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Bamboo, The Highest Level of Grass

Bamboo has no flowers, but it is always green in spring, summer, autumn, and winter; bamboo has nodes, and the nodes are empty, holding an empty heart to see the smoke and clouds of the earthly world

By BobbyPublished 9 months ago 4 min read

Bamboo has no flowers, but it is always green in spring, summer, autumn, and winter; bamboo has nodes, and the nodes are empty, holding an empty heart to see the smoke and clouds of the earthly world, Joan's dream, and the brilliance of the flowers, no need to be high in quality, and I have the clear bones and temperament to laugh alone in the wind. Rooted in the barren or fertile mountains and wilderness, not charming and not demonic, full of verdant and frankly standing between heaven and earth.

As the poem goes, "I would rather eat without meat than live without bamboo", the mountain breeze through the forest, the murmur of the limpid sound of the silk and bamboo, such as the sound of the sky, the koto around the wind, hear it all make people's ears clear and clean, with the quiet elegance of the bamboo residence, the moon shadow sparse Xiaoxiang bamboo, clear lamp autumn smoke step moss, incense and jade broken who to accompany?

The courtyard flowers are falling Dixie autumn cold, such a quiet night, the window of the woman standing against the wind, gently open red lips will be a bamboo flute blowing like intoxication. The flowers in the courtyard are falling, and only the bamboo in front of the window brushes against the moon's shadow.


  The rhyme floats away, and the soul is secretly dispelled. You can also have a pot of wine under the moon in the woods, invite three or two friends, talk about the past and the present, and talk about the past and the present with a pen, ink, paper, and inkstone. Although it is a humble room with a bamboo door, it is the only place where I can get a taste. Life is like this, isn't it wonderful!

There are also poems: "bamboo staff man shoes lighter than horses, a rain and smoke any life", walking on the road, the crisp sound of the bamboo staff beat the green hills Weishui, glittering stories fast rivers and lakes, singing the echoes of the end of the world, the sweat on the face, the foothills underfoot, such as the mountains as small as wide as the sky.

Solo fishing cold mountain snow, so that people can not help but think of an idle old man like a wild crane, draped in a straw raincoat holding a cold rod, in the mountains and fields of the glacier rivers without hook fishing, any life smoke and rain scattered. The benevolent man is happy with the mountains, the wise man is happy with the water. I am only happy with the calmness of bamboo, proud not to compete with the spring, like the grass of the empty state of mind.

I think the main reason why bamboo is that it has a bamboo heart. It is often said that a good or bad life is determined by one's state of mind! I think such a statement is very reasonable: because too often, it is indeed the mindset that determines our fate.

The days are always passing by in an uneventful manner, as light as plain water. I often lie in bed before going to bed and ask my mind, "Is this the way to go through life?

 I remember a famous saying: "Often what makes you tired is not the mountain in front of you, but a grain of sand in your shoes". Since we are born with an objective environment that cannot be changed, our complaints cannot solve the problem. Just like bamboo, although it grows in the same environment as grass, never complained that he is grass, and is never angry at the surrounding grass, he is smart to pull himself up, the grass of the short and long can not help him, he held a heart of energy straight to the clouds. When he and Lantian white clouds and green mountain birds close dialogue, the grass around him who can not be a sidelong glance, skimming, cold eyes, ridicule. He melted in the grass, but above the grass, he is the wisest bamboo, is the highest ideal of grass ...... it did not make any complaints about the environment, but it still grew into a beautiful tall bamboo, because it has a bamboo essence, and we have to do is to let ourselves cultivate the quality of bamboo.

If you are not willing to be just an ordinary grass, then you have to stop the unnecessary complaints and dissatisfaction, and start by cultivating a bamboo heart. Don't be afraid to be buried in the grass around you, as long as you have the beautiful dream of bamboo in your heart, you will get a good life!


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