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3 Ways to Open up New Career Paths

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By Robert CordrayPublished 5 years ago 2 min read

When one is choosing a career path to take, it is easy to listen to parents, advisers, and the media telling you to be something that may not be what you ultimately want. There are thousands of people who choose a certain career and end up regretting it years in the future because they were persuaded by someone else. In this article, we will be discussing the topic of the three ways in which someone can open up a new career path, like teaching systems engineering online.

When thinking of starting a new career path, one must take into consideration a few factors. These include finances, location, and time. How much money is it going to cost you to start this new career? Do you have to relocate and move away from family and friends? And how much time will this take from your life? Once you've weighed out the different factors, you can start doing the three things listed below which will open up new doors in your life, and will give you different options on career choices if you were not able to select one yet. The three ways to open up new career paths include networking, reading, and traveling.

  1. Networking: Networking is by far one of the best ways to meet new people who can introduce you to career paths you may have not known existed. All you have to do is create a meetup account and start browsing the different categories. There are meetups for practically everything and new meetups being created everyday. You can even start your own and call it, "The All-Careers Meetup;" and in the description, mention that you want to learn from people of all backgrounds to ultimately choose your own career. You'd be surprised with how many people show up to network with you.
  2. Reading: The way I found my career path was by reading. If I would have never picked up the book, Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill, I would have never dropped out of college to pursue my career in real estate. The more you read, the more books you come across and the more they open your eyes to what's available. A great way to find different career perspectives is to read biographies and autobiographies of successful people who may have started their businesses in one area, and ultimately morphed into another one. Such is the case of Amazon, which started as a bookseller, and now sells everything; it even purchased the natural grocery company "Whole Foods."
  3. Traveling: The third way you can open up new career paths is by traveling. Who knows who you're going to meet, what job offers you will see, and where a vacation can take you? You may meet someone at a hotel or at a local restaurant, at the airport, or at an amusement park who ends up changing your professional life forever. The main topic that these three ideas have in common is to try new things, go different places, and keep an open mind.

You don't have to follow the advice of your parents or college advisers, and you shouldn't really trust your own judgement of a career until you've seen what other options are available to you. Your intuition will be your best friend and best advice when making a choice; so when it feels good, go all in.


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