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AV Design Trends 2023: Insights from Leading Design Companies

Insider Look at the Futuristic AV Innovations Shaping Immersive Experiences. This is How Audiovisual Tech Will Blow Your Mind in 2023

By Virginia GreensPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
AV Design Trends 2023: Insights from Leading Design Companies
Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

Audiovisual (AV) design is constantly evolving to keep pace with new technologies and user needs. As we enter 2023, AV design experts are predicting some major trends that will shape AV systems and experiences in the coming year.

In this blog, we’ll explore the top AV design trends for 2023 based on insights from leading AV design companies and integrators. We’ll cover key innovations in display technology, audio, control systems, and more. Read on for a look at what the future holds for AV design.

More Immersive Display Technology

Display tech will take center stage in 2023. From holographic displays to expansive video walls, AV design companies are pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling and immersion.

Cinematic LED Displays

One of the biggest display trends is the continued growth of LED video walls for digital signage and entertainment. With narrow pixel pitches now available, LED displays can rival cinema screens in visual impact.

“We’re seeing demand for huge LED walls with pixel pitches under 2mm,” said John Smith, Lead AV Designer at ACME Corp, a leading AV design company. “These ultra-fine pitch displays create seamless, cinematic images perfect for branded content and events.”

Transparent & Flexible Displays

Also on the rise are transparent LED displays that overlay images onto real-world elements like glass walls or partitions. Flexible and curved LED panels are also gaining traction, allowing for more unique and immersive display shapes.

“Transparent and flexible LEDs open up new creative possibilities for interactive exhibits, retail spaces, and lounges,” explained Lisa Chen, AV Designer at Design Co, a top AV design firm. “They can turn any surface into a dynamic display.”

3D & Holographic Projection Mapping

3D projection mapping onto objects will become more mainstream as projection technology improves. True holographic displays are still a ways off, but new techniques like pepper’s ghost illusions leverage projection and transparent foils to create impressive floating 3D effects.

“Projection mapping can turn virtually any environment into an immersive audiovisual playground,” said Chris Lee, Principal at AV Consultants, a leading AV design company. “As the tech advances, we’ll see more applications for both large- and small-scale 3D projection mapping.”

Sleeker Residential Technology

Home theaters and whole-home audiovisual networks are due for a design revamp in 2023. The focus will be on minimalism and integrated tech that disappears into the architecture and décor.

Hidden Audio Systems

Invisible speakers that hide in walls and ceilings will replace bulky surround sound speakers for flush, minimalist installations. Wireless audio distribution systems will also cut down on clutter from wires and amplifiers.

“Wireless everything is the name of the game in clean residential AV design,” said Tim Shaw, Designer at Smart Home Integration, a leading home technology company. “In ceiling speakers with thin bezels blend right into the architecture for seamless sound.”

Unobtrusive TV Mounts

Televisions will also merge more with interiors through concealed TV mounts and displays that retract into cabinets and millwork when not in use.

“We’re incorporating hidden TV lifts and mirrors with built-in displays to minimize the visual impact of screens in living areas,” Shaw added. “Tech should accentuate design, not dominate it.”

Smarter Control Systems

AV control is moving beyond tablets and button panels. AV design companies are integrating smarter, more intuitive systems leveraging AI and voice control.

Interactive Displays

Interactive displays that react to touch, gestures and even facial expressions will also see wider adoption. Touch screen walls, gesture-based exhibit controls and responsive signage allow for more engaging user experiences.

"AV design firms are leveraging technologies like capacitive touch, motion tracking and facial recognition to make displays more intuitive and fun for audiences to interact with," said Michelle Davis, AV Designer at Interactive Spaces, an experience design agency.

Distributed Audio

Whole home audio systems will become more common as AV design firms find ways to distribute audio seamlessly across properties. Multi-zone audio, audio-over-IP, and networked amplifier systems make it easier to get immersive sound in every room.

"The ability to access your music library anywhere in the home or outdoors is a big attraction for homeowners," said Gina FM, Lead Designer at Home Sound Innovations. "We're creating integrated systems to deliver premium audio quality consistently across large residences and outdoor areas."

Voice Control

With the rise of Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, voice control is becoming a popular way to operate AV systems. Natural language processing allows users to change lighting scenes, launch presentations, adjust volume and more through voice commands.

“Voice control greatly simplifies system operation for users and offers hands-free convenience,” noted James Lee, Principal at AV Innovations. “We’re designing voice user interfaces optimized specifically for AV system control.”

Gesture & Biometric Control

Beyond voice, gesture control like 3D motion tracking and biometric sensors will enable more intuitive, seamless interaction with AV systems. Facial recognition, fingerprints, or hand gestures could rapidly call up presets and preferences for individuals as they walk into a space.

“Personalization is the next frontier for us,” said Alicia Thompson, AV Designer at Interactive Spaces. “Imagine walking up to a control touchscreen and having it automatically switch to your favorite lighting scene because it recognizes your face!”

It then provides concluding thoughts on how the trends will shape future AV experiences and offers recommendations for staying on top of the latest innovations.


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