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7 Best Side Hustle Ideas to Earn $3000 Per Month

We’re going to look at the definition of “side hustle” for a second because I realized I’ve never really looked at it.

By AndeutPublished about a year ago 11 min read

So, according to the definition, a side hustle is “any type of employment undertaken in addition to one’s full-time job,” implying that a side hustle is generally freelance or piecework in nature, providing supplemental income.

There are side hustles in here where you could earn up to $3,000 per month if you worked maybe 30 hours a week, which is about a full-time income for most people, including me when I was an engineer.

1. Beta-tester

Not to be confused with the scammy online surveys that pay you like 20 cents for a half-hour.

These websites are definitely excellent options if you want to be a beta tester and assist a new business or company in determining whether their new website or application is legitimate and provides a pleasant user experience. So, these are a couple of the websites. The first is known as

So, UserTesting is a company where you could earn up to $60 per test. This is how you would conduct a test: you would go to a website or an app, complete a set of tasks while speaking your thoughts aloud, and you would be paid.

TryMyUI is the other option.

So becoming a TryMyUI tester is really cool because it’s almost the same thing; you can get paid to use websites and apps and provide honest feedback. So you’ll get paid about ten dollars for each test you take, which can last up to twenty minutes, so you could make $30 an hour. That’s a substantial sum of money. So, if you wanted to take a closer look at TryMyUI, here are some frequently asked questions: what is the usability test, how many tests can I do, how will I be paid, and so on. What I like about this site, for example, is that you get paid every week and via PayPal, making it a very simple payment system.

The following is Userlytics.

where you get paid to test websites and applications, you go to their signup page and you can see that step one is you register and earn money, and then you interact with a web or mobile app, and then you can get paid via PayPal, these various amounts.

So, as you can see, you can be paid five, ten, fifteen, or twenty dollars, among other amounts. “Some of our projects even pay up to $90 just for having fun expressing your opinion” and truly giving this company an honest opinion of what you think about their website and application.

Now, consider this: if you only work one or two hours per week in addition to your 9-to-5, that’s an incredible amount of side income per month for only two, four, six, or eight hours of additional work per month. So, if you’re interested in being a beta tester and making a good chunk of change with a couple of extra hours of work per week, I would definitely check out these three websites.

2. Online English Teaching

I use VIPKid, and I truly believe that it is a fantastic company to start. You do need a college degree and some experience to apply and work for them, and people who tutor and teach online through VIPKid earn around $2,000 per month on average. I met a really cool girl in Lima; she’s actually Canadian, but she was studying archaeology in Lima, and she works for PalFish as a side hustle. So, with PalFish, you help tutor kids in China, and it’s cool because it’s like conversational English, you have a curriculum, but it’s not like super strict and you have to worry about focusing on the curriculum every single class.

You want to be prepared, and you want to do well with the students, but the cool thing about her PalFish experience is that she could literally make money from her phone. She and I went down to the southern part of Lima to go on like in the sand dunes and stuff like that, and she’d be like “Okay, well I have to work in the morning, no big deal,” and I’d be like “Well, do you have your computer with you?” “No, I just use my phone and get up early,” she says. So she gets up early, like at 4:00 a.m., and works until 9:00 a.m., so she gets in about five hours every morning to teach online and she makes, you know, in the high 20s, like 20-ish dollars per hour.

So that’s a good three thousand dollars per month that she’s able to bring in and use to pay for her master’s degree, her bills, everything, and she’s able to save money with her side hustle income, so it’s really impressive what she’s able to do. So, with PalFish, you do need a bachelor’s degree, any type of bachelor’s degree, and you do need to take, oh, I forget what the name is.

I’m not sure what it is, but it’s not something that takes months and months, and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to get the certification, and she was able to get it within a week and was very affordable. So PalFish is a great application that I can say “I’ve seen it work,” I saw her tutor, you know, interact with the students and make money while tutoring from her phone, so you can literally do it from anywhere as long as you have service on your phone or an internet connection on your laptop. A fantastic option for working online while also teaching English.

3. Focus groups.

What is a focus group, exactly? It’s where you can participate in a research study with a group, and it could be on any topic like advertising, dining, technology, the way people shop, or anything else that companies and different people want to find out about different trends.

And so the idea is that you would go and meet with a group either in person or virtually on a webcam, online, and there are different websites, which I’ll mention in a second, where you can find out what city the focus group is in and how much you would get paid, but I personally know other creators and entrepreneurs who have done this before and they have said they’ve made up to $250 for only two and a half hours of work. One of my friends told me that it was with a company called Vanguard, and she had also made $1,000 for taking part in an eight-hour study. But let me tell you, that’s a lot of money for eight hours. I mean, a thousand dollars in eight hours is way more money than I ever made as an engineer working nine to five.

