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5 Reasons Why You Should Follow Me and Read My Blogs

I offer funny and thought-provoking blogs. Plus I'll try to help you succeed in any way I can.

By Jason ProvencioPublished 2 years ago 5 min read
No, it’s not because I look like Seth Rogen a little bit. Photo: Author

Hello, fellow Vocal writers! I’ve been writing on here for almost six months now. I haven’t really introduced myself properly. I think I should.

Like that Dusty Springfield song, I’m the son of a preacher man. I was raised quite religiously, but don’t hold that against me. I’ve proudly turned 180 degrees from that upbringing and I’m a buchiach hair from eternal damnation.

If you just looked up “buchiach”, you’ll now know I’m Italian. Italian and Irish. No drinking problem here. I do enjoy a glass or two of red wine most evenings. Helps me chill, I enjoy it while writing.

The writing is a new venture for me. After 18 years as a real estate agent and 11 owning and operating a small carpet cleaning company, I was ready for a change. My mind needed more stimulation and my body needed a break.

I’ve been writing blogs for almost six months on here and doing content writing for almost that long. I love writing my blogs. I tolerate the content writing, for now.

My blogs are a bit all over the place. I’ve written some completely inappropriate, ridiculous satire pieces. Check out A Day In the Life of a Mediocre Middle-Aged White Man, The Night the Hillbillies Landed: My 1 AM Trip To Walmart, and its sequel, How Shopping At Target Ruined My Self-Esteem And Crushed My Soul.

I get a little preachy (thanks Dad) and political sometimes, but I feel I make good points. I highly recommend you check out, I Truly Hate the Ignorance and Shitty Beliefs of People in My Home State and, I Was Raised in Church Three Times a Week. To Me, Religion is Bullshit. Both are thought-provoking and interesting reads.

I never appreciated or understood poetry much as a younger person. Now that I’ve started writing, I absolutely adore it. I’ve written four poems so far and look forward to doing more. My favorite one so far is my most recent poem, After I’m Gone, How You’ll Know That It’s Me. Check it out if you like poetry.

So why should you follow me? I have a few reasons I’ll share with you now. These are just a number of honest reasons, five I thought of off the top of my head.

1. I’m a Pretty Funny Guy and a Loyal Friend

I’ve had a somewhat crazy and fun sense of humor since I was a kid. I learned early on that if I could make people laugh, I’d get attention from girls and avoid bullies easier. I’ve done well on social media for over 15 years, posting many funny status updates and memes.

Loyalty is my specialty. I’m an empath and I really do care for others. I do all I can to help anyone who takes an interest in following me and reading my writing. I’d love to do the same for you.

2. I’ll Always Follow Anyone Who Follows Me Back

I’m really good about this. I check my Vocal notifications all the time and appreciate everyone who follows. I try to follow back in a timely fashion and I will actually read some of your stuff. I appreciate those who do that for me, too.

I’ve been trying to find other Vocal writers who are also on Twitter. I feel that the Twitter social media platform is super useful for connecting to other writers and supporting each other’s work. Visit my Twitter here, follow me, and I’ll follow you back. I’m glad to share what’s working for me on there, it’s been awesome lately.

3. I’ll Read Your Posts If You Read and Comment Mine

If you do follow me and I follow you back, please read some of my stuff. I’ll do the same and we’ll both benefit from it. The follow-for-follow thing is fine, but if we all want to earn more blog income from this awesome site, we all should get into the habit of trying to read each other’s writing.

Reading articles directly leads to more income for whoever you’re reading, plus much of the writing is super fun to read. I enjoy many writers I’ve read here on Vocal so far. I plan to read as much as I write.

4. I’ll Try To Help You Progress As a Writer (and would appreciate your help, too)

I am one of those people who enjoy making update posts about my progress as a writer. I’m never going to be the person who holds my cards too close. I enjoy succeeding and want others to do the same.

I’m also not too proud or naive to think I know everything. I’m newer to writing. I feel that I’m good at it, but I know that I have much to learn. I genuinely want to learn from others. So this can be reciprocal if we follow and read each other.

5. I’m Good At Social Media and I’ll Help You With That As Well

I’ve enjoyed building a larger following on social media for 16 years now. I especially see how important it is to have a larger following, an audience. People who might actually visit your Vocal page, read your blogs and help you earn.

I’m still learning about social media, 16 years after starting on Myspace. I’ve had some awesome success with Twitter in three weeks of rebuilding it. Check out this article I wrote about how I gained 1300 Twitter followers in two weeks!

I’m always looking for other sites to spread the word about my writing. I’m happy to share my experiences and tips with any of you who will follow me and read my posts.

Let’s All Help Each Other Succeed As Writers

All in all, I’ve really enjoyed the brotherhood and sisterhood of writers I’ve met in the past six months. I’d love for any of you to follow me, so I can follow you back, help you out, and meet new friends.

Let’s all follow each other, read each others’ work, and be coaches for one another. The world needs powerful words. Humor to make us laugh in a sad world. Poetry, to help us feel emotion. I’m fully committed to all of you if you’ll fully commit the same energy and effort toward me. &:^)


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