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Can I lookup my vehicle specs by VIN number?

The general public can also use VIN numbers to look up any vehicle's specifications.

By License LookupPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Chevrolet VIN lookup

Vehicle Identification Numbers, or "VIN" numbers, are present on all vehicles. A car's VIN number is a 17-character alphanumeric code that contains details about the vehicle, including the manufacturer, where and when it was manufactured, the body type, and much more. Each VIN number is unique. Because each VIN uniquely identifies the vehicle to which it was allocated, law enforcement frequently uses them to locate stolen cars. The general public can also use VIN numbers to look up any vehicle's specifications.

Can I lookup my vehicle specs by VIN number?

Yes, you can, but first of all you should:

Find the VIN number

For vehicles built after 1969, the VIN is visible through the windshield on the driver's side dash. Additionally, insurance and title records contain the VIN. You'll need to ask the owner or dealership for the VIN if you aren't the car's owner.

Visit a VIN decoder website

VIN decoder websites can be used to decode your VIN and reveal the meaning of each character in order to discover vehicle specifications. On any of these websites, enter the VIN in the search field before pressing "Enter."

Trying to purchase a pre-owned vehicle you've been saving up for? Is Chevy the brand you'd most like to drive as an aspiring driver? You might want to do a Chevrolet VIN lookup first before accepting this great deal.

A car's VIN, or vehicle identifying number, is its special serial number, and using Chevrolet VIN checker will show you the vehicle's history and any Chevrolet recalls. Additionally, you'll be aware of the Chevy model name, the assembly factory where it was made, any DMV issues, and a lot more.

Use a free Chevrolet VIN decoder service to avoid any issues and save yourself the hassle of a terrible deal.

No matter which car specifications your company is trying to get, spending time searching through OEM websites, owner's manuals, or even your own internal management system/DMS can be time-consuming. VIN decoding can be very handy in this situation. Businesses that deal with a variety of car makes and models will benefit from using a VIN decoding solution to identify vehicle specifications by VIN number.

Having trouble understanding the meaning of the 17 digits in your VIN number?

Let's decode them.

You can find out where in the world the car was produced from the first character. It identifies the country of origin.

The manufacturer is indicated by the second character.

The division or type of vehicle is indicated by the third character.

You can learn the vehicle brand, body style, engine size and type, model, and series from the fourth through the eighth characters.

A security code represented by the ninth character identifies the VIN as being approved by the manufacturer.

The car's model year is represented by the tenth character.

You may learn which plant built your car by looking at the eleventh number.

Which vehicle specifications are identified by VIN?

Below is a list of vehicle specifications (with examples) that can typically be identified:

Specification Category

Basic Data

Year, model, make, vehicle and body type, trim, drive type


Aspiration, fuel quality, displacement, max hp, max torque, oil capacity, stroke, valve timing, engine type, block type, cam and fuel types, cylinders, etc.


Type, availability, gears, etc.

Standard Specs

Brakes, drivetrain, seating, steering, ext. and int. dimensions, weights and capacities, wheels and tires, etc.

Optional Specs

Front tire description, rear wheel diameter, front wheel diameter, rear tire description, tire type, etc.

Standard Generic Equipment

Audio system, telematics, doors, in-car entertainment, features, lights, mirrors, roof, wheels and tires, windows, AC, comfort features, instrumentation, convenience features, seats, airbags, powertrain, suspension, brakes, safety, security, seatbelts, stability and traction, etc.

Optional Generic Equipment

In-car entertainment, telematics, comfort, safety, features, convenience features, ext. Features, powertrain, etc.

Exterior Colors

Color name, RGB code, code

Interior Colors

Color name, fabric type, code, RGB code

Safety Equipment

ABS, airbags, brake assist, rollover stability control, daytime running lights, electronic stability control, electronic traction control, tire pressure monitoring system, etc.

Which specs can’t be identified by VIN?

Vehicle identification numbers have typically been used to record events connected to ownership, accidents, mileage rollbacks, and other events. Even the most sophisticated VIN decoder, nevertheless, is unable to divulge some types of data.

OEM build data, commonly known as Monroney label stickers, which are required for all new cars in the United States, is frequently protected by automakers. These labels include the following details on the vehicle, among other things:

  • Price indicated by the manufacturer for sale (MSRP),
  • Warranties,
  • Fuel efficiency rankings.

Who can benefit from knowing a vehicle's specifications via VIN?

Identification of vehicle specs by VIN is advantageous to many areas of the auto industry, including those that deal with car sales, transportation, risk analysis, servicing, and repair. Businesses may ensure they are getting the most correct data by looking up vehicle characteristics by VIN. Without the aid of a highly accurate VIN database, data integrity can easily be compromised, which is crucial for all of these enterprises.

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