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B2B List Building

Whether you enjoy the process of email marketing or see it as a necessary evil. Email Marketing is here to stay, so how to work around some perplexing obstacles?

By Jen JaxxPublished 11 months ago 4 min read
B2B List Building
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Technical Obstacles

Technically, the biggest challenge is gaining contacts from cold emailing. It is not easy to gain the trust of complete strangers, anymore, but worse still, most third party email marketing services want contacts to be twice validated before being included in an email marketing campaign they mail out for you.

You don't have to be a scammer to be made to feel like one. The obvious workaround in this instance is to start small and do it yourself. At least until you have a minimum of 300 twice validated subscribers to begin with.

The first DIY concerns are:

  1. IP Reputation- (Talos Cisco) Checking your reputation before you begin email marketing will let you know if your IP address is in good standing or not, it will also let you know if you are listed on any of the block listed websites. Being block listed is an automatic flag, especially if your email has other triggering elements in the text or body. This can happen from actual complaints or from a series of technical misadventures that you didn't even know existed. In most cases, there is someone you can contact to request removal and begin cleaning things up before it gets out of hand.
  2. Email Warming (usually only free for Gmail) this allows you to keep an email marketing, email account active even when you are not launching campaigns. This process will disarm SPAM filters and prevent your email address from being flagged and potentially blocked when you do launch an email marketing campaign.
  3. Deliverability - many services will give you a free review, so you know what technical areas need to work in order to ensure the maximum number of emails reach your prospect's inbox.(Glockapps/

Creative Obstacles

Visibility, obvious as it may seem, creating your visible presence online is a construction project. Building a website or webpage that best expresses, your commitment to stability, transparency, and quality while attracting customers is an obstacle that we all have to take seriously. Assume no one knows you, has heard of you, or wants to trust you, and build your platform from there with this in mind.

"Constantly Converting" is my mantra, and I recommend it.

Audibility, this is perhaps less obvious, but getting the ear of your prospect is the next obstacle. This means fine-tuning the tone of your contacting efforts to not only identify the problem your product or service solves, but finding the audience that is having this particular problem and reaching out to them directly.

Association, is the third and final obstacle to converting a prospect. Essentially, when your prospect can see what you are offering and hear that you understand a little about their challenges or concerns, they will start finding value in your business on their own.

So they have seen, they have heard, and they realize what you are offering. Now, they can comfortably decide if they want to buy, and you can comfortably categorize this prospect and their qualifications, as well.

Pragmatic Obstacles

In order to build your B2B list, you must know your qualified professional prospects (business or industry) and how to locate them online. You also need to know the actual value of your product or service in the real world.

You need to know these things in order to connect the three types of building blocks you will use to grow your brand affordably and steadily.

The three types of qualified prospects you will always be managing are the as follows:

  1. The prospects that find your website, page, blog, or social media posts. The prospects that your visual presence has organically attracted and that your product or service meet an immediate demand for.
  2. The prospects that have heard your message. These prospects didn't seek you out, but because you have been persistently promoting your business and trying to connect with your target audience, they have discovered or become aware of what you are trying to do, and they approve. They may not buy right away because there isn't a need, but they want to be on your list, and they want to keep up with your company.
  3. The prospects you had to generate an association with by locating their industry, finding their personal contact, and literally pursuing them with your personalized cold email strategies.

Thank you for reading, please follow or subscribe. See the links below for more tips and tricks.

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