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Beliefs Enhance The Value of Life

There was a girl, two years older than me, who worked as a secretary in an engineering company.

By BobbyPublished 7 months ago 5 min read
Beliefs Enhance The Value of Life
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  There was a girl, two years older than me, who worked as a secretary in an engineering company.

  Everyone knows that there is no technical content in secretarial work. Every day is roughly answering the phone, sending and receiving faxes, printing and copying some documents, then serving tea and water, carrying bags for the leaders

  This girl also likes words, and occasionally writes some articles. When she met me through a friend, she acted enthusiastically and often sent me emails, hoping I could help her with her writing career.

  "Even if you don't want to pay for the writing. I hope to switch careers soon." At the time, her desire seemed urgent. Because she seemed to have realized that secretary was not a promising career, especially in such a small company, and besides, she did not have any professional background, she did not have the slightest confidence in her career advancement.

  So, I told her some writing methods and encouraged her to take her time. Soon, I saw what she had written. Because it was the first time to write a book manuscript, of course the result was not satisfactory.

  I told her how she should revise it. She nodded her head and said yes.

  But unfortunately, next, she was so busy with her job that she rarely had time to write. Until now, a year later, she is still in her original position, doing the same thing. Occasionally very busy, occasionally very idle. The unfinished book manuscript has also been put aside.

  Perhaps when she got into writing, she found that it wasn't as easy as she thought it would be. A single book manuscript defeated her. She had an excuse not to keep writing anymore because sometimes she was really busy because she didn't have any experience in publishing and writing a book was too difficult for her. Therefore, she still does trivial things that have long bored her and have no future. The confusion of a year ago never let her get rid of it.

  She didn't have the courage to quit her job and focus on writing. With no confidence in her job, she took up a second career for three days and hoped to get a change of career. When she felt that secretarial work, though not promising, was indeed easy, she again felt no confidence in writing and lost the fighting spirit she started with.

  It is hard to imagine when she finally switched from being a secretary to being an author. Perhaps, three, ten, or twenty years later, when all her enthusiasm is worn out by trivial chores, when she looks old and her boss dismisses her, she will think of switching careers again.

  A person who does not have faith, or does not adhere to a faith, can only live a mediocre life; while a person who adheres to his faith will never be knocked down by difficulties. Because the power of faith is amazing, it can change the poor status quo and form an incredibly happy ending.

  With Harry Potter taking the world by storm, its author and screenwriter J.K. Rowling became the richest woman in England, with more wealth than even the Queen of England. She had a history of poverty and desperation, and her success lies precisely in her persistence in her beliefs.

  From an early age, Rowling loved English literature, writing, and storytelling, and she never gave up. In college, she majored in French. After graduation, she went to Portugal alone, where she then fell in love with a local journalist and got married.

  Unfortunately, the marriage came and went quickly. After the marriage, her husband's true nature was revealed when he beat her and kicked her out of the house despite her pleas.

  Soon after, Lorraine returned to England with her 3-month-old daughter Jessica, living in a small unheated apartment in Edinburgh.

  With her husband gone, her job gone, no place to live, no money, and a baby daughter to feed, Lorraine became destitute. She had to live on welfare, often with her daughter fed and her hungry.

  However, her family and career failures did not discourage her from writing, and in her own words, "Perhaps it was to fulfill a dream she had had for years, perhaps it was to get rid of her unhappiness, and perhaps it was to tell her daughter the stories she made up every night." She kept writing and writing all day long, and sometimes she even stayed in a cafe all day to save money and electricity.

  Thus, amidst her daughter's cries, her first Harry Potter book was born and created a publishing miracle. Her work was translated into 35 languages and released in 115 countries and regions, causing a worldwide sensation.

  Rowling never strayed far from her beliefs and won back great fortunes with her intelligence and persistence. Even though her life was difficult, she was convinced that one day she would reach the pinnacle of her career.

  Everyone hopes to one day soar to the top of the ladder and enjoy the fruitfulness that comes with it. Unfortunately, people often can not hold on to their beliefs. Always feel that the top is so unreachable, imagine it is enough.

  I remember when I was in college, there was a boy in my class who played the guitar very well. He often joked that he would be happy if he did a vagabond singer after graduation.

  Only, after graduation, his father quickly found him a temporary job to avoid him suffering from finding a job, which he accepted. Soon, when his classmates were struggling to make a living for themselves, he got married and had a child.

  At the party, his classmates jokingly told him that there was one less good vagabond singer on the street. In response, he only had a bitter smile. Perhaps he was just talking at first, when he came into real life, he found it so difficult to achieve his ideal.

  There are many people who are not willing to be ordinary all their lives but are unable to change the ordinary. This is how sad it is in life.


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