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11 Best OnlyFans Tip Menu Ideas With Examples

We have explained and written some amazing OnlyFans Tip Menu ideas with examples to add to your OnlyFans page.

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OnlyFans Tip Menu ideas with examples

How should you approach OnlyFans subscribers? With the right menu, your content will seem appealing, and more people will be encouraged to press the subscribe button.

You can create a generic menu in no time, but this is not what you need to stand out among other creators. This article will tell you the best menu ideas to include on your profile.

OnlyFans Menu Ideas With Examples

Is it easy to stand out among 2.1 million OnlyFans creators? The answer is no.

But creating a well-thought-of tip menu will definitely help. This is where clients will view your content and send you tips as a form of appreciation.

Although your primary income source is PPV or subscription for pay-per-view content, tips can also represent a significant amount of your OnlyFans income.

For every one of these menu ideas, you need to think of a script or a scenario. It’s always a good idea to practice these scenarios several times, especially those requiring online face-to-face interaction with your fans, as this will leave an excellent impression.

Always remember to keep it personal when you’re sending special-request content. Use the fan’s name if it’s a special order and show genuine interest. Your fans will know if you view it as a chore and you don’t want to do this.

After creating content, you should think of how to price it. Price menu items according to the time and effort you spent creating these different pieces.

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Here are some ideas to include on your OnlyFans menu.

Exclusive Photos and Videos

Share high-quality, exclusive content that viewers can't find elsewhere. These customized images and videos should differ from your PPV content, so people will send you tips to enjoy them.

You can post personalized content based on the requests you receive from fans during live streams and direct messages. Not only will this make them feel heard, but they will also be interested in subscribing to your channel.

Create videos and pictures for special occasions and events. You can wear different costumes or celebrate fans’ special occasions with them. You might offer a package where you send a special fan a present in the form of a customized picture or video for their birthday or another personal milestone.

You can further break your photos and videos into several niches and price them accordingly. So, set different prices according to the content you create, whether it’s a solo performance, content with another creator, BDSM, or any other allowed kink on the platform.

Behind-The-Scenes Content

Show behind-the-scenes glimpses of your life, work, or content creation process. Your fans aren’t only interested in the end result or your PPV content but want to know everything about how you made it. Many fans will be very interested in the making process, as it makes you seem more approachable.

They also want to know more about you and what you do. Many fans love that you can be the best of both worlds, in and out of the OnlyFans platform.


With upcoming exciting content to publish, you can use the time by posting teasers and keeping fans engaged. Use your menu to show teasers of premium content, encouraging subscribers to purchase it.

Relationship and Dating Advice

Some creators offer relationship advice, dating tips, or discussions on various topics that make their fans feel they’re more like them. You can also offer an online dating experience for a tip, providing the whole girlfriend experience to subscribers.

Voice and Video Calls

Use your platform to engage with your fans and connect with them using audio and video calls. Your fans don’t just enjoy seeing your hot pictures and videos, but they want to interact with you in real-time.

Your erotic voice and video calls will attract people to check your content, so they will be tempted to pay for the entire subscription. You can also arrange video dates with clients who want to enjoy the online girlfriend experience.

Dick Ratings

Dick rating is a popular menu item that many fans will request. It can be offered alone or as part of a collective service that fans would enjoy.

You can offer a paid dick rating on your menu or offer it for free if someone presses the subscribe button to become a paying subscriber. It’s crucial to analyze the dick picture you receive by analyzing the girth, length, shape, and vascularity, then send a rating out of 10. But remember not to send a rating lower than 7.5/10, or your fans will be upset.

Dick rating can be used as an upselling content. So, you can use it to sell a sexting or online girlfriend experience service.

Worn Underwear

It’s no surprise that there’s a big market for worn underwear on OnlyFans. This is an excellent idea to consider if you’re currently taking a break from creating content. All you have to do is send your used and worn panties, lingerie, or bras to your loving fans, and they will be more than happy to pay for these clothing items.

OnlyFans has a lot of restricted kinks, but luckily, selling used clothes isn’t one of them. You should post high-resolution pictures of the worn underwear, listing mouthwatering details like the feel, texture, material, and how long you’ve worn them. It takes time to practice taking good photos, so use some sexy props like candies or sex toys to make your photos more appealing.

Toy Control Session

This is one of the most popular items you can add to your OnlyFans menu. A fan can take control of your orgasm using a remote-controlled vibrator through a live stream. This can be done during a public livestream or an exclusive one that involves only one fan.

Practicing this niche alone is a good idea before performing on the screen. This includes practicing your moans and pauses. You should also talk with your fans about boundaries and what you can or refuse to do.

Feet Pictures and Videos

There’s always an ever-growing market for sexy feet pictures and videos. And it’s always a good idea to talk with your fans and learn what turns them on.

Your fan might ask for a specific nail polish color or ask you to rub lotion or oil on your feet. According to the fan's request, you can also engage in a special scenario. Just remember not to incorporate any restricted kinks to avoid having your account banned.

How Can You Go Viral On OnlyFans?

With the growing number of content creators on OnlyFans, going viral can be challenging but not impossible. Going viral will make your menu in demand, and as fans get a glimpse of what you offer for a tip, they won’t hesitate to press the subscribe button.

Here are some tips to follow to increase the number of views of your channel and go viral on OnlyFans.

Identify your niche and target audience. Study what your audience might consider sassy and sexy and consider how to stand out among other creators.

  • Always offer high-quality and engaging content that viewers will share with others to increase your visibility.
  • Have a content calendar to specify when and what to post, and stay consistent by posting engaging content. This will help create a loyal fan base, where fans always return and check your channel.
  • Whenever possible, interact with your fans by responding to comments, requests, and private messages. This will help build good personal relationships and make you seem more approachable so they will share and interact positively with your content.
  • Integrate and promote your social media accounts to use them for leverage. You can share teasers and special offers on other platforms, so people head to OnlyFans for a subscription.
  • Study possible collaborations with other creators for cross-promotion that introduces your content to a new audience.
  • Think of contests, giveaways, discounts, and promotions to attract new subscribers and keep the old ones hooked. Encourage new and old subscribers to share your channel for special offers like personalized pictures or videos, and use fan shoutouts to show appreciation to loyal subscribers.
  • Update your content and study social media trends. Think of content that relates to current events like holidays to increase your visibility.
  • Use relevant hashtags to make your content visible and easy to discover.
  • Always revise the terms of service to ensure you aren’t violating any rules or community guidelines, as this might get your channel banned.

P.S. OnlyFans Menu Ideas With Examples

In addition to paid subscriptions that allow fans to check out your PPV content, you can create a tip menu. Items on this menu will give new fans a glimpse of what they can find when they actually pay for your channel and will keep old fans hooked.

It’s essential to consider what might interest your fans and prompt them to check out your channel. There are actually several items to add, and you can set prices depending on the amount of time and effort you spend on creating and refining this content.

I hope this helps with getting the best OnlyFans tip menu ideas.

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