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As I Lay Dying and David Copperfield Book Reviews

by Mehedi Hasan Shawon 4 months ago in book review
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The two great books review

As I Lay Dying and David Copperfield Book Reviews
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Book reviews

The famous American author William Faulkner wrote the novel "As I Lay Dying". The novel was published in 1930. This is Faulkner's fifth novel. One of the best novels of the twentieth century.

The novel is narrated in 59 chapters and 15 characters. The story of the death of the main character Eddie Bundren and his poverty, the motivation of the rural family, etc. are revealed.

At the beginning of the novel, Adi is shown alive but ill. Everyone thinks that Eddie will not live long, he will die very soon. She sits by the window and sees her first son Cash making a coffin for her.

Some notable characters in the novel

Eddie Bundren

Ans's wife is Eddie Bundren. She is the mother of Jewel, Darl, Cash, Dewey Dale, and Vardaman.

Cash Bundren - This is the son of a poor family Eddie is his mother. When he was twenty or so, he made coffins for Eddie. Throughout the novel, there is a resemblance to his tools.

Darl Bundren - This is Addy's second son. She is about 2 years younger than her older brother Darl This is the most obvious character in the novel Out of 59 chapters, his words are described in 19 chapters.

David Copperfield Book Review

By Ben White on Unsplash

The eighth novel by Charles Dickens is "David Copperfield''. He has a big name in this novel and the name is, the full title of the book is The Personal History.

Adventures, Experience, and Observation of David Copperfield, The Younger of Blunderstone Rookie. The book was first published in 1850.

Many of Dickens's novels were published in serialized journals. The novel was also published in a series a year before it was published. Dickens recounts many events from his own life in writing the novel. So it can be called an autobiographical novel.

During the 18th edition, Dickens wrote on the front page that many loving parents have a beloved child. Similarly, my child's name is David Copperfield.

The novel tells the story of David Copperfield growing up as a child. David Copperfield was born in 1820 in Blanderston, near Great Yarmouth in Norfolk County, England. David was 6 years old when his mother married Mr. Edward Mardstone.

David's mother and his sister also lived in the same house as Maidstone. If he did not do well in his studies, Mr. Mardstone would beat David. Once he was beaten, he was bitten by David. David was then sent to a boarding school called Salem Highs

Mr. Crickle was the headmaster of this school. He was a man of very strict temperament. It was at this school that the two boys became friends with David. They are Tommy Treadles and Steerforth. David's two friends play important roles in the novel.

On vacation, David went home and saw that his mother had a son. But one day when she returned to the boarding school, she found out that her mother and child had both died. Upon hearing the news, David hurried back home.

Mr. Mardstone sent David to work in a factory in London. The joint owner of the factory was Mr. Mardstone. Dickens worked in this factory. So he mentions the memory of this factory in the novel.

David walks from London to Dover There he finds one of his father's fupi. Despite his father's objections, David finds refuge there. There it was renamed, "Trotwood Copperfield" or "Trott" for short.

David grew up there slowly. During this time different characters appeared in the novel. Notable among these are David's mother's ex-maid Pegotti and her family. 'Little Emily' also comes with them. David likes the girl from a young age.

So, I would highly recommend you to read these books. These books are very popular to all book lovers.

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