A New Business Model, a New World

by Marcus Azaria 6 months ago in industry

A better plan to keep it balanced

A New Business Model, a New World

The only wrong with the side of business is its ability to keep the world in a balanced state. With animals suffering at our intelligence. Famine in places of the world where there is no need of. I propose a new business to consumer system. A mandatory business to consumer referral program. Where the percentages are given to consumers for referring new members to the system. Capped at a basic living minimum to get by. With options for additional work to get the luxuries. The previous generations built the roads. I think we should be the generation to end famine, poverty and world hunger. By adding 10% to all prices and allowing this 10 percent minus operating costs it will give the majority of the opposition of big companies the chance to taste this success. Effectively ending inflation problems and devaluing dollars over time. It will not cost the consumer any more than it would now. It would just allow for a combination of micro amounts from more people to compile to a greater and more successful way to generate enough income to live off. We will be able to generate more income to go towards greener energy, towards ending greater falls in the economy.

Remember it is not doing what is best for ourselves, but what is best for ourselves and our teammates. The problem is while we enjoy our technology and fridges we fill up, there is someone outside in a stormy night, literally freezing to death as we speak. The solution, a mandatory price increase to all consumer goods, but a percentage of that increase goes into the referrers' pockets with a simple referral code, or link click tracker, and statistics made public for donations of anything over the basic amount needed to survive. By using this method we will have included everybody from water droughts, weather disasters, homeless, suffering fellow humans. It will get the people out from the bottom and allow for greater growth for our race. Imagine a million people working towards the cure for cancer, now imagine billions working with one goal in mind to look out for each other. We are humans and we can't be stopped when we look after each other.

You can say oh well or you can share this post and get it into the hands of governments and world health organizations. The lost opportunity is when someone dies of a problem that was preventable. That is true loss and it falls on our shoulders. Whether we know about, or ignore it, it does not stop the fact that the problem is still there. This will be very effective in solving every situation we ever face as a race.

For example John buys 1 bag of chips for $2.00, 10 percent or 20 cents goes into the account who referred John into the program by having Jay enter his referral code.

Now 1 billion people buy a bag of chips for $2.00 per bag, 20 cents times 1 billion is distributed among all referrer's accounts. Say a basic living amount is $1,000 per month. Mary has 10,000 people she has referred by online advertising. They each buy 1 bag of chips a month; with the automatic amount credited to her she makes 1,000 in 1 month. The rest goes to famine and world hunger effectively bringing everyone to a basic living amount. When the population begins reaching legal age, it will bring new potential for expanding to new markets and developing a more stable world.

This is just the beginning and it is up to us whether you will spread this new method or will look the other way. This is a great opportunity for us. Stop taking what you have for granted and make this happen. #endsuffering

Marcus Azaria
Marcus Azaria
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