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7 Proven Ways to Turn Customers into Brand Advocates in 2021

Best Brand Strategy in 2021

By teqdeftPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
7 Proven Ways to Turn Customers into Brand Advocates in 2021
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Getting new customers is always exciting! For this, you promote and advertise your products and services. Unfortunately, that's not enough! So you need to search for the best brand strategy that increases your business reach.

Did you know that most of your new customers consider a recommendation from friends or family? Your happy customers put in a good word for you that benefit your sales and business. Well, these cheerleaders are termed as "Brand Advocates."

Brand advocacy is truly a growth hack that always works. However, the question is how to find your beloved and faithful consumers and how to turn them into advocates? Well, let's dive in to find the answers and take an in-depth look at brand advocacy and how businesses can adapt it to their advantage.

Best Brand Strategy - Turn Your Happy Customers into Brand Advocates

Brand advocacy is a practice where a person who loves using your product or service communicates positively about your brand via word-of-mouth on various channels, such as social media, web forums, review sites, and more. A brand advocate isn't just buying a product for themselves — they're actively promoting it naturally to others and eliminating advertising costs.

Brand advocacy has the potential for exponential growth. It is the best brand strategy that gains more customers, adds more potential brand advocates, and speeds up your sales and marketing efforts.

Remember that not every happy customer will be a brand advocate. You need to identify potential brand advocates who are passionate, vocal, active on social media, internet, and have extensive networks. Once you find them, build relationships and figure out how to best engage them. They're already satisfied customers — now's the time to turn them into brand advocates by "blowing their minds."

Here are seven proven ways to turn customers into brand advocates In 2021

1. Referral Programs

Modern-day customers trust personal advice more than paid advertising while making purchase decisions. So, why not use referral programs? It provides an organized, built-in way for customers to refer to a business while incentivizing them with structured benefits.

It's a proven strategy to drive brand advocacy and a true win-win situation all around.

2. Obtain Feedback

Turning customers into brand advocates means listening to them, serving them, and showing them that their opinions matters. Brand advocacy is a two-way street. Brands must be proactive in obtaining feedback from customers, so they know they're heard, respected, and valued.

To collect feedback, you can use mediums like surveys, sales feedback, and social media posts. Solicit their feedback through post-contact and periodic surveys to improve service. Solicit feedback through post-contact and periodic surveys. Customers will appreciate knowing you care enough to improve the brand for their greater satisfaction.

3. Offer Enhanced Loyalty Programs

A loyalty program is a marketing strategy that encourages customers to engage with your brand through discounts, upgrades, etc. Create a rewards structure that meaningfully gives real value to the customers. Keep active with regular promotions and treats, and stay in touch with members. This shows your customers that you are loyal and helps you earn more per customer.

Brand advocates are born when businesses take the time to recognize and appreciate their customers.

4. Personalize Customer Experiences

Customer service isn't enough these days. Make your customers feel special by addressing them on a personal level. Offer customized settings for purchases; send an email on birthdays with a special celebratory offer.

Treat every customer as a valued person and keep them informed promptly.

5. Use a Consistent Omnichannel Approach

Customers love choices, and omnichannel service makes it all convenient to engage with a company. Clients get the freedom to pick the most suitable channel.

Businesses these days should be active on telephone lines, text messages, e-mails, websites, social media, and advanced tools like Live Chat at all times. Make sure all channels are optimized, and be quick with your reaction on all channels.

This strategy will enrich clients' experience and will woo them to be your advocate.

6. Engage Customers on Social Media

Social media has become the best brand strategy that you can rely upon in terms of tracking and encouraging brand advocacy.

Every positive comment allows building a strong relationship with a satisfied customer. Also, the negative feedback makes it possible to address every concern.

The more you interact with people and solve their issues, the more they like you.

7. Deliver Proactive Service

The best way to generate brand advocates is to stay ahead of customers and provide them with a seamless experience. This means keeping customers informed to simplify their lives with advanced service features and high-quality customer support.

Take a close look at all stages of the customer journey and optimize it in every possible way.

Final Words

Building relationships with consumers by providing them with unique value is a clear path and the best brand strategy. Use the best practices to encourage customers that make them powerful brand advocates.


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