Behind the Scenes

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Scratching the Surface of the Modeling Industry

Behind the Scenes

You open instagram and are bombarded with photos of beautiful young models walking for your favorite designer, posing on the cover of your favorite magazine, enjoying exotic island excursions and you can't help but to envy their lifestyles. With more and more brands being more inclusive with the models they use for their campaigns, following in the footsteps of these successful models seems only an arms reach away. Although this growing inclusiveness is a great step towards representing a broader range of people, the modeling industry is still extremely competitive and it isn't easy.

The successful models you see on social media have worked diligently for their lifestyles and have a passion for their work. It is a competitive and time consuming industry; an industry many aren't suited for.

It can be spontaneous.

Things pop up out of nowhere and models have to be prepared to run over to a casting or booking in short notice. Not only do they need to be prepared for this, but also to spend hours at said bookings as these jobs can take up a large amount of time. This can be especially challenging for beginner models who may be juggling multiple jobs already.

It requires a healthy lifestyle.

While health should be a priority in the lives of all people, many find it hard to make time to be active, eat healthy meals and get a full night of sleep. Models need to always be practicing these things so that they can maintain a healthy and youthful appearance and feel their best since their work hours are long.

There is lots of rejection.

Casting director's jobs are to find the best model for the job at hand. Since there are lots of models all striving for few spots, it isn't uncommon to be denied the job. It isn't personal and models can't let it negatively impact their motivation and self esteem, otherwise they will hinder their own growth!


Practice, practice, practice. These models were not born knowing how to strut on a runway or pose in front of a camera. While many people think these things are easy to master, it truly takes skill to perfect these techniques and stand out during a casting. There are so many components to modeling, and there is always room to learn and improve.

Success takes time.

Success won't be handed to you. With such high competition, it takes lots of practice and networking to slowly climb the ladder of success. Models need to show determination, responsibility and a positive attitude to gain rapport with other people in the industry. This helps models land more jobs! It can be a referral based business in many cases and can take YEARS to make it to the top.

When you see photos of models and envy their luxuries, remember that they worked hard to provide for their lifestyles! When you are wanting to become successful by following in their footsteps, consider the parts of their lives that you DON'T see. If you're serious about modeling, respect the process, hardships and skill that it took these models to make it in the business and be prepared for a challenging, yet rewarding journey!

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