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6+ Great Website Navigation Design Examples- Not to be Missed for 2021

by Brey White about a month ago in list

Website Navigation Design- 2021

Website Navigation Design

Website navigation, when done right, is great for your users and your SEO performance.

Good website navigation makes it easier for the viewers to access easily. Results have shown more conversion rate and also have great search visibility.

To have a great user experience, website navigation plays a major role. In simple words, it is the foundation of your house; which means a poor foundation can bring your building in danger. Navigation differs with every website, as there are no proper set of instructions or how you can categorize or manage.

What is Website Navigation?

Website Navigation is the main part of a website as it lets your users easily know and find what they are looking for without many clicks. This results in landing the viewer to the point.

Good navigation helps in increasing conversion rates and produce revenues; as bad navigation can cause users to leave and move to your competitors.

What Questions you need to keep a check on before planning navigation?

=> Who is your target audience and what are you looking for?

=> What all information is to be added on the website?

=> How can the information be put together in accordance with the importance for users?

=> How will you manage all the elements on the webpage?

Best practices for website navigation design

Let’s have a look at some of the website navigation best practices:

1. Simple Navigation Design

When a user accesses your site; the user wants to gather information without any difficulty. Keeping lead on the website page for long, then navigation should be such that it is simple for the audience to use. If they can’t find the information that they’re looking for due to complex navigation design they will get distracted or frustrated and leave your website.

2. SEO friendly Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) plays a very important role in enhancing your online presence in business. Content is published on your website, certain web design elements can directly affect SEO in and of themselves. Web design can be difficult to understand if you’re not familiar with how it works, but to put it simply, your code needs to be SEO-friendly.

3. User-friendly Language

By the term user experience, we mean experience for the overall feeling of a user at the time of interaction with your respective website. Your website should have a feeling that a user experiences when they are surfing your website; so remember everything is a part of SEO and user-experience.

4. Navigating eCommerce Site

Navigation should be your first choice for an e-commerce site, so customers can search quickly with a minimum amount of clicks. This is why it’s very essential that e-commerce businesses can endow with the products that are easy to find; stating product categories and subcategories correctly tagged.

What are different website navigation types of bar designs?

There are many different types of website navigation bar design and best web design services for websites that can be a great help for your websites.

1. Horizontal vs. Vertical

There are many reasons as to why this form of navigation is being used; which is because of the design, usability and purpose of content. Horizontal type is normally picked up by small websites and on the other hand horizontal and vertical are picked up by large corporate websites.

2. Responsive design navigation

In this form of design, the movement of the content is dynamic, which works on the basis of screen size. This approach provides suggestions for the designs. The design is done in accordance with the user’s behavior and environment based.

3. Fat footers

A fat footer is one of the parts of the content section at the bottom of your webpage. Website header is the one that appears on the top of your page on the other hand the footer is at the bottom of the website; this is helpful for those who scroll down quickly. In this case, footers give great results. We used to see in footer space privacy and legal links, email sign up fields, address details and social links.

Website Navigation Examples with Best User-Experience

Let’s have closer look on some of the website navigation menu:

1. Harry’s

Harry’s belongs to a men’s shaving skin care brand, which has a clear navigation bar. This page makes use of a drop-down menu to present all the products related to the brand. They display pictures in a beautiful way, by stating perspective and what all the product is about.

2. Nixon

Nixon is all about watches and accessories. This navigation comprises 6 columns, where each column makes use of a mega menu design method for displaying added products. This site also comprises the search box, which helps in finding the products promptly.

3. Pogg

Pogg website is all about selling potato pies. The website has a hamburger navigation menu that can be used for produced-related info and also saves the space of the screen. They have made use of very subtle and delicate colors for the background.

4. WE3

This website design is an astable mode. Whenever you make click on the scroll down button, all you have is more and more information.

5. Fairchild

The navigation on the left sidebar, which expands from the menu icon is related to what you make use on your mobile sites. You can easily find the navigation provided on the upper left side of the main landing section. They make use of responsive design and vertical navigation.

6. Novotel

You can occupy yourself with this website. They have made proper use of navigation to give some tasks to a person who is waiting for you.

7. Adriatic Luxury Hotels

At this juncture you can become conversant by simply scrolling down the site or using a sticky menu to decide as to what you are looking for.

8. MAC

The brand Mac is known by every girl. You can see big promotion advertisements on the homepage. This website makes use of navigation bars in a most appropriate way; such as "what’s new ", "best-sellers" and many more. Their navigation has made the user find their product quickly. They also made use of a search box on the very right hand side that can navigate you to the particular products.


Website navigation structure should always resolve the purpose of use for the users and the website. There are many different types of website navigation design best practices that can be implemented on your websites. So, always try to create a great user experience for all.

We hope this blog helps in the best possible way to navigate your websites. We also hope that the examples provided related to website navigation give you new ideas and inspiration for your websites.

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