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8 Reasons Why You Should Start Doing Guest Blogging As A Blogger

by muffle aman 28 days ago in list

Start Doing Guest Blogging As A Blogger

Bloggers have been guest posting for a while as a strategic way of building links and increasing traffic to their own blogs. This 2013, guest posting is projected to be promoted as Google will have another set of factors in determining the ranks of the web pages.

In this article, we will discuss on the reasons why you should start doing guest blogging as a blogger next year.

1. Google Authorship Markup Will Affect the Search

In Google Authorship, the author’s rank will be marked according to the contents you publish regardless of the location on the web. And this rank is one that will affect the search results.

Google authorship starts by inserting the authorship markup “rel=author” in your blog and adding your blog’s name and URL as one of the pages you contribute to in your Google+ profile.

Google then influences the search ratings by linking your contents with trust and equity. If you have valuable contents to offer in most of your writing, Google will grant you a higher reputation score.

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2. Social Media Shares/Social Signals Will be Very Relevant

Gone are the days wherein page rank is counted per the number of pages linked to your site. Lots of scammers and practitioners of black hat SEO have been penalized for linking poor links and irrelevant ones.

As a mere consequence, Google trusts real people who share stuff they really like and recommend to their network. Google will have to depend more on social media to know which contents are relevant and which are not.

3. Google's Co-citation

More similar pages will be co-cited in 2013. Google's Co-citation is about referring to the same group linking together. Google is getting smarter and it does not need a lot of links to position the page as relevant to the searcher’s need.

For instance, even if you don’t insert an “a href” tag to a restaurant website but if you’re declaring the name of the restaurant, Google would simply function to associate it with the link. Also, even without a direct reference such as an anchor text but with a clear mention of the name in the text, Google will have to know and analyze on the backlink that is fitting for the query item.

4. Google Update

Guest posts that have cornerstone content will be favored in search engines. As Google updates in 2012 mostly cleaned up all existing content on the web, providing great content and acknowledging the authors’ voices will be promising next year.

Google will most definitely follow up with the Panda and Penguin updates with intelligent algorithms that are capable of identifying the reliability of information found on websites.

5. Relationship Building

At the end of the day, guest posting is simply about relationship building and not about getting more traffic from a different set of audience. So if you are looking for massive traffic numbers, especially an immediate increase in the count of subscribers and followers of your blog, guest blogging is not a technique that’s worth your time.

Rather, practice guest blogging as a way of promoting what you can offer. When readers become interested in your post, they will naturally become interested in knowing you more thus visiting your site and become members of your community.

6. Identity Management

In connection with the Google authorship concept, guest blogging is also an enhancer of identity management. In 2013, your identity can only not be endorsed by the things you write in blogs but also in the comments section, tweets, public status messages and all sorts of web pages where you gain online visibility.

This is how Google will make you a picture, so you must develop your identity well to receive great impact in return.

7. Brand Association

As mentioned, guest blogging is not about getting immediate traffic but about relationship building. At the same time, it is about branding. As you grow your relationship with different audiences, you are making these networks of people aware of your brand.

Concurrently, they will start seeing your name everywhere—in different blogs and websites—and more people will start to recognize you for your brand. Think strategic and pique their curiosity and interest always. Consistent traffic will be founded over time as your brand is associated with your writing and your recognition is earned.

8. Content is King

Ultimately, originality and uniqueness of the content will carry more weight than anything else. Guest posts with great content will be cherished by any reader, as long as their topics are related to the blog’s theme and niche. Make sure that you don’t only scrape content but take the lead in providing your readers with information that adds new and improved value.


Guest posts are great for SEO but you should not only keep the search engines in mind when writing but more importantly the people who are to receive the information you provide.

Your aim is to create long-lasting relationships to hold long-lasting viewers and not guest readers for your guest post. So start collaborating with related webmasters now and write guest blog posts for them.


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