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Barista - It's More Than Just A Job

Do your job make an impact on the world? Well mine certainly does.

By Rebecca SmithPublished 3 years ago Updated 3 years ago 3 min read

When you think of jobs that make an impact on the world, you probably wouldn’t even consider a Barista. Honestly, think about it. Top choices are usually doctors, teachers, scientists, etc. But I’m a part time barista and I believe, no, I know, that we have a massive impact on the world.

How? Well…

How many times have you heard people say that they can’t function without their morning coffee? How many times have you heard ‘oh, I need my tea first thing - a good cup of tea sets up the whole day.’? Well, us Baristas are here for you from 5am till late. And being public facing, we always need to have a smile on our faces, to make sure you have a good day. Which sometimes, can be tough, but this isn’t a rant from a barista, but if you wanted to read one, check one out here.

James Hoffmann of Square Mile Coffee Roasters described “I think the barista holds an incredibly important role, but one that we misjudged the balance of because their role is twofold (…) One aspect is to prepare coffee and to translate the hard work of everyone else in the chain into an enjoyable and valuable experience. This is about skill, practice and understanding of preparation techniques. But, the other role of a barista is as a salesperson, consultant, host, and curator of experience. That is about customer service.”

So, the impact we make on the world? Well firstly, on a personal level, we bring people joy in the mornings. A friendly face with a cup of heaven; even on the coldest winters day. I don’t think people appreciate that moment enough - the first sip of your favourite beverage in the morning. Or even after a hard day. There’s something beautifully communal about grabbing a coffee - whether it’s to drink in or take away. I’ve worked for big chains and independent cafes, and the smaller ones definitely have a better feel to them. We get to know our customers and their orders. If you have a barista who knows your order, then you’ll understand what I mean. It’s such a lovely feeling. I’ve had customers tell me that when I remember their order, it makes them feel special. That really made me smile. It’s a win-win. And given everything we’ve all had to go through in recent years, we need to find the happiness in the small things.

Also, and this really pulled on my heart strings, I’ve been told many times, that we are the only interaction that some people get. Especially the elderly. I have a couple of very chatty, older customers. And a couple of them have told me their routine for going out, to which the cafe, is their final stop, before heading home and not leaving the house for another week. No one calls them, except for birthdays and Christmas. So, I always make that extra effort with certain customers.

Now, secondly, on a global scale, we make an impact at the cafe I currently work at, because our coffee is locally sourced, sustainable and cruelty free (both humans and animals). We buy from a company that grow and roast their own beans, and because they’re local, we don’t really produce much of a carbon footprint. And that is another reason why I will always advocate small cafes; rather than massive company chains. We even have plastic-free tea bags. In a recent study, scientists found that just one tea bag containing plastic, releases 11.6 billion microplastics and 3.1 billion nano plastics. In ONE tea bag. You can imagine how many cups of tea we sell in the average week. So we are plastic free when it comes to virtually everything (of course, we still have some ways to go, but we’re getting there).

I’m fortunate to be in a job, that brings people joy and makes a difference to both the people who visit us, and the planet that we are part of. So, next time you visit your local café and grab a drink, give us a smile. And know that you are helping us to make a massive impact on the world. There’s more to your cup of coffee than you realise.


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