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20+ Jobs With The Highest Divorce Rate [2020]

by Jamie Kurtz 6 months ago in humanity

Have you ever wondered if different types of jobs have higher rates of divorce? According to Onrec and Business Insider, there are a few different types of careers that do have higher divorce rates than others.

Have you ever wondered if different types of jobs have higher rates of divorce? According to Onrec and Business Insider, there are a few different types of careers that do have higher divorce rates than others.

A statistician named Nathan Yau conducted a study in 2015 from the US Census. This study gave an interesting insight into the world of divorce and showed that people who choose more reckless careers are at a greater risk of divorce.

Which jobs have the highest divorce rates? Here are the stats for 2020, provided by Online Divorce Technology.

1. Gaming Managers

Gaming managers had the highest divorce rate, at an outstanding 52.9%.

Why is this so? Gaming managers often work at all hours of the day and night, spending less time with their families. The casino industry also tends to have a party vibe, which could add to the temptation that gaming managers face.

Gambling is another factor that could influence the marriages of gaming managers. By nature, gamblers are more impulsive and more inclined to take risks. The same could be true with their choice of partner and to get married. Not all bets work out, which could lead to financial insecurity, often one of the biggest reasons for divorce.

2. Bartenders

The divorce rate among bartenders is 52.7%.

The reason why bartenders come in second could be for various reasons. On the surface, they don’t seem to bring in much of an income. Yes, there are generous tippers out there that could help, but bartenders are still on the lower side of the pay scale.

As mentioned above, financial insecurity is a relatively common reason for divorce. When couples argue or stress out about money, it can eventually lead to marital breakdown.

Besides this, bartenders are placed in an environment that leads to temptation. This might make their partners feel insecure. Bartending is not just about pouring drinks. It also takes confident social people to do this kind of work.

Working odd hours, and being surrounded by men and women having a good time, including drinking, could lead bartenders to cheat. Adultery is one of the most significant reasons for divorce.

3. Flight Attendants

The divorce rate is 50% for flight attendants.

The nature of the flight attendant job requires them to travel frequently and for long periods. When mates are continuously separated from one another, it can lead to them drifting apart. This includes pilots.

It can be challenging to be away from your spouse for months on end. This is especially true if you are raising children alone when your spouse is never home.

4. Telemarketers

Telemarketing is a tough career choice. Often the pressure is high, and they are faced with annoyed people on the other end of the phone. The job requires long hours and a target-focused income. This could also lead to financial pressure, as well as a lack of patience with your spouse.

Having to stay calm and patient all day while trying to convince people to buy your services can be stressful. Often this stress isn’t left at the office. This could be why the divorce rate among telemarketers in 49.2% .

5. Machine setters and machine operators

Coming in next on the list are machine setters. The divorce rate among those in this field is 48.9%. Sadly, the income of those in this job is quite low. And those in this field often do not have a higher education.

As mentioned above, financial pressure can cause much strain in a marriage, and studies have shown that people who have lower education are more likely to get a divorce.

6. Massage therapists

Those in this industry might struggle with insecure partners. There may also be some grey areas when it comes to massage. It can be difficult for partners to be okay with their spouse touching another person. Even though this is the job’s nature, it could cause marital issues over time, especially if one partner is insecure. The divorce rate among masseuses is 47.8%.

7. Switchboard operators

Switchboard operators come in at 49.7%, which is quite high. This could be because of the low income, as well as spending long hours in the office.

8. Nurses

Nurses work long and odd hours. They may have night shifts, whereas their partner might work during the day; this, in turn, could lead to couples spending very little time together.

A nurse’s work is emotionally and physically exhausting too. They might not have the emotional energy to deal with their spouse at the end of the day, especially if they already have issues in their marriage. Nurses and caregivers get divorced at a 47% rate.

9. Personal Care Aides

Those who work as personal care aides often work with disabled people or people who suffer from other issues. This means that the caregiver might need to stay with their client for long stretches or be on call whenever needed. This can be exceptionally draining on a marriage, and therefore the divorce rate for personal caregivers is 48% .

10. Actors and performing artists

This makes quite a bit of sense. Entertainers and performing artists spend a lot of time away from home. Sometimes they even perform all over the world for months on end.

They also work long and odd hours and are surrounded by many different people, leading to infidelity. You can only imagine how a spouse might feel seeing their partner in an intimate embrace with another actor.

For those in the music industry, many hours of practice and shows could lead to significant insecurity, especially if fans lust for their spouses. The divorce rate among this field of work is 46.8% .

11. Textile Weaving operators

Textile weaving operators are also at high risk of divorce. The reason for this is often the low income, as well as long working hours. The divorce rate for this profession is just under 50%.

12. Factory Workers

Factory workers are also more likely to be in a lower-income bracket, leading to financial issues in the marriage. Studies show that those who are paid higher for their professions are less likely to divorce, such as software developers and scientists.

13. Truck Drivers

Truck drivers are often away from home for days on end. Depending on how far and how often they travel, marriages could suffer great strain when a partner is in this profession. Truck drivers come in at just under 50% for divorce rates.

14. Receptionists

There is a running joke that many bosses have affairs with their secretaries, and there might be some truth to this, as receptionists are 45% likely to get divorced. Affairs are not always the reason for the rate. A receptionist’s salary is usually relatively low.

15. Ambulance Drivers and Emergency Medical Staff

Ambulance drives come in at just over 47%. The high stress of this profession and the strict hours could lead to marital issues. Emotionally this kind of work is also taxing and can even be traumatic in some cases, leading to an emotional breakdown and even depression.

16. Social workers

Social workers are empaths by nature, wanting to help others. However, this job is emotionally taxing. And because of difficult cases, social workers could be away from home for long hours. The divorce rate of social workers is just over 40%.

17. Athletes and Coaches

With long work hours that include weekends, athletes and coaches might not be there for their families as often as they should be. The divorce rate for this profession is about 30%. This is lower than in other professions, but it is still in the top 20.

18. Waitresses and waiters

At 27.12%, waitresses are more likely to get divorced than the average couple. What’s the reason for this? Low pay is, once again, a factor. Besides this being a waitress is a draining job. Having to serve others all day might leave you feeling exhausted and burnt out, leaving less patience for your spouse.

19. Maids and Housekeepers

Housekeeping is a physically exhausting job that doesn’t pay exceptionally well. Maids and housekeepers might feel dissatisfied with their lives and take this stress home with them. The divorce rate among maids and housekeepers is 26.38%. This is relatively high.

20. Roofers

Roofing is quite a dangerous profession. The stress, as well as the low income, could add to marital dissatisfaction, leading to a 26.85% divorce rate.

21. Teacher Assistants

Coming in at just under 30%, teacher assistants could be at risk for divorce because of the lower-income bracket. The job might also be time-consuming, with work happening on weekends.

22. Editors

Being an editor is a time-consuming profession. Besides that, if an editor manages a high-profile publication, it can be incredibly stressful. The divorce rate for editors is just under 30%.


Just because you are in a particular profession, it does not mean that your marriage is destined for failure. Every couple is different, and many are still able to make their marriage work despite job-related challenges.

Jamie Kurtz
Jamie Kurtz
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