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5 Things I Think Vocal Should Have

by Dani Ash 2 years ago in industry

I love this site and these are just ideas I have.

I feel like Vocal is a great and fun platform for writers who don't want to put in the expense of building a whole blog. That can cost money and time and the money is not guaranteed. Here at Vocal, we get to express ourselves and write about a ton of things we want to write. We make a little money with our views, and tips are offered if people really like what we write. Now, I'll admit I haven't made too much money on here yet, but I have figured out a lot of things that would make this platform even better for all of us. These are all suggestions that I have come up with as I've explored the site and written on here.

1. Vocal Should Help Us Find Partners

Google Ad Sense is something I wished I had on here. My most read article has over 600 reads and that's made me some money here, but if I could put more ads on my writings that would be great. Not just something like Ad Sense though, if there was a way for us to get in contact with companies through here that would be great. We could either have companies contact us or we contact them and negotiate a way to write about their product. Say, for example, I have recently gotten into practicing Wicca, and I have been exploring herbs, candle wax for candles, crystals, and stuff. I could be looking for companies to write about to get them more exposure when it comes to those types of things. They could offer us free products to try and write about, money, etc. I think that would be a good way to increase revenue for everyone on this platform. More for us, more for the companies, more for Vocal. A win, win, win you could say.

2. A Follow/Subscribe Button

I have read some amazing writers on here. They all have different ideas and great writing. I would love to read more from these terrific writers on here, but there's no way for me to follow the writers I want to follow. I'd love to get a notification. Or a segment like "Longevity" and "Education," but it is titled "Subscriptions" where we click on it and it's the authors we want to read. It would help us out too, as writers, because we would have followers who enjoy our writing and would read our stuff and get us more money. They would find us easier and give us more reads than they would if they had to search each section and click on our profile each time.

3. A Way Of Money Making Like Patreon

While just following/subscribing is free, there could be more to offer. Like Patreon there are tiers of content you pay for. Like for example: say a fiction writer is releasing a story chapter by chapter. Subscribers get to follow them and get the chapters as they come out. People who pay $5 a month can get the chapters a week early. That's just one example of the tiers that can be offered. There are plenty of ways to do it. Not just for fiction writers, but for all types of writers. This would really increase our revenue, again. We could make special offers and such and it would be similar to tips, but with more consistent monthly income.

4. A Better Way To Link To Our Stuff In Articles

Sure, we can embed links, but it's a little difficult to do and it's bulky. It would be great for them to give us a way to easily embed a link where it looks underlined, but when you click on it a new tab opens up. That way fiction writers can easily link to their older chapters if someone stumbles across the later chapters. Or if an editorial writer does a series on something, they can link to their part one. I, myself, am more of a blogger and sometimes I do part twos or threes on certain blogs.

5. A Request Section

Sometimes we all have ideas on writing something, but don't have the skills or time to write it. Sometimes we just want to read it and not put the work in. We should have a way to post requests for other authors to write on. We can choose what to write about and make a little extra cash. This could work for many genres of writing, and it would be a great way to explore different writing styles and genres while making a couple extra bucks.

I hope that by putting this out there it will spur some ideas and lead to some of these things popping up here on Vocal. I'd also like to get paid for it *wink wink*. But either way, I feel like these would be very helpful for Vocal to have.

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Dani Ash
Dani Ash
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