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33 Things I've Learned and Observed about Internet Business and Marketing!

An experience that could help you get off to a good start!

By Madhu Kumar CPublished 11 months ago 6 min read
33 Things I've Learned and Observed about Internet Business and Marketing!
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These 33 observations, or learnings, or insights are based on my personal experience in the Internet Marketing Business journey from January 2021 to January 2022, which included examining a few case studies, newsletters, and other pro-expert's perspectives shared across several respected online platforms, including the pearls (secrets) uncovered from the newsletters from the subject domain.

I believe that this information might assist any online business owners, internet marketers, bloggers, or content writers or creators in developing future businesses, including any ongoing ones and marketing strategies or plans to generate leads and sales, as well as stay ahead of the competition in the current and near future, which is already influenced by the Digital Revolution:

  1. Digital marketing is a life skill that anyone can utilize, regardless of career or profession, to produce leads and sales for their business or company. This ability also enhances a person's professional reputation when they work for a company or corporation.
  2. Paid ads online marketing methods or campaigns function better with a good budget in terms of the intended outcome planned.
  3. Building an email list should be a never-ending process for every internet business. In the online industry, it is worth $1. Marketing and business experts consider it to be an evergreen marketing medium for the acquisition of leads and generating sales from long-term business prospects. This also protects you from privacy issues to a greater extent.
  4. In a post-pandemic era, SEO methods to drive organic or free traffic should not be overlooked. This shift has already started! Hire a freelance SEO expert who can help you based on your business niche. It's another business sustainability strategy that helps reduce ad spending over the period. The advantages are long-term, even if the outcomes take time to manifest.
  5. On free traffic, social media conversions are relatively low. This strategy might help with business branding by being consistent in its efforts.
  6. Because of the influence of algorithms and the limited reach and visibility of social media marketing through personal or business accounts, the results are poor. (examples like Facebook Business Page and LinkedIn Company Page). Still, it might help with organic audience building and networking opportunities in business promotion.
  7. An affiliate program is an ideal option for any online business (examples like SaaS, any E-Commerce domain excluding Grocery E-Com). This results in a win-win situation for both the affiliates and the business or owner, since the affiliates profit from commissions while the business or owner benefits from sales. There are softwares that streamlines such activities for a smooth operation, including tracking of performance.
  8. There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all marketing strategy for all businesses. The type of internet marketing compatibility differs from one business to the next, as can be determined by experimenting with a variety of different marketing strategies or channels before arriving at a profitable one to continue thereafter.
  9. Businesses and marketers mostly use Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads and Affiliate Marketing techniques to generate leads and sales. To the recent addition, Twitter ads and Quora Ads may be explored.
  10. Ads on social media are also widely utilized to increase brand awareness and engagement. Active Social Media Users: 4.62 Billion as per Digital Report-2022 by Hootsuite from a Global Overview perspective.
  11. Many businesses are putting a strong emphasis on Content Marketing via Blogging in order to capture market attention and produce leads and revenues. There has been a massive shift in this in the post-pandemic era from the SaaS sector. Additionally, these are promoted via reputed marketing newsletters to attract the target audience.
  12. The bulk of e-commerce businesses employs Whatsapp and Chatbot/Messenger Marketing to engage prospects/visitors.
  13. Tier-1 (quality and valuable) traffic countries include the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada. Many global businesses love to have traffic from these regions to explore business revenue opportunities.
  14. Social E-Commerce is becoming more popular as a result of social media platform changes and features that enable businesses to use these platforms to achieve their objectives and capture market share.
  15. Spamming is hated in the online business and marketing industry. Professional cold email outreach is still preferred by the business brands to tap the market.
  16. The effectiveness of cold email outreach conversion rates is mostly determined by the company's branding and market positioning. Individuals/freelancers with personal branding can also benefit from this.
  17. The latest trend in generating leads is by promoting businesses through reputable newsletters. This option allows bloggers to earn money on the side. For a start-up, this could be a cost-effective approach to reach a massive target audience.
  18. The finest social media platforms for B2C business models are Facebook and Instagram. The finest social media platforms for B2B business models are LinkedIn and Facebook. Being active on these is a must.
  19. E-Commerce (Beauty, Fashion, and other similar industries) are continuing to investigate native ad networks in order to increase sales.
  20. The lead quality from organic traffic is poor. Paid ads marketing methods would result in higher-quality leads. Facebook is the preferred choice by many business owners and marketers for this purpose.
  21. Businesses and marketers should concentrate on lowering the bounce rate of their websites and optimizing for mobile traffic to improve leads and sales conversions. Share of mobile web traffic originating from devices: Android – 70.74% and Apple IoS – 28.54% as per Digital Report-2022.
  22. Through social media marketing, the digital products industry is becoming increasingly competitive.
  23. Personal or business branding is a critical component of generating leads and sales through social media platforms.
  24. As a new type of content dissemination, Instagram reels, Facebook Stories, TikTok short videos, Clubhouse Audio Room, Facebook Audio Room and Twitter spaces are being used. This is an extended prospecting opportunity for brands or businesses.
  25. Individuals and corporations are hiring freelance marketers to put their abilities to use and make money or generate revenue.
  26. Many beginner and intermediate level marketers are looking into starting a blog or starting a YouTube channel as a side gig. Work that is focused on a certain or specific niche is strongly recommended.
  27. Video ads marketing has a higher rate of engagement. In the marketing world, short-form videos are gaining popularity. Build a focused approach to this strategy.
  28. Businesses are making regular efforts to capture attention, which is an important step in the lead and sales funnel journey. Follow the AIDA (Attention - Interest - Desire - Action) principle.
  29. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are being used in a variety of online marketing operations, including content creation, content writing, content generation and also to assist businesses in increasing efficiency or productivity.
  30. Businesses and marketers are increasingly focusing on data analysis to plan marketing channels so as to get the best results from the minimum strategies and efforts.
  31. Content with higher perceived value that fulfills the demands of the audience/readers/clients/prospects is highly valued and has a higher possibility of becoming viral. This method is used by bloggers and content marketers to create leads and grow their audiences or followers base.
  32. Feedback, or reviews, or testimonials are becoming more important than ever for generating leads and closing transactions in the buyer journey.
  33. The SaaS market is rapidly evolving to support B2B businesses with various forms of innovation in order to increase leads and sales, as well as improve the productivity and performance of organizational activities.

Finally, I hope these insights could help you get off to a good start in your online business journey.

By the way, if you're in the E-Commerce niche, these 15 tips from a website design standpoint might be able to help you maximize your conversions.


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