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11 High-Paying Freelance Jobs With a Monthly Salary of $23,000

Are you sick of working from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.? So, what's keeping you from being the boss?

By AndeutPublished about a year ago 11 min read

If you're looking for something new to do, this is a good option. We've got some exciting news for you.

We'll give you a rundown of some of the highest-paying freelance jobs you should think about. Who doesn't want to earn more money while working fewer hours?

You'll be surprised to learn that some of them don't even require academic qualifications.


Are you 3D modelling trained and skilled? Then it's past time to free yourself from the shackles that bind you to one company. Because you possess a set of skills that are in high demand, you should not be working a 9–5 schedule when you could be your own boss.

You can try to diversify your portfolio to match the various industries you want to enter. Gaming, medicine, virtual reality, marketing, television and motion pictures, and even manufacturing are just a few of the industries. So don't feel compelled to work in a single industry for the rest of your life.

As you seek out clients, make a commitment to building your brand. Make a good portfolio that showcases the work you've done as well as the collaborations you've been a part of. If you're a newbie, don't be afraid to offer free services as long as they are relevant to your course.

That is, you can get free marketing from clients to whom you provide free services, and it will help you expand your portfolio. I almost forgot to mention that you can charge a flat rate of $19 per hour. That seems like a good deal for a freelancer to me. And if you're afraid of quitting your 9–5 job, there's no need to worry. Before it pays off big, you can always do it as a side hustle.


Nowadays, it seems as if everyone you know is a self-proclaimed makeup artist. I'll let you in on a little secret about why so many people are drawn to this line of work. To begin, you do not need to have attended any formal education.

Passion and creativity are the most valuable assets you can have when it comes to bringing someone's ideas to life. Keep up with the latest makeup trends at all times. Additionally, having some knowledge of facial regimens would benefit your client base so that you don't end up putting an oily foundation on a client with oily skin.

Your clients will give you rave reviews if you pay attention to detail like this. You have complete control over your work schedule as a freelance makeup artist. You accept jobs beginning with the days and ending with the working hours that are most convenient for you. If you don't mind travelling for work, this is a fantastic opportunity to work with clients who are located far away from your current location. You could earn up to $18 per hour without having to quit your day job if you do this.

Consider what you could accomplish if you broadened your skill set.

You could work as a wedding makeup artist, a day-to-day makeup artist, or even a movie make-up artist. This challenge will never bore you, I guarantee it. As you hone your skills, make sure to expand your online presence by posting beautiful before-and-after makeup photos to your Instagram feed.

You could even start a YouTube channel to teach people how to apply makeup and earn money from it. I can assure you that the sky is the limit when it comes to this type of art.


It's no surprise to hire a virtual assistant, given the growing reliance on small businesses with virtual offices. A virtual assistant will assist you in providing administrative support to your customers as needed. Your responsibilities will change depending on the needs of different clients. They frequently include tasks such as scheduling meetings, making appointments, performing clerical and bookkeeping duties, and so on. However, those aren't the only responsibilities you'll have.

You have the option of working from home or any other location.

There is no such thing as a dress code because there isn't an actual office to report to. During video meetings, however, your clients will appreciate you looking tidy and professional.

You are responsible for purchasing your own computer equipment as well as paying for wifi or internet access. A quick tip: don't skimp on the software you purchase or the internet speed. You'll be sorry when you have to delay reports or miss deadlines due to slow internet. And who wouldn't be happy when they bring home about $60,000 a year?


The best-paying freelance career that comes to mind is graphic design. However, it is only available to those who are skilled in the use of various professional design tools.

A newcomer to the field could make $30–35 per hour. A graphic designer with years of experience, on the other hand, could go home every week with a large bank check.

Before assigning sensitive projects to you, some clients will require that you have a degree. You will also benefit from having a strong portfolio.

Monday through Friday is a typical work week for a graphic designer. That works out to about 37 hours per week. With this profession, clocking in some extra hours is very common. But, at the end of the day, you are still in charge, and you have the authority to refuse any projects that require you to work overtime.

If you're undecided about whether graphic design is a long-term career path, I can assure you that it is. The number of companies converting to a more digital platform, from production to marketing, and now even how they sell to their customers, demonstrates this.


The world of education and learning is rapidly transitioning to a digital environment.

