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Build your high ticket sales empire around existing demand and Paying your dues in high ticket sales marketing is worth it... up to a certain point

by Adrian Praljak 2 years ago in industry

High ticket sales empire around existing demand and high ticket sales marketing is worth it... up to a certain point

One of the most common mistakes affiliate marketers make involves building their business on the wrong foundation. Believe me, it's very easy to get excited about a hot idea. Everybody can come up with an idea that they think is the best thing since sliced bread.

If you have a brain, you are bound to come up with an idea that you think is just plain awesome. Here's the problem. Just because you're excited about it and just because you think that your idea is a slam dunk doesn't necessarily mean that everybody else will feel the same way.

In fact, you shouldn't be surprised if it turns out that you're the only person who feels this strongly about your idea. Unfortunately, it's too easy to build a website as well as an online brand based on the “next hot thing”. You then are faced with the daunting challenge of building traffic for that business.

If you want to succeed with high ticket affiliate sales marketing, you have to focus on existing demand. You have to look at niches that already exist. Instead of creating a product and building demand for it like Steve Jobs, choose to do it in reverse.

Unlike Steve Jobs, you don't have billions of dollars to spend creating demand. Forget about it. instead, focus on existing pockets of demand online that are shared by high net worth individuals. These are people with a lot of money to spend who are under a tremendous amount of pressure to spend that money on certain products.

Look for those places. Look for those niches. Don't build it around a hot new business or a hot new concept. You're going to spend too much money and time only to end up with very little because that market may not exist. Focus on something that already exists. Focus on the tried and proven. Focus on the right niches.

Build on the right foundation

If you build your house on sand, it's only a matter of time until an earth quake comes and your house ends up a pile of rubble. You can take that to the bank. If you want your house to stick around, build it on solid rock.

The same applies to your online digital empire. If you want to build a high ticket sales empire that will withstand the test of time, look for the right niche and segment that niche into specific custom audiences that are ready, willing and eager to buy whatever it is that you're pushing.

If you fail to do any of this, you will have a tough time ahead. You will find yourself in the sad situation of putting in all this time, effort and energy only to have very little to show for it. Believe me, people make this mistake all the time.

This is due to the fact that they got carried away with their concept. They think that they have come up with such a hot new product that everybody else is a fool for not having come up with it first. Well, think about it.

The reason why it doesn't exist or isn't being actively pursued now is maybe because there's no market for it. So, do yourself a big favor. Focus on existing demand. Focus on studying your high ticket sales customer base so you can give them the right information at the right time to produce the right outcomes.

This is all doable. This all boils down to investing your time and effort the right way. To get the inside scoop on how to do this, click here. You will get the high ticket sales blueprint that can take your income to the next level.

High ticket sales marketing is worth it... up to a certain point

Let me be clear: There are many shortcuts out there. It doesn't matter what you're trying to get into. Maybe you're trying to run a marathon. Maybe you're trying to become a competitor in an iron man race. Maybe you are trying to get into law school or medical school. Maybe you're trying to pick up better looking members of the opposite sex.

Whatever it is you are trying to achieve, there is always a shortcut. You can take this to the bank. If you look hard enough and if you do your homework, there will always be a shortcut. Now, just because a shortcut exists doesn't mean you have to automatically take it.

There is a tremendous amount of value in learning how to do things the hard way first. This is called paying your dues. You have to pay your dues. If you're starting a job or you're starting out at school or you are starting out in a relationship, you have to first pay your dues.

When you pay your dues, you figure out how things work. You get an understanding of the basic principles behind whatever it is you're doing. You learn how everything fits together.

After you have become comfortable with a clear working understanding of how everything normally works and the general process in which everything normally works, then and only then should you think about shortcuts.

That is the proper sequence. You shouldn't think about using a shortcut the first time you show up at work. You don't know enough about your work. You don't know enough about your boss's expectations. You don't know enough about the expectations of people around you for you to succeed with your shortcut.

If anything, you might make things worse when you use a shortcut. You might learn the wrong lessons. I raise this with you because if you want to truly make a lot of money with high ticket sales marketing, you have to pay your dues first.

You have to learn how to segment your audience. You have to learn how to target the right niches. You have to learn how to position your product correctly. Once you have learned the basics, then and only then should you look for the short cut.

I understand that nobody likes to do the heavy lifting. Sadly, it is also absolutely necessary. Everybody has to pay their dues. The good news is if you stick to it, you are one of the few. Eventually, you will get paid more than others because everybody else is settling for pennies. Eventually, you will discover a shortcut that will work for you.

To see how this plays out and to get a tried and proven blueprint for making a lot of money in high ticket sales affiliate marketing, click here. You'll learn the ins and outs of paying your dues while at the same time, getting clued in on one of the most powerful industry shortcuts you will ever learn so you can take your affiliate income to the next level.

Whether you're shooting for $100,000 a year or $500,000 a year, you need to first pay your dues and then start to experiment with shortcuts so you can take things to the next level.


Adrian Praljak

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Adrian Praljak
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