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10 Quality Affordable Suppliers for Buying Wholesale Jewelry Online for Resale Business

What are the hottest types of fashion jewelry pieces chased by women nowadays? Looking for business insights, development tactics, useful tips and potential professional suppliers for buying wholesale jewelry online for resale? This article will render a thorough analysis and review on the aspects you are interested. Read on!

By Richard AlexanderPublished 3 years ago Updated about a year ago 11 min read
Zillions of High Fashion Jewelry Pieces from Wholesale Jewelry Suppliers

Pieces of jewelry are precious gifts to humanity and there are so adored by almost 75% of humans in the modern age. On all occasions or shows, you attend; you see different personalities with their unique and beautiful jewelry. Let’s firstly review some of the most popular jewelry types that people are buying wholesale for resale in the market.

Most Popular Jewelry Types for doing jewelry resale business

1. Designer Fashion Jewelry Collections

Designer Fashion Jewelry Pieces

This type of jewelry is very popular to high-end customers such as famous singers, actors or artists due to its vanguard and uniqueness characteristics. These type of jewelries are usually designed by well-know designers and usually will be bond to high fashion design idea, inspiration or designers’ own personality. When published and released to the market, designer jewelry will be firstly accepted by a small group of elite patrons, then well adopted by the public. However, the designer jewelry is usually made of precious gems and expensive materials such as gold or silver, so this type of jewelry is mainly consumed by rich customers.

2. Affordable Fashion Costume Jewelry

Cheap Fashion Costume Jewelry

Many girls and ladies nowadays are crazy for buying this type of high fashion costume jewelry because they are cheap and with its large variety. This type of jewelry is usually designed and manufactured by jewelry wholesalers inspired by designer jewelry, with this type of jewelry design and its nature of being cheap, every girl can afford to buy the fashion costume jewelry to follow the fashion and show the beautiful.

3. 925 Sterling Silver Jewelry

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Designs

Silver jewelry is like a constant fashion icon since ancient time till now. No matter for royal members, super stars or ordinaries, silver jewelry can make a great ornament either for earrings, necklaces or for bracelets or brooches. 925 sterling silver is also known as a precious metal, so it makes it a bit different than normal imitation jewelry, women usually will buy and wear this type of jewelry for important events or even save them as a treasure.

All of these personalities buy their unique pieces of jewelry such as the above listed ones from retail shops that deal with all kinds of pieces of jewelry. These retail shops also have a wholesale supplier that supplies them with the jewelry products their customers want and make the jewelry business to grow.

As a retailer who deals with the sales of different pieces of jewelry, you would need to find a reliable and excellent supplier of your pieces of jewelry that would yield an effective long term partnership for the betterment of both you and the supplier.

There are a lot of wholesale jewelry suppliers that dominate China, the US, and the UK. These suppliers deal on both online and face to face supply of jewelry. As a retailer who wants his/her business to grow in the resale of jewelry, you would need to meet or partner with the best suppliers, in which I would give you the top 10 wholesale jewelry suppliers below.

Reliable wholesale jewelry suppliers you want to know as jewelry resaler

1. Alibaba

Alibaba is working as world’s largest online B2B platform, and is also popular for finding suppliers that deals in the sale or supply of quality pieces of jewelry for both retail and final users. This company was founded in China by Jack Ma, Joseph C. Tsai, Peng Lei, and Trudy Di in Hangzhou, China.

Alibaba is one of the best importer and exporter of different products including jewelry products. They are highly recommended to be partnered with as a retailer who wants to progress in his/her jewelry business due to its worldwide reputation, long history and large volume of different variety of jewelry goods. No matter where you are in the world, Alibaba is up to the task and would deliver your goods to you with ease. With their reasonable wholesale prices and professional shipment process, you would certainly enjoy partnering with them.

2. JewelryBund

JewelryBund is another reliable wholesale jewelry supplier and manufacturer for fashion costume jewelry, rose gold jewelry, crystal jewelry and 925 sterling silver jewelry, ect. They are well-known in the industry as the most professional jewelry and accessories supplier by offering the best of products and services possible to their retail customers from all over the world. This company is founded in 2008, and has two headquarters in the California, U.S. and Shenzhen, China.

Professional Wholesale Jewelry Supplier - JewelryBund

JewelryBund offers good wholesale prices to its customers as jewelry factories and wholesaler and renders the premium service without you complaining of any. They always supply good and quality design pieces of jewelry which would make your customers keep patronizing you in your retail jewelry store. Many online reviews from their clients can be witnessed about the quality of their products and premium service received. Fast and good shipment of the pieces of jewelry to their resale customers are noticed, many of their international buyers claimed to receive the orders within a week. Another aspect is that they produce their pieces of jewelry giving it unique designs and that can include your own customized logo if you want. Looking to initiate or grow your business as a jewelry business either online or locally, they can easily be contacted and will offer you the best level of services and jewelry products.

3. VerySelection

Veryselction is a good producer and supplier of jewelry all over the world. There haven’t been many negative reviews about VerySelection because you would be wowed to partner or buy your pieces of jewelry from them.

This company was initially founded in the United Kingdom but later moved to China to conduct its business and that has made its supply of pieces of jewelry a lot cheaper and convenient. Considering them to be your source of jewelry is a good idea because they offer the best of services that include accurate delivery time. If they are slight issues in jewelry products, they solve the issues immediately.

4. JewelryMax

Most of us would have heard of jewelryMax and the benefits you tend to gain as a retail buyer. JewelryMax is another standout supplier of pieces of jewelry because their pieces of jewelry are beautiful and also offer the best of customer service.

