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Best Autoresponders - The Marketers Essential Power Tool

by Gorge Hick 7 months ago in product review
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Marketers Essential tools

I most likely don't need to point out the significance of using one of the best autoresponders in your online business.

Whether you are in Internet Marketing or are promoting your offline business, having an email campaign running can, and most likely will, be the lifeblood of your business.

Locating the best autoresponders service supplier is still critically important if your intent is to make a bunch of money with Internet marketing.

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I have observed that some pundits say that list building and bulk mailing isn't that effective marketing tool any longer because very few people open their emails these days. If that was true finding the best autoresponders on the web would not be all that vital, and developing and using other marketing tools instead would be smarter they say.

While it is factual that some emails do not get opened it is not correct to say that bulk mailing is an archaic marketing method.

Ask any profitable Internet marketer what's the most important asset they have in their business, the one thing they would not abandon and the answer is always the same - they would rather cut of their right arm than do without the very best autoresponders they can lay their hands on, and it is associated email list (database)

Internet marketing continues to be a very young business and it will be here for as long as humans are starving for information, education and coaching. Bulk emailing to a well nurtured prospect and / or customer list is still a very valuable marketing tool when used with respect and care for your leads and customers.

When it comes to the best autoresponders available, 12SC wins, hands down.

Why? I'll tell you.

> The Ease Of Use

When using any kind of online services, the faster and easier it is to navigate and make use of the program the better it is for newbie and experienced alike. Keeping things simple usually turns out for the best in the long run. With it's VERY easy to use interface, this alone makes 12SC the provider of the best autoresponders on the market today.

> The Video Training

12SC presents two choices to conquer the learning curve. You can either use their Internet tutorials in text or in video form. Any and all features of their service are available within the short training videos supplied.

> The 24/7/365 Customer Support

You will not find better support anywhere. You will have support via live chat, email or by phone. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

> The Trackable Results

All the very important statistics of your email list are recorded, and the built-in tracking service can also be used to track any advertising or the URL's of any capture or sales page.

> The Other Included Marketing Services

One of the things most responder suppliers never tell you is that possessing an auto responder one is only part, a small part, of your indispensable marketing mix.

You need the best autoresponders, yes, but you also need a convenient way to marry them up with a capture page builder and other essential marketing services. In all cases other than 12SC you would have to make use of another supplier, at a greater expenditure and inconvenience, to build your capture pages.

With 12SC a simple to use but extremely efficient page builder is incorporated in your account, as is a full and wide-ranging ad and url tracking service and six other services all marketers must have to be successful.

And all supplied at an inclusive cost that's less than other responder suppliers, and well below the cost of purchasing all these services separately.

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