That’s a lot of work! And you can go to and check out, it says “Join our panel and get paid to share your opinion,” so you can participate and sign up through their websites, you can check out their hot topics, available studies by location, this is nationwide.

Then you can go to another website called, which is pretty cool because just looking at the stats on the front page, I mean, over 14,000 focus groups, over 13 million paid out, over just about 200,000 members, so you can check out all of the cities that they are available in, and if you click on the types of focus groups, you can see the types of categories of focus groups, so beverages, power, wheelchairs, card games, video games, social media, pieces of jewelry,

So, the best part is that you can see the amount that you would be paid over here, so I would definitely check out these two websites. Another noteworthy website is Focus Pointe Global; I don’t know much about it, but I’ve heard from others that they trust it, and it’s also a good website to find different focus groups.

4. Creator of Content

because this industry has proven over and over in the last decade to be a very lucrative opportunity, not only for building an online business but also for building a brand. It’s really the only platform that pays the creator to produce content on their platform, and so the reason I say YouTuber is because if you have any type of expertise, even if you don’t think you have an expertise, you probably do, and there’s something you know and can share with people that other people don’t know and they want to learn from you.

So the idea is to create a YouTube channel that provides value based on what it is you know, I mean I’m alone producing a six-figure income from Adsense revenue, so the Adsense that play on my YouTube videos from different advertisers from Google.

But that’s only one way to make money on YouTube; there are numerous others, such as affiliate marketing, creating your own digital products, brand deals, and sponsorship deals. So, let’s see…

5. Produce website content.

The idea behind this job is that you’re writing for different influencers, different companies, and businesses that need people to create content for their blogs or websites. Copywriting is basically the writing or language that goes on an advertisement or in an email that is emailed out to people’s email subscribers who are subscribed to their email list, so there is a lot of demand for writing that companies need for people like you. You don’t even have to be an expert writer or have a degree in English to qualify for this job and develop the skills required to be a website content creator.

So there are a couple of websites that I’d like to show you right now where there’s really no excuse if you want to get into the field of, you know, being a blogger, being a writer, making this your freelance side hustle, there’s no excuse, and I’ll show you right now. There are a lot of cool things you can do to get your feet wet, and if you’re a beginner, these are some great resources to look into.

So the first one is, and they tell you exactly how to write for them, what they’re looking for, a couple of different tips if you’re just getting started, and what they publish, how to submit, and things like that.

And if you go to this website called, for example, if I need a writer or someone to create some type of content for me, I can hire someone to write on this website. However, if you want to go on there as a writer, you can go to the writer application and fill out this simple application so that you can get your feet wet with writing some content on this website and so like, as you can see, their pricing for people who want to buy this different type of content and then you can order the content and, of course, if you want to write the content, you would return to this application page. And then here’s a really cool resource I discovered, I love this resource is called barefootWriter “Freedom filled living through well-paid writing” so this, alone, helps you start your freelance writing career so there’s really no excuse if you want to make this a side hustle of writing, maybe even starting your own writing and blogging business in the future, they tell you and train you on how to do it.

So they have direct response copywriting, web copywriting, and business-to-business copywriting, and they help you understand and develop these skills. So whether it’s resume writing, travel writing, or cause marketing, there’s never a shortage of writing projects available. “Let us teach you how to be a freelance writer.” There is no shortage of resources, and there is no reason why you cannot begin your freelancing career right away. Okay, so I’m coming in from the side.

6. Medical coding.

So, obviously, this is in the medical field, an industry, so you don’t have to be a registered nurse to do this, but a medical coder basically codes any type of diagnostic or event that happens in hospitals, and you do need to get a certification to do this job, which is available. You can easily find out how to take a course to become certified for this, but most of the time, a medical coder is a field or a job that allows you to work from home.

For example, this company called IMedX has many positions available where you can work from home, and the idea is that if there is a surgery in the hospital, if there is a diagnosis, whatever the case may be, you learn how to properly code these events so that it can go into the database of these different hospitals, so definitely if the medical field interests you, I would check out medical coding.

7. Work as a transcriptionist is a fantastic place to get started.

And the cool thing about this is that there is no age requirement. If you want your teenager to get a side hustle and start making an extra buck or two, they don’t have to be over 18, they could be under 18, I’m not sure what the minimum age is, but the idea is that there are three levels to being a transcriptionist.

You’re like a rookie, and then there’s a middle level, and then there’s a higher level where you need, like, 800 audio minutes, and so when you first start out, you can choose to be a transcriptionist, you can choose to write captions, subtitles, or even be a translator, and you get paid more by the category you move up, you know, translating being the highest, and so you get paid 35 cents to 90 cents per audio minute, let’s say.

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