Many schools and learning institutions have embraced virtual learning, especially since the outbreak of the pandemic. This means you can work as a teacher anywhere in the world without ever leaving your home. As long as it isn't a master's degree, you could easily teach on the subjects you are familiar with. If you want to be a college professor, the administration of the school where you want to teach will request academic records, recommendations, and testimonials. They'll almost certainly run a background check on you to make sure you don't have any criminal records. After that, you'll be given the job and be in charge of several tasks.

Accessing, grading, and creating a manageable learning schedule are all included.

You could only work 9–12 hours per week. However, that time is only for teaching. You'll have to put in an additional 10 hours per week grading and even more time preparing for the classes.

Most colleges, fortunately, pay generous commissions of around $42 per hour.

They also make it easier for you to continue your education. By offering you reduced rates on master's or doctoral programmes. When you're a senior employee, on the other hand, you get to choose which tasks you want to do and delegate the rest to someone else.


Unlike the majority of the freelance jobs on our list, photography will require you to leave your home to work. You'll have to go out and find beautiful locations that will attract customers. When choosing a location for photography, consider the aesthetics first.

Because, in today's world, aesthetics are more important than anything else. When it comes to choosing which type of photography to pursue, you have a variety of options depending on your interests. You might want to work as a portrait or wedding photographer. Tourism, nature, and food photography are some other unusual but highly-laying types of photography. I'm sure you're right.

You didn't see that coming, did you? Pick something that appeals to you and give it a shot.

One of the perks of being a photographer is that you can earn up to $20 per hour on average. You will have the opportunity to travel and interact with a wide range of people. If you're lucky, you might even have the opportunity to interact with people from various cultures around the world. In addition, your parents will not throw a fit if you suggest working outside of school hours.


If you're looking to brush up on your skills, copywriting is a good place to start. According to research, it is one of the most profitable and fast-paying side hustles available today. Learning some copywriting skills will not only earn you a lot of money, but it will also open up a lot of doors for you. In the same way that any other field,

There are several branches to this one, but direct response copywriters are known to have the highest earning potential. In other words, they earn more than the rest of the workforce, with the exception of the infamous medical writers, who earn more than $100,000 per month. It doesn't take much to start a career as a copywriter.

Unless you take a simple online job. In addition, read some of the best-recommended books, such as the ultimate sales letter. The job requires you to write content for marketing materials in such a way that the reader is prompted to act in a specific way.

Copywriting is one of the highest-paying freelance jobs, according to the most recent ranking.


This rapidly increasing demand for digital marketing ensures high earnings while also exposing you to a diverse range of work that you can monetize once you master the skills.

The marketer is in charge of interacting directly with customers and onboarding them to the services that various entities provide. If you want to learn more about this field, you can take advantage of the many opportunities that come with the package.

Those who are willing to keep the position of digital marketing consultant can expect to earn around a hundred thousand dollars per year.

You can learn about digital marketing basics by reading one of the many articles available online.


There are many careers to choose from, but only a few can guarantee you at least $43 per hour. The account executive position, for example, entails the management of newly acquired accounts and the expansion of clientele for various businesses. In comparison to other freelance jobs, this one is a tough nut to crack. Can you imagine working hours ranging from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.? If this isn't for you, we recommend that you try something else.


We've heard the term "programming" before, and it's not something new to us.

Programming entails converting a design into prompts that a computer will follow within a website using specific codes and computer languages such as javascript and C++.

Aside from working roughly forty hours per week from Monday to Friday, you earn an average of $38 per hour. You'll be able to benefit from the free knowledge acquired during the course of your work if you have a close relationship with networking and analytical work.

The computer language is a little confusing at first, but once you get used to the different languages, the rest is a piece of cake. Most jobs will soon be digitally based, and having some programming knowledge to complement your skills will be extremely beneficial.


Working as a content creator is not only a flexible job, but it's also a lucrative one. Many people have left their low-paying jobs and turned to the numerous social media apps available to them. With the click of a like button on apps like TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram, many people have become celebrities. All you need once you've mastered the art of content creation is a little creativity.

To begin your career, you'll need a camera and some good content. You can earn money from your phone thanks to the new wave of digital migration by simply posting content that people will find interesting. Choose from being a blogger, vlogger, YouTuber, or even a Tik toker to make money doing what you enjoy.

Who'd have guessed that these inventive indulging careers,

Is it possible to do this as a freelancer? Anything is possible in today's world, after all.

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