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Brian Ghannam Shares Different Types of Leadership for Success | Atlanta, Georgia

Finding the right leadership style for your business can be tricky but today Brian Ghannam shares different styles you can try out.

By Brian GhannamPublished 10 months ago 3 min read

The practice of motivating individuals to reach a common goal is referred to as leadership. Instead of being based on seniority or strict hierarchy, leadership comes from social influence. Anyone with the necessary skills can be considered a leader. A combination of various leadership qualities, such as creativity, empathy, and vision, characterizes a good leader.

By understanding the various types of leadership positions, one can make themselves a better leader. The results of different leadership techniques can vary, and some people are suited to every style. Understanding the characteristics of each type of leader will allow you to identify areas of weakness and strengths that can be improved.

Democratic Leadership

The goal of democratic leadership is to involve employees in the decision-making process. This approach encourages workers to provide their own suggestions and ideas before the leaders make decisions. It also allows them to participate in the development of new ideas.

Charismatic Leadership

A charismatic leader is known to be highly persuasive and charming. He or she can also build strong personal relationships with their staff members. This type of management can help employees feel motivated and supported by encouraging them to reach their goals.

Transformational Leadership

The goal of a transformational leader is to empower his or her staff members to improve the organization’s efficiency. This type of leadership tends to focus on the bigger picture instead of the daily details of running a company.

Laissez-Faire Leadership

The laissez-faire approach of leadership is also highly effective as it allows employees to perform their assigned duties without being micromanaged, and it can help them develop their self-confidence. This type of leader can successfully hire and retain highly experienced individuals.

Bureaucratic Leadership

The bureaucratic leadership style is commonly used in heavily regulated industries. It focuses more on the organization’s management and each staff member’s assigned tasks and responsibilities. Although this approach is very effective in certain industries, it is not ideal for creative environments.


It is important for leaders to understand the various styles. Understanding these can help you identify the best fit for your company and ensure that your business runs smoothly and successfully.

About Brian Ghannam

Brian Ghannam graduated from Michigan State University with a bachelor’s degree in Packaging Engineering. Brian was a member of the Michigan State Golf Team while in school. His passion for golf has remained with him ever since, and he often can be found hitting the links.

Berlin Packaging was Brian’s first job after graduation. Brian surpassed his sales quota by 47 percent as a sales representative for Chicago and Atlanta, closing almost $2 million in rigid packaging sales. Following this, Brian Ghannam joined MASTECH Digital, a staff enhancement organization, as the National, Account Manager of Enterprise Solutions. Brian continually showed prowess by surpassing sales objectives by 40% while working.

Brian spent several years learning the ins and outs of ERP and SAP as an Account Executive for J.D. Edwards, consolidating inventory management, business analytics, human resources, customer relationship management, supply chain management, and financials. Brian closed over $500K in professional services and outperformed his sales targets by 50%. Brian was also in charge of J.D. Edwards’ launch in the Southeast. Brian Ghannam went on to work at Plaut Sigma Solutions as an experienced SAP ERP reseller, where he closed millions of dollars in sales and exceeded sales objectives. Brian also honed his skills in customizing software for new customers, working directly with C-level executives from discovery through launch.

Brian Ghannam secured agreements in the Southeastern area as a senior ERP sales representative for IFS North America and was among the top 25% of salespeople in the Eastern sales region. Brian Ghannam was crucial in marketing the Enterprise Application Integration package when SUN Microsystems purchased SeeBeyond. Brian pioneered Visiprise’s worldwide alliance with SAP America as Director of Business Development, building and directing the development of a €30 million pipeline in less than a year.


About the Creator

Brian Ghannam

Brian Ghannam attended Michigan State University and received his bachelor's degree in Packaging Engineering. During his time at college, Brian was actively involved in golf & fraternal organizations. He immediately began a career in sales.

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