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4 Ways Of Exhibiting Your Collection

Buy Diecast Cars in Canada

By SarahPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

Whether you are collecting for fun or to make money, or both, many collectors tend to have a lot of pride over their diecast collections. Naturally so. At times, it takes months of research and scouting to identify, track down and purchase a miniature car for your collection.

Once you have it, the pride and joy of it is almost palpable.

Something common in the collecting world is exhibiting pieces. This is commonly done by collectors looking to find buyers for their replica cars. Exhibits are a form of advertising, and they can help buyers find diecast cars in Canada.

If this is something you are looking to do or will likely do in the future, here are some ways of exhibiting your collection.

1. Try A Home Show

A home show restricts the numbers, but is still a great way to exhibit a collection. If you have collector friends and colleagues, this is a showcase you can invite them to.

You can also ask them to tag a friend along to increase the numbers but still have a small, safe crowd in your home.

2. Online Websites

The internet is always a great space because it offers limitless real estate. This means you can take up as much space as you need on selling sites to exhibit your collection.

Having your replicas online also means you are showing your items potentially to millions and millions of people simultaneously. This can render some traction and have a few interested buyers coming your way.

3. Social Media

Life almost seems to happen on social media nowadays, doesn't it? Social media has become popular because it's easily accessible, and social media platforms are free to create and run.

Similarly, you will find like-minded people and groups that are pro- different things- collecting included.

By finding and joining diecast collector's community groups, you essentially place yourself amid people actively looking to buy replicas. This will quickly become a fun, supportive space, as well as a potentially lucrative one.

4. Social Events

Die-cast cars are often centered around movies and other entertainment activities. Whenever such activities come to our town, you can be sure there will be a significant number of followers- and collectors in tow.

This can be a great time to bring some of your collection around. Something as simple as having a few replicas in the trunk of your car and parking at a strategic point can do wonders.

Exhibit in this way, create networks, and share your social media handles so that those you interact with can see the rest of your collection online.

Creativity Is Key

There are no limits on how to exhibit your collection. Anything that gets eyes on your collection is fair game. The goal is to be creative.

About Company :

Nice Car Collection is a Family owned business, since his beguining in 2007. Selling diecast from a small store in 2001, Francois and his son Jeff got the idea of lauching a website and Nice Car Collection in fall 2007 with the new era of online store. It was a hit since his opening, expending the warehouse 3 times in 8 years ! Now the new leader and reference in diecast with the biggest inventory in Canada while selling all around the world, we always do our best to get better prices for customers and all new releases to have the better choice and variety of diecast in north america.

We garanty customer satisfaction, to do so we first carefully inspect every item we ship. If you unfortunatly receive a damaged item, you have 7 days following the reception to let us know. We will then let you know how to proceed to the return or the refund. The item need to be ship back in his original packing. If we need to refund, we will do it upon the reception of the item.

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