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6 Beliefs Aspiring Online Writers Have Against for Having a Profitable Writing Business

Writing every day is useless if you don’t provoke emotions in your audience.

By Gladys Carmina Published 2 years ago 5 min read
6 Beliefs Aspiring Online Writers Have Against for Having a Profitable Writing Business
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Beginner online writers tend to think that success is going to come quickly if you write every day and publish constantly.

This is one of the most common tips you will hear among experienced writers, and I agree. However, as a beginner content writer, you may have false assumptions from what writing online could be. Let me explain.

Writing every day is a good starting point to make money out of writing content online, however, it is useless if you don’t learn to write for your specific audience.

This is the first belief you have to get rid of as an aspiring online writer if you want to make money from writing content online.

Writing every day is enough for having a writing business.

Online writing is more an art than a business because you have to write to resonate with others, otherwise, your time and effort are a waste of energy.

Earning money from online writing will only happen once you provoke emotions in your audience. Hence the importance to stop writing and research your audience.

The more you click the publish bottom you will become a better version of yourself as a writer. That is for sure.

However, a writing business, as any other business needs planning, promotion and analysis. This is the reason why keep writing no matter what is a top tip I suggest you stop following.

None is interested in reading personal stories.

Yes, none is interested in your boring life. But if you have an amazing story that is worth telling, please share it with me.

Also, consider that as a creative individual you can make the ordinary into something extraordinary. Remember that online writing is about the way how you tell your story.

In some of my travel content, I include personal stories. Surprisingly, those are the ones that more engagement has.

What I do instead of showing myself in a vulnerable way is to offer the possibility to my readers to identify and resonate with me.

You have to bring value to your reader's life.

Note that you can indeed make money from writing about your personal life, but please always ensure that your writing is not focused on yourself but on how this life experience you had could help your readers.

For example, I knew my readers wouldn’t care about my birthday party but they would be interested in reading the 5 Life Lessons About Living Abroad That a Mexican Dish Taught Me

Everybody is going to read what I write. I am afraid what my friends think about it?

Here I want to quote Nicolas Cole in a Tweet:

As a beginner content writer, you will feel that part of your soul is going to be naked once you publish your thoughts on the wide Internet.

I used to feel anxious and afraid of what my friends would think about me because I didn’t have a credential as an “online writer”; if such credential exists. Here I have to tell you two things:

  1. Creating an audience takes time, so you don’t have to be worried about making mistakes in the begging. Stop worrying about missing a comma or a typo. First, you have to leap to publish your writing.
  2. Your friends will not pay attention to you. I have been writing for one year now and some of my friends still asking me what I am doing. They had no clue I am writing content for different platforms.

This is one of the advantages I highlight from having a tiny audience: You have the chance to experiment and screw it up without being noticed.

The fun part is that to earn money from writing online, you need readers. Otherwise, you will be just writing as a hobby and not for aiming to have a writing business. This leads me to the next point.

Write generic content that resonates with everybody

Get rid of the idea that your content is enjoyable to everybody.

The truth is that non even your most gossip friends are going to get interested in What you learned from x experience if the content doesn’t resonate with them.

You have to write with your ideal reader in mind. For example, when I am writing this article I am thinking of you:

An aspiring writer that is searching for information about how to earn money from writing online.

Am I right?

This is why I am writing a series of articles about how to build an online audience. Subscribe to my newsletter to keep yourself posted.

Wait on motivation to come to continue writing

You don’t have to wait until motivation comes for you to put your hands on the keyboard and fill the blank page with meaningful words.

If you are waiting for the perfect moment to come for you to put yourself in the hustle; sadly I have to inform you that you will not achieve the writing business you are appealing to.

What you can do instead of waiting to feel ready, you can put yourself ready to start your day.

I feel ready to start writing after I have a substantial breakfast and put some makeup on. Following this routine makes me feel ready to start my day and be productive, aka to write.

On the other hand, a writing business is not only about writing. This leads me to the next point.

Write what you feel inspired to write

No, no, no. As I mentioned before, a writing business as any other business also needs planning and analysis to see if your strategy is working.

Here is the thing: You have to develop a strategy that will lead you to your goals.

I never had a strategy to write. In my case, I always waited for my morning coffee to tell me what to write about. This is the reason why I wasn’t having the best results.

My strategy this time is to write content that attracts aspiring writers and travellers because they are my niche.

For example, this article is part of my series: How to build an audience from writing personal stories online.

Planning your content on behalf means that you will not depend on your mood, or get distracted with other ideas that are not aligned with your monthly plan.

Having a consistent line of content will help your readers to identify you as the one who writes about X topic. Not only that but you will also make them feel interested for what is coming next. Because as you know whats the next post is about, you can add a sneak peek and make your audience stay tuned.

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