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A Woman Is Like A Song

Women such as water, soft and delicate; women such as tea, long-lasting fragrance; women such as books, pleasing to the eye; women such as songs, whispering, and singing.

By BobbyPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
A Woman Is Like A Song
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  Women such as water, soft and delicate; women such as tea, long-lasting fragrance; women such as books, pleasing to the eye; women such as songs, whispering, and singing.

  Good woman, like a song.

  Gentle and sensual woman, such as a beautiful song, such a woman at home, the home will be decorated warm and romantic, spotless. Then holding an emotional magazine, hiding in a corner of the sofa, quietly enjoying; will also hold a cup of tea in their spare time sitting next to the computer to write their mood stories. In a classic song "Small Town Story", no matter when you appreciate her, whether you are watching from afar or up close, such women always give a sense of beauty.

  Career-oriented women, such as a "resounding rose", are always the wind and fire, speak loudly, and work thunderously, is a woman. Such women, mature and strong beauty, is a model of independent women, they do not rely on men, everything is their own decision, in the occasional vulnerable time, disappointment, they will be like men singing "start again", and then sleep, all the confusion swept away. Such a woman is what I admire, but also today's men are looking for a good independent personality of one the women.

  Soft and beautiful women, kindness, and sentimentalism are their common nature. Often see things hurt, the little things will also be another they weep, as in the dream of the Red Chamber Lin Daiyu. Likewise, they are also lovable, is the beauty of the bird, they are a poignant, moving love song, as the theme song of the Dream of the Red Chamber "in vain". Such a woman, for a "try to see the spring flowers are falling, is the red-headed old death" will be crying tears. When you get along with her, you will fully mobilize the body's testosterone, so that you can look back on it, you will pity so that people love to put it down, it is "just under the eyebrows but on the heart".

  Passionate and spirited women, at any time like leaping fire, their vitality, nothing will defeat them, in the emotions, they can afford to let go, there is a "here not to stay milk, have to stay milk place" the brash gas. But in each relationship they will be fully committed, they are in love like fire burning, but when a relationship is frustrated, they will quickly escape, put out the fire, hiding in the corner to lick their wounds, after healing, and then a new posture in our vision. Such women are like Zhang Hui-mei's "Fire", paying for the passion, they follow the feeling. As long as they feel right, they will do, such women, dare to do, dare to love, dare to hate, absolutely will not say the word "regret" at any time. Such a woman uses a word to describe the words, that is "true".

  There is also such a woman, gentle and virtuous. They do not have hot body, no pretty face; she does not have any earth-shattering experience, and there is no great ability. But as long as they are around, you have the feeling of security, look at her, there is a comfortable feeling. Such women will get up in the morning and set breakfast on the table, and then watch their beloved eat them all; they will iron their family's clothes in the afternoon sun, humming "Woman's Flower" and enjoy the pleasures of home alone. Some people say that they are women without independent personalities, they may be a great woman behind a successful man, or perhaps a great mother behind which children. Such women, on the outside, the eternal title is so-and-so's wife or so-and-so's mother, but they are so ordinary, and have been so ordinary, they do not seek the glory of the halo, only their loved ones to do something, their children to excel. Such a "mother", or a "wife" is the portrait of such women. Such women make people feel warm in their hearts when they think of them.

  Every woman is a good song, a song that makes people recall. The more the "woman's flower" lasts, the more it is worth remembering. No matter what type of song, no matter which song she is, it is worthwhile to appreciate. Women, whether she is expensive, or tends to be mediocre, but they have their position, as the sky is full of stars, the sky, because there is a twinkle in each star, to shine beautifully.

  May each woman keep their piece of the starry sky, singing the song that belongs to their own.


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