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Where to Post

Authors of every flavor have one big thing in common. They're all finding that more often than not marketing and promotion is falling on them. For the traditionally published, whether through and small press or a big press, the publisher will often offer some help in that area, but the bulk still falls to the shoulders of the author. Those that are self-published end up with all the responsibility.

With that in mind, authors find some interesting ways to catch readers' attention. The book trailer is one such way for writers to get their work out there. Sometimes the author is video savvy enough to make one on their own and other times they hire someone to do it for them, but still they have to get the trailer out there.

Below you'll find a few of those places you want your book trailer to be.

Author Profiles

There are a number of websites that cater just to authors. Most of these sites will let you upload a video to your profile.

GoodReads : You list your books there and your author profile can have a helpful video to give readers a taste of your story.

AuthorCentral : Amazon will let you publish your books through the KDP site, but they'll also let you claim your books, even if you didn't publish them. As long as your book is sold on Amazon you can claim an author page and upload a video.

Book Trailer Websites

Yes, there are websites out there just for book trailers. There are even a few roku channels. Here are the ones I've found:

TrailerShelf : "Trailershelf is a curated site, dedicated to showcasing premiere book trailers and video advertising specific to book promotion to help readers find good books to read. We want to help you discover your next must-read by giving you a visual and sensory glimpse into the world and story of each book. You can explore our videos by genre, most popular, staff picks, and more." ~ from their FAQ

BookReels : "Characters and their compelling stories leap off the page at BookReels, the web’s leading site for avid readers who want to preview their next book purchase the same way movie lovers preview an upcoming attraction: with trailers!" ~ from their About page

BestSellerTrailers : "Welcome to Bestseller Trailers. We don't ever judge a book by its cover: we judge it by its trailer! Browse our catalogue of the most epic book trailers and find exciting new novels to add to your "to read" pile. Each trailer is rated on a series of factors: points are deducted for spoilers. How does your favorite novel's trailer stack up?" ~ from their website

The Book Trailer Channel : This one is on the roku and I found it through Fiverr. For just $10 your book trailer can be streaming on the TV. Might make a great conversation piece if your mom wants to show off her author daughter/son.

Personal Website and Blog

You hear it over and over, but it's true. A personal websites and/or a blog is really a must have for any author. Along with press releases, book lists and buy links, your website and blog is a great place for any book trailers you've got. Don't want to pay hosting costs just yet? That's okay. There are a few free choices for you until you've set yourself up with something better:

Wix : A free website hosting company that also offers paid options. For those starting out and with a tight budget the free service works great.

Webs : Like Wix, but a different name.

Blogger : Powered by Google, blogger has been around for a while. It's not going to get you a great looking website, but it works for a blog.

WordPress : You can set a WordPress website up to look like a website. So, it doens't have to look like a blog, but it isn't for the first time website manager. Some people have a hard time navigating the inner workings, but it has some great features.

One last piece of advice. YouTube and the other big video sites are great too. You can always load your video up on one of them and find all kinds of readers, but it's nice to spread the word as far as it can go.

Good luck!

Jessie White
Jessie White
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