As The Covid-19 World Turns

The Heroes that Saved America during the Coronavirus Pandemic

As The Covid-19 World Turns
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As I began this writing a somber mood descended upon me. Sorry to say this, but thoughts of what has become of our world, life and livelihoods send emotional chills through my brain waves. As I reflect what has happened to our friends and family members who are on the frontline of the ongoing battle against Covid-19 pandemic, one realizes how not to take any job for granted.

These lower paid jobs and workers are often taken for granted but they have proved beyond any reasonable doubt that America depends of them for economic survival. The importance and significance of the lower paid frontline worker may never be overstated.

This writing is devoted to the frontline worker whose endurance, devotion and selfless service has helped America survive this human and economic disaster caused by the Coronavirus Pandemic. Since I have neither gold nor silver to give I can only give and dedicate this little piece of writing to the brave souls, the men and women that made it possible for us to survive as we hibernated during the strange times of COVID-19 era.

Nurses, Doctors, Medical Technicians and all Emergency Services Personnel

We thank all of you in the medical services sector, the Nurses, Doctors, Medical Technicians and Medical Transportation Services all across the breadth and spectrum of this great nation. You provided critical work to the country and we thank you for your selfless services to the nation. The trauma that all of you endured working in such depressing environment defined by death, agony, sorrow and witnessing people die almost every 3 minutes in some hospitals at the height of coronavirus pandemic is unimaginable.

To even understand the circumstances under which most of you operated without appropriate PPE equipment and yet you carried on with your jobs, is highly commendable. Yes majority of your patients survived through your hard work, indeed you guys are frontline heroes and America is indebted to your bravery and generosity.

I have a friend in New York considered the epicenter of Coronavirus pandemic in the United States, who described to me what his wife goes through day in and day out in the course of performing her nursing work in a New York hospital. Yes his wife is a brave soul at work, my friend tells me what she goes through when she returns home. She goes into a room and locks the door and starts crying.

The couple has two young kids, and they come to him asking him why their mummy is crying everyday she returns from work? He tells the kids she is tired just to keep the real reason away from them. Some of the nurses in New York Hospitals witness deaths of 10 people or more every day during the peak of the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Grocery workers, Shelf Stockers , and Cashiers

What about the grocery workers, shelf stockers, and cashiers that made it possible for people to buy food for their families, we all say thank you. Some of you worked without PPE availability. Considering your willingness to do such critical work and putting your health in danger while being paid minimum wages of about $10 per hour or less says a lot about your bravery and kindness to help mankind overcome this dangerous disease. Most of you knew the magnitude of the risk of contracting Coronavirus and possibly and unwillingly sharing it with your family members at home yet you continued to serve mankind to the best of your ability, you are all Frontline heroes.

The Truck drivers, Bus Drivers, and Mass Transit Train Operators

These frontline workers in the Transportation sector made very important contribution through their work by making sure that trucks, busses and trains were all available during the Coronavirus pandemic to render their important work. The critical service from Truck Drivers for instance, assisted in making sure that food products and other essential commodities are available in the stores. America owes all of you in the Transportation Services for your work which is often taken for granted.

I was once in a Wal-Mart store at the height of the Coronavirus Pandemic and saw two women struggling to grab the last toilet paper on the shelf. The situation could have gotten worse without the intervention of a grocery worker, who came to the scene and assured the two ladies, that a delivery truck has just arrived with more supplies, which they will put up on the shelves overnight. This calmed everyone down once they realized that toilet rolls and tissue paper would be available on the shelves overnight.

The Restaurant Food Delivery Personnel

Restaurant food delivery people proved their worth during the coronavirus pandemic. Most Restaurants closed their inside services, and the only way to buy food is through the drive- thru window or by having your food delivered at home. So the delivery personnel took care of food delivery to starving family members at their homes. What a great and convenient service and America thank all of you for your service.

Police, Fire and other Emergency Services Personnel

The Police and Fire and other emergency service personnel are also frontline workers who continued to take calls and respond to where they are needed in a timely manner. America is grateful for your services

Special Shout out to Minorities

I want to extend special shout out and thanks to minorities, African Americans, Hispanics, and all other minorities in the United States who have shown America the value of the work they provide. Unfortunately the minorities had a disproportionate number of infections and deaths among their population partly because of the nature of their frontline work. Yes America has persevered and survived because of all of you frontline workers.

To all those who died of Coronavirus disease may God grant your souls eternal peace!

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