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Attitude of Gratitude

A letter of Gratitude to our Everyday heroes

Attitude of Gratitude
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Dear Unsung Heroes,

I bet you are wondering what "Captain Planet and the Planeteers cartoon has to do with you. Well as a kid one of my fondest memories was racing home from school in the afternoons to catch a episode of "Captain Planet and the Planeteers." They were a diverse team who were able to combine their powers to summon an elemental warrior that takes on the appearance of superhero Captain Planet. Together they worked to defend Earth from pollution and bad people. An abstract example but I feel like it correlates to you, our modern day Heroes.

Every day you are the ones who play such a vital role in saving our planet and keeping our normal lives going. You hold a special skills, various talents and roles that greatly effect the function of my every day life. I didn't realize until now how much impact you have had on my life. From the post man delivering packages to my love ones to the person who stocks the shelves at the supermarket so that I can find what I need. Yes you are my hero. I was more than excited at the chance to enter this challenges and be reminded of our Everyday heroes who show up for us now when we need it the most. In every corner of the world there are unsung heroes who freely give of their time, sometimes for no compensation. Some who just want to help their fellow man, woman and child. I am in awe of the bravery and selfness in the middle of such a pandemic.

It really hits close to home the true extent of the passion and drive people have to help people. My sister is medical personel at the heart of this pandemic. Facing death every day, risking it all fearlessly to give another person a better chance for tomorrow. Every day I am amazed and humbled by your efforts. However, I feel she is among many others who are just simply under appreciated. Not so much consideration it taken into account of the pure strength and courage it takes to go out everyday in these current circumstances. To face the danger head on. I must admit that I have been previously too busy or unaware to give you the full appeciation and respect that you deserve. My life could not function with out most of you. So with us all quarantined, doing our part in safety, I think its great we can simply adapt an attitude of gratitude for you doing what you do and why not express it too? I have experienced in the past when ever people see a uniformed Navy, Army or Airforce personal the say " Thank you for your service." I imagine if we just showed a fraction of that same courtesy to all of our heroes today it would make a world of difference. No matter who you are or where you are in life everyone likes to know they are appreciated. It just feels good to pay it forward with an attitude of gratitude to those that are a pivotal part of our lives weather we realise it or not. So I want to the time to write the biggest shout out to say " I APPRECIATE All OF YOU EVERYDAY HEROES." I think a little acknowledgement goes a long way. So I am elated to take the time to say THANK YOU to those that really make the world go round. I am so grateful this is a wonderful opportunity to spotlight all you wonderful humans that show up for us now in a time when we need it the most.

This challenge has inspired me so greatly that I will to take this into practice in my day to day life. Every time I go to the Supermarket, the Bank, or any place where there resides an every day hero. Those who risk their lives around the planet to give us a better life. I will acknowledge your fantastic efforts. Forgive me because I have previously taken you for granted. Every day you stake your claim for people unware of their name in most cases. For some lucky ones, life is just a game however for you that is not the case. Each day you sacrifice your life for strangers that don't even your name either. Most people including myself tend to care about ourselves. We so easily complain about our own struggles without taking yours into account. To most you are "just the cashier" in the check out lane or "just the nurse" at the front desk. Though you are so much more than that! You are an essential part of my everyday well being. Not only that You are a critical link in life's assembly chain. I know it can be rough and people can be tough. Yet you still are treating people with fairness and kindness even when it is not necessary or deserved. I have tremendous respect for how you continuously show up for the call of duty. I admire your tenacity that keeps pushing you through to perform those seemingly mundane task.

I just want to say I can't thank you enough for your service especially in these recent times. I don't have a clue what it takes to be you but I'm so grateful for everything you do. I hope and pray that you will be protected and healthy through and through. Just in case nobody has ever told you, I wish you well in every way. I appreciate the way when you greet me everyday with a smile as you work every day. Even though today's smiles are a bit masked I still appreciate the spirit and joy you take in your job. I appreciate the pride you have in yourself and how much you really care about doing a good job and how it affects the people around you. They say you don't know what you have until it is gone but I'm so glad you're still here safe and sound. I'm grateful I get to express my gratitude that is probably way past due.

Many of us previously took for granted that any day is a great day to be alive above the ground. With the current state of our world it has allowed us the opportunity reflect on what is important and who is important as well. You are Important to my every day life and you contribute to my happiness, my well being as wel as many others. Especially those who love you and you get to go home to each day . If you have no one, know that you are never alone, there is someone who cares as well as appreciates your effort and talent. I acknowledge you unsung Hero. I am someone who is saying I salute you and my hat off to you for the courage and strength it takes for you each day to get up and go. Lastly thank you for being such tremendous addition to everyday life functionality in this time of abnormality. From this day forward I promise to be better. That ever time I will make an effort to say hello, thank you or even chat about the weather. So maybe now you can see, how relevant an old cartoon can be and what a hero you are to me.


A grateful citizen.

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Judah Moore
Judah Moore
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