Local Ingredients

While considering sustainability, see what ingredients you can source locally. Some ingredients may not be available, but local ingredients tend to be more sustainable and support the local economy. Many modern clients are interested in locally-grown food and might be more likely to hire a catering company that utilizes local ingredients whenever possible.

Photogenic Dishes

In the age of social media, presentation is more important than ever before. Beautiful dishes will make guests want to snap photos to share on Instagram, Facebook, or even TikTok. Not only does it improve the guest experience, but it can also provide some free advertising through guests’ social networks.


As people shift towards more health-conscious food choices, many choose to reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption. In light of that, mocktails are becoming a more widespread option to ensure guests who avoid alcohol can still enjoy fun drinks at the event. Providing these options can make your business a more attractive choice for modern events.

Mushrooms and Nordic Flavors

In terms of flavor, current trends include mushrooms and Nordic-inspired dishes. Rye bread, halibut, mushroom flatbreads, and more are popular for many catering events. Developing dishes that tie into these trends can help you add something new to your menu that appeals to current taste preferences.

Grazing Tables

Amidst the current trend of building charcuterie boards at home, grazing tables have become the larger-scale trend for social events. Beautiful displays of meats, cheeses, fruits, bread, and other elements are a widely sought-after element for many event planners. Providing diverse and colorful options will not only make for an excellent presentation but can also be sure there are options available for every taste.

While some trends may vary by region, these are some of the top ones catering companies are seeing so far in 2023. Overall, making greener choices and marketing sustainability and healthy choices can make a big difference in business. Clients are looking for beautiful displays and cultivated experiences that will keep guests entertained and ensure there are delicious choices for everyone.


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Camille Brochu

Camille Brochu is a skilled professional who has been running a high-end catering business with her husband for 20 years. At Creative Hands Cuisine, Camille and the rest of the team are focused on crafting unique experiences for clients.

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