A Sweet Fire in the Eye

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Dia De Los Muertos

A Sweet Fire in the Eye

When it comes to digital art, I want to make sure that everyone identifies what Robert Wilson and his Artstellations brand brings to the table. Yes, there is great detail, and there is a textured dedication that can be recognized in his work, but what is not known is that Robert is also a full time active duty soldier in our military defending our great country everyday. With the world everchanging with politics, Robert still makes a point to create, and it’s in digital art that you will see him shine.

Take into account the art piece displayed on this page. The velvet reds and the amber yellows blending in with the hint of purples and blacks; it is a true goth splendor to the eye. I took one glance, and I was prompted to ask Robert questions that needed some answers, and here are few details from our collab:

Bobby: Tell me Robert, so what was the inspiration for the sugar skull design?

Robert: The inspiration for the sugar skull came from a famed fantasy and horror book author, Miracle Austin, as a commission piece. She wanted a completely original teen character with magical powers of fire. Fuega the Sugar Skull Fiery Princess is her name.

So you are open to do commission pieces?

My commissions are a flat rate of $75.00 for a full piece, b&w or color, high resolution-ready speed painting, and they accredited for advertisement.

Tell me more on your speed paintings.

My speed paintings have been known to go on YouTube, but I will upload some on Twitch, as well including this piece.

Awesome. All that detail in the colors, I can only imagine the time and effort you put into this digital artwork.

It took me about two weeks, which was roughly about 16 real hours of working on it. Since I have a full time job and military, the time to work on this piece was broken up.

When you are in that digital mode, is there any go-to app or platform that you prefer when you are creating?

Previously I used many different apps to do commissions, such as Procreate, Clip Studio Paint, Autodesk Sketchbook Pro, and ArtStudio. However, once I focused in on Clip Studio Paint I noticed my commission and overall art began to improve dramatically. So Fuega was made start to finish with Clip Studio Paint.

In total, how many satisfied customers found happiness in the commissions they ordered from you?

I have done about 10 commissions in 2019. One I had to turn down due to the timing of All Star Comic Con. (It came down to commission or no comic book to have ready for the event).

It's great to see you shine, Robert, and it's great that you do it and still maintain a discipline the military requires from you. With the holidays coming, I want to know your thoughts on Dia De Los Muertos. This in part that reflects what miss Fuega may come from.

Dia de los Muetros is a connection between life and death. In my personal beliefs, they are interconnected and acknowledge each other, and this celebration of those that have moved on from this life is greatly appreciated by their living loved ones. I think it’s amazing.

Indeed, amazing. Just like your work. I want to thank you Robert, for your time. I am sure with these questions answered, a flood of other questions from our readers will come to you soon. I am honored to feature your work and gladly will feature you again soon. I only wish the best.

So there it is my friends, a collab between an artist and a writer. I wish there was more time to get in an actual sit down with Robert, and get more insight on what is to come. From one creator to another, this I do know, we both want to inspire others to create. Here in the following are some links to find Robert in his social medias. I hope you visit Robert at his Patreon and go check out what budget friendly tiers he offers, so you can support his work. When you get your chance, become a patron today. Thank you and stay blessed.

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