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7 Interesting Jobs for College Graduates

Every year, different universities release thousands of graduates into the job market. All these graduates are knowledgeable and with the skills to make an impact in their respective fields.

By Keran MourningPublished 4 years ago 4 min read

So, how will you land a job with only your degree in hand? Well, your first position does not have to be your dream college career. Not every new graduate is lucky to find a stable, well-paying job immediately. Remember, this could be your first of many jobs. So, instead of beating yourself up, focus on building your experience. These numerous temporary jobs that you are doing right now will pay off. They will lead you to your ideal job.

Thinking of which position to apply for tends to be a challenge. However, with the exposure to the right information and degree in hand, this will be a walk in the park. Below are top paying bachelor degrees that you can get employed.

Nuclear engineering

Nuclear Engineering makes the list for exciting jobs in the college careers list. There is an exceptional growth in the number of students taking STEM careers. This is because it offers a broader scope of opportunities in the job market. Nuclear engineering provides more opportunities to new graduates today because of the substantial investment in nuclear power.

Aside from it being an exciting job, the salary rates are high. This is a dynamic field that is growing at a fast pace. So, if you are looking for the adrenaline rush this is your ideal job.

Freelance writing

Most college students are familiar with essay writing firms like Its emergence is leaving a significant impact on society. Ask any student, and they will tell you how custom essay writing is playing a major role in their academics. Due to its growing market and demand from students more firms are emerging.

This means that there is a never-ending job vacancy in this career path. To add on that, anyone can try freelance writing. You do not need a particular degree to do freelance writing. As long as your writing skills are exceptional, you can do it. So, whether you have a degree in medicine or law, you can do this job.

Software engineer

Technology is something that keeps growing with each passing day, and fields like software engineering grow with it as well. This field attracts many graduates each year, and most of them either get a job or employ themselves. This is one of the best college degrees you could ever have. Software engineering offers a stable job with good pay. Once you land a job here, you can be sure that you will be receiving your paycheck for a long time.

Online teaching

Online job opportunities are on the rise in this current job market. This is one of the top paying online jobs that are not energy-draining. You will be interacting with students and tutoring them. And the best part is that you can do this from the comfort of your house. You will not have the stress of waking up early and commuting to work every day as most people do. Indeed, this is a position worth applying for.

Marketing coordinator

This role opens up so many careers to graduates. Some of them enter into marketing coordination as a stepping stone to higher careers. This specific career path builds your experience and relations with people. Because it is an outside job, you get to meet various people who might have connections. As a market coordinator, you will get the opportunity to explore multiple destinations as you work.

In our current world, who you know is much better than what you know. These connections might lead you straight to your dream job .

Research assistant

This is yet another well-paying job with an excellent opportunity for getting employment. It centers on helping leading researchers to find facts regarding particular studies. However, the job description depends on your contract agreement with your employer. To top it off, this position offers a big room for growth.

Material science

This is an interdisciplinary field that applies to various science and engineering fields. This position gives you a leg up when looking for employment. The reason behind this is that you can land a job in any science, technology or engineering firm. So, when others are walking from one office to another looking for a job, you will be walking to your work office or desk. It is easy to land a job in material science.

Career success depends on your ability to learn. It is not hard getting high paying careers. It depends on how bad you want that appointment and the length you are willing to go to get it. In other words, your resume could be the thing that makes or breaks you.

Build each resume to meet the various organizations' demands. Also, do not apply to one company yet there are many career choices. Instead, send numerous resumes to different firms at the same time. This increases your chances of landing a job.


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