5 Reasons College is Better Than High School

Trust me, it is.

5 Reasons College is Better Than High School

Anyone that experienced the four years that was high school, understands that it was interesting, to say the least. However, four years of never quite feeling like yourself and still having to raise your hand to go to the bathroom got a little tedious at times. Don't get me wrong it was not all terrible, but I am definitely a lot happier in college than I ever was in high school. Now that I'm in college, I understand why I was always told it would get better. So, here are 5 reasons why college is better than high school.

1. Two words: class options.

While high school had everyone basically taking the same classes that sometimes felt, no offense to anyone, pointless, a college has you taking classes that are for the major that you choose and the career that you want to have. There are still those classes that you have to take that you don't want to, college algebra I'm looking at you, but at least, for the most part, it's classes that you want to take and that are interesting to you.

2. Independence.

In high school you have your parents still telling you what to do and where to be, college is a completely different story because you don't have to report to someone if you want to go drive somewhere. I'll admit that one if the first times I went to go somewhere in college I had to stop myself from calling my mom to ask her for permission because I realized that there would be no point. College gives you way more freedom, but that freedom comes with a lot of responsibility.

3. Friends

I'm sorry to burst anyone's idealistic bubble, but the friends that I made in high school don't even hold a candle to the one's I've made in college so far. Not to say that you can't make high school friendships last, or that you shouldn't try to make friends during that time of your life, but if you have issues making friends in high school or if you want to start hanging out with a different type of crowd, college gives you that option. Plus, I hardly talk to my friends from high school and the ones I've made so far in college are the exact opposite.

4. Class Times

This one kind of goes back to the getting to choose your classes option above, but class times deserves its own part in this article. While in high school it was eight hours a day of classes in college depending on the day I would maybe have 3 hours a day, if even that of classes. You also have more choices with when you take them. I like to get my classes out of the way, so I try to get done as early as possible, without taking 8 a.m.s that is, which can be tough depending on the classes. Yes, there's a lot of homework, plus the fact that most college students are working jobs, but I definitely have a lot more free time in college to get things done and have more of a social life than I did in high school.

5. Discovering myself

High school was a bit rough for me as it is for many people causing a few years of never quite feeling like myself. College, however, has given me the freedom to be myself and to discover who I want to be in my life. There is a huge difference between never fitting in and being yourself. So, my advice to anyone that does not fit in in high school, college has given me a place to be myself so trust me, it does get better.

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