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Better than Cake

by Sofia Duarte 2 years ago in advice · updated 12 months ago
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Bye, Bye 2020

Changing habits and remaining sane seems to be two different things

The masks aren’t the real problem, the situation is. People try to use TikTok as a saving boat but, usually, it is just a moment of the day. Some challenges could stay away, anything that makes no sense at all and even brings risk to people should leave people’s minds.

Don’t get me wrong, that I like to search for fun stuff on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok. There is a lot of deep and even funny stuff there. But when do we know that we did not cross the line? And how to define that line? We dare to try and forget, and we need to remember it. We live here, not on the internet. We are flesh, no virtual beings. Let’s try and be more natural? All that becomes an obsession is not a good thing. Do you live for virtual proposes, or you can have some ‘no connection’ hours?

Maybe this confinement and virus gave us some kind of time to reorder our priorities. What is important for us? What is our identity? Do we even think, feel and live along the day? Or our lives are simply a masquerade?

We could leave the people’s ignorance, their selfish attitude, in 2020. I’m mad with society here. People tend to get crazier and more selfish. I tend to want to ask forgiveness for all the workers that suffer in the frontline: please do not forget their (our) fight and stay in line.

It seems that society, in general, is completely lost. The lack of care and empathy, the hate, the misinformation, the craziness… They are proliferating. Do we have hope? Can we learn from our errors and start to think anew about everything?

We can’t be all or nothing in life. Life is like the moon, with all that rivers to cross. Stay true to yourself, be compassionate, and learn to be free of assumptions. Today your actions may differ from tomorrow. Enlightenment comes from knowing that we are born and die without certainties. Open the heart, leave behind all the intolerance – I’m trying to.

We have so much that we could leave and 2020, but we have to carry on and stay into this battle against three enemies: Covid-19, ignorance, hate. The big ones of last year that could stay there, quietly.

My outfit for work changed a little since I’m an office worker that has to telework part of the time. Large, warmer, big sweaters! Or even pajamas. Some people remain with their identity, dress code and try to make the day as normal as possible. But others lost their minds. I am not completely lost just because I wear something different, do not worry.

Skype for work became the main way of communicating, a way to be lost in touch. We could get better and try to be more real. I want to leave in 2020 the parenting that leaves only technology in the babies' eyes. We look everywhere, and we need to have something digital – more than ever because of the situation. But, please, take care of yourself and others, remember to do the other stuff: read, find a nice and satisfying hobby, smile more – even with the mask. Smile with your eyes!

I am not a drama queen, not always. But we need to take care of our health, mental and emotional health. Do not hate, do not believe on the internet lies. Try and learn to be happier with the situation that we are in. It isn’t a perfect time, nor bad either.

Be the love, don’t grow within the hate that seems to raise all around the world. I will try not to. Let’s leave intolerance and hate as if it was the fashion of the past!

I hope you liked this reflection of 2020. You can check more poetry or stories on my profile or in the table below.


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