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Business Website Design & SEO - Why You Need to Implement SEO Strategy First

Why SEO Is the Priority Task for Business Websites

By Manoj RawatPublished 5 years ago 3 min read
Why You Need to Implement SEO Strategy First

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing traffic to your website from search engines. Search engines such as Google display search results based on what they think is most relevant to a user. Most of the users find what they need on the first page of the search results; therefore, the goal of SEO is to appear on the first page. To do this, you need to ensure that search engines can find you and quickly tell you what you are talking about and that you have credible content. Besides having an email outreach strategy for your company, SEO converts even more. Here are some reasons why you need it.

Increased Conversion Rates

SEO is an excellent investment. For example, if a user is looking for a car hiring company in a particular town and you optimize your content to appear amongst the first three search results, you have a better chance of getting that client.

Improved End-User Experience

Well done SEO translates to better user experience. If a customer comes to your site and does not find what he/she is looking for, this means that you need to work on user experience and it ends up ranking your website low.

Increased Opportunities

It breeds more opportunities for your business. Through SEO, you are put on the spotlight to be acknowledged by other big brands who might be interested in working with your work on some projects; then you can follow up with an email outreach strategy. Most of the businesses are now trying to contact website & app development companies India, agencies who can serve them with better consultancy on email outreach strategy.

More Credibility

When you appear on the top search results, customers ultimately rank your brand higher in the industry. Similarly, appearing on the second or third pages may lead them to have negative remarks about your brand. For example, you are a new player, or you are struggling financially and so on. People tend to trust the organic search results more compared to the paid ads.

Reach more consumers.

Many people these days search for information on products online before deciding to make a purchase. Achieving high rankings is paramount if you want your customers to find you first online. Otherwise, your competitors will take a vast portion of the market share.

It is one of the practical and affordable forms of digital marketing.

While there are other methods of digital marketing such as having an email outreach strategy, social media marketing, and pay per click, this is by far the most efficient and cheapest strategy there is. When a potential customer needs any information about something he/she intends to buy, they will always go to the search engine first, and if they find what they want in your site, then the customer ultimately converts to a buyer.


Many pros come with SEO to take your business to greater heights of profitability and branding. Marketing is a very paramount element of a business, and now, most of the market is online. Why limit yourself to the traditional print forms of advertising when you can do it cheaper and reach a global audience?


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Manoj Rawat, a Growth Hacker, Ideator, Innovator and Experienced SEO, SMM and Marketing Consultant with over 8 years IT experience. He loves to share marketing tips & strategies. He is an avid sports person, traveller.

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