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15 Free Form Filling Jobs: earn $30/hr

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By InfomancePublished 2 years ago 6 min read

When it comes to side hustles, free form filling jobs, google form filling jobs are among the best income earners. Basically, all you need to do is study the requirements, type the required information, submit, and voila! These are jobs that are classified under data entry tasks.

This field involves both offline and online form filling jobs without investment. Well… you will need a computer or a smartphone and a good internet connection but that’s just about it. The next step is finding the best and legit platforms to work from.

And as usual, I’ve got you covered.

Here are the 15 leading online form filling jobs:

1. Cyber Expo

Are you looking for form-filling online jobs without investment? With Cyber Expo, you can earn up to $160 per month without any security deposit or registration fee.

The company is based in India and serves both the government and private sectors. Jobs on the platform are not in specific data or form. What this means is that you could be working on a medical form one day and a legal one on the next.

Some forms come in batches of between 3 and 6 files. Other tasks, on the upper scale, are between 10 and 35 files. No matter the number of files, though, the work is stress-free. The reason being, the platform offers free form filling software and free phone support.

Each form you complete earns you about Rs 8.00 which is approximately $0.10. Daily pay ranges between $10 and $26.

I admit, the pay is not that high, but coupled with opportunities such as apps that pay to unlock your phone, you could be looking at a decent take home. And the good part; the pay is daily!

Sign up on Cyber Expo for free.

2. Google

Have you fancied working for an internet giant? Here is your chance; Google is one of the best internet-based employers in the world. Apart from offering earning opportunities like Google Rater Jobs, the company outsources form filling jobs.

There is no limit to the number of forms that you can work on on a daily basis. Another plus is that each form takes less than 2 minutes to fill. Simply put, Google form-filling jobs come with endless potential for making money online.

So how much can you make? You earn $2 to $50 per form. Now, assuming that you complete 10 forms every day, on the lower scale, you could be looking at $20 per day. Thankfully, different advertisers offer different rates.

My advice; start with the low-paying jobs, which are plenty, and work your way up to the big bucks.

3. Naukri

Naukri is an India-based job site with a wide range of listings. Among these are jobs in the manufacturing, IT, health, and education sectors. The majority of the listings are online for-filling jobs with free registration and zero experience.

Most of the forms take 2 to 3 hours to fill with the pay being dependent on the client’s offer. A glance at the different offers shows pay that ranges between $70 and $120 per week.

On Trustpilot, Naukri gets a 2.7 rating and 3.7 stars on Glassdoor. From the reviews, much of the contracts on the site run for a few months to 1 year.

Upload your profile here to find work

4. DXB

How fast do you type? To work on the DXB site, your typing speed needs to be at least 17 words per minute.

This is a database provider based in India. Among the jobs, they outsource to freelancers are online form filling jobs. The tasks include filling records of different businesses including insurances, hospitals, schools, and small businesses.

Pay is Rs 400, roughly $6, per a single form. Each form contains between 85 and 100 text fields. The tasks come in the form of image files whose text you fill into online forms.

The site offers free training plus guidance ebooks. As such, getting started on the platform is easy. Another upside is that DXB is among the legit platforms with genuine jobs that pay weekly. You can also withdraw your earnings on-demand with a cap of 4 withdrawals per month.

Apply here to start working on DXB.

5. AdPostJob4U

AdPostJob4U is a job site that is closely associated with Cyber Expo. However, unlike Cyber Expo, the platform charges a registration fee of 1 Indian Rupee ($0.15), valid for 24 months. The fee gives you access to 2000 jobs every month, including government form filling jobs.

The site is legit and among the best with online jobs that pay daily. Also, you can access paid surveys and SMS marketing jobs on the site.

Each form that you complete earns you up to $0.90, and takes a minute or so to complete. On average, you can make $180-$330 per month.

Check out more jobs on AdPostJob4U here.

6. Home Based Work

Are you interested in online work that pays daily? This is the kind of deal that the Home Based Work Work platform offers. Online form filling jobs tasks on the site include copy and paste, ad posts, social media posts, and job forms.

As a beginner, the site offers a free plan. This entails filling online jobs without investment. However, under the arrangement, your work is capped at 10 form filling tasks per day. Each form requires you to fill in 25-35 lines of data.

Pay is between $3 and $6 per a single online form that you complete. Each form takes you less than 1 hr to fill and on a good month, top earners make up to $9000 monthly. On the other hand, offline form filling jobs pay $1-$2 per single A4 form.

Register at Home Based Work today.

7. People Per Hour

Nothing is as fulfilling as working for an online platform where your earnings are protected, right? That’s exactly what this UK-based jobs board offers to freelancers.

Clients’ deposit money on escrow, and after you apply and complete a job, the funds are released to your account.

On Trustpilot, the site gets a 4-star rating backed by excellent freelancers reviews. Among the platform’s form filling online jobs without investment are from big businesses such as Microsoft

You can bid for jobs such as filling word templates from pdf data and pre-filling job application forms. Pay can be both fixed or on an hourly basis. For example, a Microsoft forms specialist earns anything from $20 to $35 per hour.

To start working on People Per Hour, Sign up here.

8. Pentagon

Pentagon Inc. is one of the premier online form-filling jobs platforms. The company has been operational for over 15 years with an international presence. It serves as a referral site for data entry gigs from thousands of webmasters.

Work that is received from clients is subdivided into over 64 sub-project with filling forms being amongst the easiest tasks. Other jobs that you can get on the platform include sending SMS, posting ads, processing emails, and filling forms offline.

Additionally, Pentagon Inc offers legit paid survey jobs that pay $5 to $50 per survey. Other earning streams in the same category include focus groups for $150/hour and phone surveys for $120/hr.

For form filling, the pay ranges from $273 to $6679, depending on the number of forms you complete per month and your membership plan. You will fill 500 forms, on the lower scale and 4500 forms on the higher end.

Apart from the forms, the site also provides form-filling software to make your work easier. The jobs are many and by using the software, you can complete some tasks in seconds. Check out Pentagon jobs here.

9. is another online jobs platform popular with government form filling jobs. Depending on the data, the payout is between 2 cents and 10 cents per form.

Usually, the jobs come in batches of hundreds of forms, with each form taking 2-5 minutes to fill. A typical batch goes for about $500 and will take you up to a month to complete- working for a few hours a day.

The platform offers free sign up and you don’t pay to bid on jobs. Also, you are free to propose your delivery timeframe. Another reason why freelancers are attracted to the site is that before you apply, you get to see the average bid amount on a given job.

Browse jobs here.


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