Unlike in most companies, JewelryMax gives offers free delivery when you buy pieces of jewelry worth more than $200. Partnering with them would certainly help your retail business flourish.

5. Wonatrading Inc.

Wonatrading is also reputable wholesale jewelry supplier in New York city, founded in 2004, they are proud of serving competitive prices and quality products to jewelry buyers and retailers. They offer not only fashion jewelry but apparel as well with large varieties. As a U.S. jewelry supplier, their jewelry and accessories style is majorly catered to U.S. market. They only offer wholesale prices and opportunities, and buyers need to login to see their wholesale prices. It is also noticeable for their buyers reviews about large variety and robust quality. So Wonatrading should be listed as one of the best wholesale jewelry suppliers in the U.S. market.

6. Wholesale Sparkle

If you are looking for silver jewelry or 14K gold jewelry products, then wholesale sparkle should be considered as one of the best suppliers. They located in L.A., California, and dedicated to offer cheap wholesale prices for silver jewelry with the best online shopping experiences. They ship jewelry goods to all 50 U.S. states with flat shipping cost, so U.S. jewelry buyers can benefit a lot for buying jewelry with wholesale sparkle. According to our findings, there are limited reviews online about this business, however most of the ratings are positive, so they should be considered as one of the best wholesale silver jewelry supplier online in the list.

7. Kole Imports

Kole Imports is located in the United States and of course one of the tops and recommended dealers and suppliers of pieces of jewelry. They offer dropshipping services and give all retailers nothing to worry about in the shipment of their pieces of jewelry.

As a jewelry retailer, you’ve got no problem working with Kole Imports as their pieces of jewelry is classic and of good quality.

8. Fashion Bella

Of course, Fashion Bella cannot be excluded from the top Jewelry suppliers in the world as they are considered the best for most women. It is located in the United States and delivers its jewelry products within and outside the country.

Fashion Bella has the best jewelry that you could ever think of. Pieces of jewelry like earrings, necklaces, rings, and others are available. As a retail business person who is ready to grow and bring in more customers to your store, you’ve got to buy your pieces of jewelry from Fashion Bella. They are good to go and their customer service is a wow.

9. Gets

Gets is a well-renowned manufacturer and supplier of pieces of jewelry. Their pieces of jewelry are unique and beautiful and since they’ve been established 2 decades ago, they have improved in their customer services, thereby making them know how the game is played.

Gets is a company that retains their retail customers because they take a short time to deliver jewelry worldwide and that makes them the best at what they do. If you’re looking to progress in your business as a jewelry retailer, you should buy your pieces of jewelry from Gets.

10. Ruby Imports

Ruby Imports is a good wholesale supplier of jewelry products as the discount they give is like no other. They are very good and helpful partners for retailers as they give you reasonable exporting rates and bonuses if you’re a consistent buyer from them.

Ruby Imports have a variety of jewelry and offer splendid customer service. No matter your place of business, Ruby imports deliver worldwide which is a good thing and a good idea to partner with them to your business would move to the next level,

The above top 10 wholesale Jewelry suppliers have proven to be the best at what they do. If you want to succeed or grow in your jewelry business, it is advisable to buy from them.

Tips for improving your jewelry resell business

Many people will have questions about how to boost their jewelry resale business to success. So we hereby share some useful tips as below,

1. Always pinpoint your target customers/ buyers

Target your customers effectively

When you are doing jewelry resell business, you always want to make sure you are targeting to your correct buyers groups, for instance, you will not want to promote designers jewelry to colleague students who cannot afford the cost at all. So do a thorough investigation to locate who are you potential buyers and what their requirements are. And this information will also help you better source your jewelry products and setup retail prices.

2. Select reliable wholesale jewelry suppliers

With business plan and target customers well prepared, you then want to prepare for your stock to initiate your business, at this point a reliable wholesale jewelry supplier you can count on will be the key. The above top wholesale jewelry suppliers list will benefit you a lot, however, it is highly recommended to test preferred jewelry supplier with trial orders and start communications to see response quality. All these aspects will determine your future jewelry resell success.

3. To be fashion-oriented

To be fashion oriented

Jewelry world changes with fashion in fast speed, so you always want to follow the latest jewelry fashion and supply your customers with the best fashion jewelry items, only in this way can you secure the best sales. So do train yourself to be fashion-oriented by keep reading fashion magazines or following some fashion KOLs(Key Opinion Leader) blogs.

4. Offer reasonable prices

No buyer wants to buy overpriced products including jewelry buyers. So you need to make sure you can obtain the best wholesale prices from your jewelry suppliers. Then you will want to calculate the best margins you want to have, you can consult some friends who are veteran in the retail business, they should give you some good advices, usually 50%-80% margin for retail will be good for most of the jewelry resell business. Additionally, adjust your retail prices according to seasons and different customers groups will also be an effective strategy.


Buying wholesale jewelry for resale is becoming a lucrative business nowadays, and more and more people have noticed this market and initiated to either working as a professional reseller or part-time seller. With the constant demands for various types of jewelry including fashion costume jewelry, this business will continue to prosper with considerable profits.

As the old saying goes “the early bird gets the worm”, so the earlier you start planning and proceed with your business blueprint, the more possibilities you will be successful for doing wholesale jewelry for resale. So start sifting qualified wholesale jewelry supplier from the above top ones and grab the offered trends and valuable tips to make some robust dollars now.


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